Albums souvenirs du Canada
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Albright & Cropley
Fredericton, the celestial city and the River St. John : New Brunswick's fair capital and its handsome architecture, and the glorious scenery of the "Rhine of America", the thousand-mile waterway, the St. John : pictured and described
Fredericton [N.B.] : Albright & Cropley ; Toronto : W.G. Macfarlane, [1907?]

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American Autochrome Co.
Historic Montreal.
Toronto : American Autochrome Co., [1934?]

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Belleville City Councillor
Belleville : The Gateway to Central Ontario : the story of one of Canada's most prosperous cities told mainly by pictures
Belleville : Belleville City Councillor,[1923?]

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Canada Railway News Co.
Album of Grand Trunk R.R. scenery
[Montreal ; Toronto : published by the Canada Railway News Co. Limited, 1900?]
New album of Toronto views
Montreal ; Toronto : Canada Railway News Co., [18--]

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Canadian Promotion Company
Calgary, the city phenomenal
Winnipeg : Canadian Promotion Co., 1911

Prince Albert Saskatchewan 1906 : Gateway to the Hudson Bay.
Winnipeg : Canadian Promotion Co., [1906]

Saskatoon Saskatchewan : the wonder City.
Winnipeg : Canadian Promotion Co. [1911]

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Coast Publishing Co.
Vancouver : the gateway of the lions
Vancouver, B.C. : Coast Publishing Co., [ca. 1915]

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David Spencer Limited
A Souvenir of Vancouver, British Columbia
Vancouver, B.C. : David Spencer, [ca. 1930]

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Edmonton Ptg. and Pub., Co.
Edmonton : the capital city of Alberta
Edmonton : Edmonton Ptg. and Pub., Co., [1909]

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Grip Printing & Publishing Co.
A Souvenir of Owen Sound, Canada
Toronto : Engraved and printed by the Grip Printing & Publishing Co., for Miss S.F. Conlin, bookseller Owen Sound, [190-]

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G. & W. Clarke
Views of Ottawa
[Montreal : G. & W. Clarke, 18--]

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Hough Litho Co.
Souvenir of Western Canada : its cities, plains & mountains
[S.l. : s.n., ca. 1910] (Toronto : Hough Litho Co.)

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James Bayne Company
A souvenir of Rivière du Loup-Fraserville and surroundings. --
Grand Rapids, Mich. : James Bayne Co., [1906?]
Charlottetown : the beautiful city of Prince Edward Island ; the capital of the garden of the gulf
Grand Rapids, Mich. : James Bayne Co., [190-?]
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia : the Gloucester of Canada.
Grand Rapids, Mich. : The James Bayne Company, [n.d.]
Souvenir views of Alberta : the land of sunshine / published for J.A. Cockburn, photographer, Calgary, Alberta
Grand Rapids, Mich. : J. Bayne, [ca. 1906]
The "ancient colony" and its many and varied attractions [Newfoundland, Illustrated]
Grand Rapids, Mich. : J. Bayne, [1900?]
Truro, Nova Scotia the hub of the province : containing beautiful illustrations of the many points of interest which abound in that charming locality : a great educational center
Grand Rapids, Mich. : J. Bayne Co. for L. Rice, Truro, N.S., [189-?]

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J. E. Livernois, Limitée, Québec, Éditeurs
Saint-Roch de Québec : album souvenir / J. E. Livernois, limitée, Québec, Éditeurs. --
Québec : J.E. Livernois, limitée, Éditeurs, [1917?].

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J.S. Brown & Sons
Industrial and picturesque Paris, Canada
[Paris] : J.S. Brown & sons, [190-?]

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Leighton & Frey Souvenir View Co.
Album of Cape Breton
Portland, Maine : Leighton & Frey Souvenir View Co., [ca. 1890]
Halifax album
Montreal : Published for the Canada Railway News Co. by Leighton & Frey Souvenir View Co., Portland, Me., [18--?]

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L.H. Nelson Co.
Views of Canadian cities : Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, St. John, Halifax
Portland, Me. : L.H. Nelson, c1905
Views of Halifax and vicinity
[Portland, Me. : L.H. Nelson Co., c1904]
Views of Toronto
[Toronto : S.H. Knox, 19--] (Portland, Maine : L.H. Nelson)

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Novelty Mfg. & Art Co. Ltd.
Souvenir of Regina, Sask.
[Montreal : Novelty Mfg. & Art Co., 1920]

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Photogelatine Co. Limited
Souvenir of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Ottawa : Printed by Photogelatine Co. Limited, [1920]
Souvenir of the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Ottawa : Photogelatine Engraving Co.,[n.d.]

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P.N. Boucher
City of Sherbrooke, illustrated
Sherbrooke, Que. : P.N. Boucher, 1900

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R. Wright
A Souvenir of Brockville : the beautiful city of the Thousand Islands
[Brockville?] : R. Wright, [188-?] (Grand Rapids, Mich. : J. Bayne Co.)

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S.H. Knox
Hamilton, Ont
Hamilton, Ont. : S.H. Knox, [1900?]

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Smith Bros.
Views of Vernon, British Columbia [graphic]
Vernon, B.C. : Smith Bros., [between 1900 and 1920]

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T.N. Hibben
Picturesque glimpses of Victoria, capitol of British Columbia / with greetings, from Clinton A. Harrison
Victoria, B.C. : T. N. Hibben, [1890]

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Valentine & Sons United Publishing Co., Limited
Montreal : Valentine & Sons United, [ca. 1914]
Ottawa and vicinity
Montreal [etc.] : Valentine & Sons United Publishing Coy, [ca. 1914]
Views of London, Ontario
Montreal [etc.] : Published exclusively for S. H. Knox & Co. by the Valentine & sons United Publishing Co., [ca. 1914]

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Warwick Bro's & Rutter.
Souvenir of Fredericton, N.B
Toronto : Warwick Bro's & Rutter, [ca. 1900]

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W. Drysdale & Co.
[Montreal : W. Drysdale & Co., c1877]

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Western Publicity Co.
Illustrated souvenir of Winnipeg
Winnipeg : Western Publicity Co., [19--]

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W.G. MacFarlane

Indian Head, Saskatchewan: a town of pretty gardens and handsome homes
Toronto : McFarlane, 1907

Photographic view album of Brandon, Manitoba
Toronto : W.G. MacFarlane, [ca. 1901]
Saint John, 1604-1904
Toronto : W.G. MacFarlane, [1904]
Victoria, British Columbia, the fair coast capital
Toronto : W. G. MacFarlane for Barber Bros., [n. d.]
View book of London, Ont
Toronto, [Ont.] : Published for S.H. Knox & Co., London, Ontario by W.G. MacFarlane, [1906?]

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Quebec. --
[New York : Wittemann, 1884]

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