Shifting Sites

The exhibition showcases the work of upcoming artists, some of whom use photography in unusual ways: Susan Coolen makes photographic "quilts," Andrea Szilasi creates images by weaving, Eugénie Shinkle, by stitching and pasting. Joanne Tremblay's portraits of her daughter piece together photographs, while Rosaura Guzman Clunes depicts her family's history via multiple images. The approach to self-portraiture is equally innovative: Ramona Ramlochand incorporates herself among slide projections of places she has visited; Janieta Eyre photographs herself in fantastic stage sets she has built. Though Yves Arcand and Greg Staats may adopt a more conventional approach, their use of the medium depicts an ambiguous and complex view of the world. Thematically, Shifting Sites explores new and exciting representations of the land and the body. These works show how a sense of place and identity must be created through the assembling of fragments, a process that allows for only a provisional understanding of the world, at best.


Friday, May 19, 2000 Sunday, September 17, 2000