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Newfoundland Illustrated
Newfoundland illustrated / The "ancient colony" and its many and varied attractions

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  Grand Rapids, Mich. : J. Bayne, [1900?]
Birdseye View of St. Johns, N.F., from Battery Road, with N.A. Squadron in Port.
Iceberg Outside the Entrance to Harbor of St. John's, N.F.
Curing Codfish South Side of St. Johns, N.F.
Removing Fat from Seal Skins (south side) St. Johns, N.F.
Salvage Rock, off Harbor Grace, N.F., in March, Showing Sealing Steamers in Ice; A Bit of the Coast, Harbor Grace, N.F.
Ruins of Anglican Cathedral, St. Johns, N.F., after the Great Fire in 1892
Three Finback Whales at the Cape Broyle, N.F., Whaling Station.
Icebergs from Labrador.
Roman Catholic Cathedral at St. Johns, N.F., with Archbishop's Residence on the Left and Convent Schools on the Right.
The Dry Dock, St. John's. N.F.
New Railway Station (west end) St. John's, N.F.
Fortune, a Prosperous Town in Fortune Bay, N.F.; Burin, Fortune Bay, N.F.
Holyrood, on the line of the Newfoundland Railway. The Butterpot Hills.
Landing of His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales (now King Edward VII of Great Britain) at St. John's, N.F., in 1860.
The Royal Tour Around the Empire.
A Day's Catch at "Villa Marie," near Placentia, on Line of Newfoundland Railway
Topsail, the Brighton of Newfoundland.
R.C. Cathedral, Harbor Grace, N.F.
Two Views of Trinity, One of the Largest and Safest Harbors in Newfoundland.
Harbor Grace, N.F., another view; Harbor Grace, N.F.
Female Deer and Young at Goose Brook, near Howley Railroad Station, N.F.
A Northern Monarch; Steamer Miranda Loading Iron Pyrites at Pilley Island, Notre Dame Bay, N.F.
Salmon Cove, Conception Bay, N.F.
Angling. Nine-Mile Post, Placentia Line, N.F.
The now famous Iron Mine at Bell Island, Conception Bay, N.F.; Tramway and Pier at Bell Island, N.F.
Jersey Side Placentia, N.F.
Contemplating Their Day's Sport - Howley Lakes, on the Line of the Newfoundland Railway.
Bay of Bulls - looking outward; Bay of Bulls - looking inward
Placentia (from Mount Pleasant)
Two views of Port aux Basques.
Petries Point, Bay of Islands, N.F.; Summerside, Bay of Islands, N.F.
A Sportsman's Camp at Howley Station, on the line of the Reid Newfoundland Railway.
Englee, White Bay; Ptarmigan Shooting in N.F.
There is no end to the variety of design and size these lawless navigators assume. It is claimed that they extend more than twice as far below the water line as they project above. The size of the above iceberg can be judged by comparing it with the vessel standing off to the left.
A Lumber Mill in North East Arm Bonne Bay.
Long Pond near Topsail, the Brighton of Newfoundland, twelve miles from St. John's; Carbonear, Conception Bay, Terminus Newfoundland Railway
Trout Pool, Little Codroy, N.F.; Steady Brook Falls, N.F.
Log Cabin, Front View; Log Cabin Hotel, Spruce Brook. Sportsmen's Favorite Resort
Gun at Fort Amherst at the entrance to St. John's harbor, fired every half hour in thick and fogy weather as a warning to mariners; Riverhead, St. John's, N.F., showing St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cathedral
Quidi Vidi (Kiddy Viddy) Harbor and Narrows; Sealing Steamer Algerine in St. John's Harbor; Battery Road, North Side of St. John's
Cabot Tower and Signal Station. Signal Hill, St. John's; His Excellency Sir Cavendish Boyle, Governor
The Octagon Castle; Virginia Waters
Cape St. Francis Light House, North of St. John's N.F.
Topsail Falls, 12 Miles from St. John', N.F.
A Charming Scene on the Humber, N.F.
Marble Mountains, near Humber River, N.F.
Deers Head Overhanging Rock, Bay of Islands, N.F.; Monarch of the Topsails
Gypsum Cliff, Fishels Brook, near Crabbs River, N.F.
Anglican Church, Bay of Islands; Coast Line, Bay of Islands
Lookout Point, Oil Island, Notre Dame Bay, N.F.; Lookout Point. Oil Island, Notre Dame Bay
Port aux Port, St. George's Bay, N.F.; Romaines, Bay St. George, N.F.
Camping on the Humber, N.F.; Frog Rocks, Humber River, N.F.
Steamship Bruce at Pier Port aux Basques, N.F.
Arched Rock, near Catalina, N.F.
A peculiar shaped rock at Exploits, N.F., known as the Tailor's Nose.
Pastoral Scene at Big Codroy, the most fertile valley in Newfoundland.
Moretons Harbor Notre Dame Bay, N.F.
Indian burying place, Exploits, Notre Dame Bay, N.F.
Twillingate, N.F.
Harbor of Bonavista, N.F.; Cape Bonavista, N.F.
Bonne Bay, N.F.; Bonne Bay, another view.
Fogo, Newfoundland; Greenspond, Newfoundland
The fantastic forms assumed by these Arctic navigators in variety are without end. Like a pirate they do not obey any marine laws, neither do they display the flag of any nation, hang out any signal lights, fire the alarm gun or blow the fog horn to warn the befogged mariner of their approach, neither do they observe the signals or rights of others. They are the terror of all regulation navigators.
Indian Harbor.
Eskimo Belles, Nain Labrador; Eskimo Belles, Nain Labrador
A Group of Labrador Eskimos
Esau and Peter, pure Eskimos. Peter displeased; Young Peter smiling
Spaniard's Bay in Conception Bay, N.F. haut de la page
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