Headshots of the 3 NGPA artists.

New Generation Photography Award

The 2023 Scotiabank New Generation Photography Award (NGPA) artists explore the many challenges in contemporary representations of the body, identity, culture and history.

Photographs and videos push the boundaries between cultural and natural delineations to imagine new possibilities of existence and relationships. As much as their images operate as critical statements on contemporary life, they also function to open dialogue and create community.

With great visual sophistication, care and curiosity, NGPA winners Hannah Doucet, Wynne Neilly and Gonzalo Reyes Rodriguez demonstrate the continued power and significance of lens-based images to probe shared concerns and anxieties as they offer new insights into negotiating an image-saturated culture.

Supported by the Scotiabank Photography Program at the National Gallery of Canada.


Friday, August 4, 2023 Sunday, January 7, 2024


National Gallery of Canada Gallery C218
380 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, ON K1N 9N4

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New Generation Photography Award - Hannah Doucet

Hannah Doucet

New Generation Photography Award - Wynne Neilly

Wynne Neilly

New Generation Photography Award - Gonzalo Reyes Rodriguez

Gonzalo Reyes Rodriguez



2023 Winners


Hannah Doucet

Photo: Colin Medley

Hannah Doucet

Hannah Doucet’s photographs, videos and sculptures explore fantasy, illness, the body, anxiety and performativity. An artist, arts educator and cultural worker, Doucet has exhibited across Canada, with exhibitions at Neutral Ground (Regina) Duplex (Vancouver), PLATFORM (Winnipeg), The New Gallery (Calgary) and Gallery 44 (Toronto). Doucet was the inaugural winner of the 2017 PLATFORM photography award and was long listed for the 2019 New Generation Photography award. She is one of four founders of Blinkers, a project space based in Winnipeg, where she was a co-director until August 2021.


Wynne Neilly

Photo: courtesy the artist

Wynne Neilly

Wynne Neilly is a queer, trans identified, visual artist and award-winning photographer who explores and balances a fine art and commercial practice. Known for his portraits that investigate into and engage with the queer and trans identity, he received critical attention for his TIME Magazine’s monumental cover of Elliot Page in 2021. Currently based in Prince Edward County, ON, his work has been included in exhibitions internationally; including but not limited to: The Canadian Lesbian & Gay Archives; Gallery TPW; Joseph Gross Gallery (Tucson); The Art Gallery of Burlington; International Center of Photography (New York); The Annenberg Space for Photography (Los Angeles); and Sørlandet Art Museum (Norway).


Gonzalo Reyes Rodriguez

Photo: Khim Mata Hipol & David Aquino

Gonzalo Reyes Rodriguez

Using materials such as archival photographs, found ephemeral images, magazine interviews and film/tv scripts, Gonzalo Reyes Rodriguez overlays the recent past against the present, exploring how images can be still but in motion, historical yet continuously present. Based in Vancouver BC, Rodriguez has had solo exhibitions in Winnipeg, Mexico City, and Chicago. His work has been featured in Peripheral ReviewArtforumMusée Magazine and Hyperallergic. Rodriguez received his MFA from the University of Pennsylvania and in 2019 was a participant at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture.


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