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Souvenir of Western Canada
Souvenir of Western Canada : its cities, plains & mountains

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  [S.l. : s.n., ca. 1910] (Toronto : Hough Litho Co.)
Dominion Lands Office, Moose Jaw. Free Homestead Rush. Copyrighted by Lewis Rice, Canada, 1908
Eighth Avenue, Calgary, Alberta. A Wholesaling and Manufacturing City With a Rosy Future.
Broadway Avenue, Winnipeg. Note the Extreme Width of This Beautiful Avenue, With its Carefully Kept Boulevard and Shade Trees.
St. Andrew's Locks, Near Winnipeg. Designed to Assist Navigation Between Winnipeg and the Lake.
The Modern Way of Cutting Grain, Near Saskatoon, On G.T.P. Binders Drawn by Traction Engine.
Rivers, Man. G.T.P. Railway. A City in the Making, Representative of Hundreds of Towns on the Map of Western Canada
A Bird's Eye View of the City of Saskatoon. A City of Commerce That Has Experienced a Phenomenal Growth.
View of Lethbridge, Alta. A Coal Mining Centre in a Wheat Growing Territory.
A Group of Modern Sky Scrapers, Winnipeg. Representative of the Substantial Structures to be Found in This the Portal City of the West.
Portage Avenue, Winnipeg. Winnipeg's Leading Retail Street, Planned for Future Millions.
Jasper Avenue, the Leading Thoroughfare in Edmonton. The Capital City in the Province of Alberta.
Steam Plowing (Kindersley District, C.N.R. Railway). The Engine Gang Plow Does the Work of Thirty Horses and Never Gets Tired.
Field of Oats Near Portage La Prairie, Man. (View on the Grand Trunk Pacific.) Portage La Prairie is a Prosperous City, situate in one of the Richest Farming Districts of the West.
Rosser Avenue, Brandon, Man. A Prosperous City, a Railway and Manufacturing Centre and the Seat of the Experimental Farm.
Doukhobors Breaking the Virgin Prairie. Thunder Hill District, C.N.R. Railway.
Representative of the Bumper Crops That Have Made the Fame of the Canadian West World Wide.
Illecellewait Valley, B.C. On the Canadian Pacific Railway.
Mount Stephen House, Field, B.C. On the Line of the C.P.R.
Cutting Wheat in the Canadian West Count the Binders, Eleven in a Row
Wealth in Wool and Mutton
Grand Trunk Pacific Standard Passenger Train, Western Canada
Canadian Pacific Railway, Standard Passenger Train. Railroading in Western Canada is Seen at its Best.
Ranch Farm Near Kindersley, Sask. Canadian Northern Railway.
Banff Springs Hotel, Banff, Alta. Canadian Pacific Railway System.
Threshing in the West. Thousands of Eastern Farmers Go West Each Year, After Their Own Crops Are Harvested, to Help in the Gigantic Task of Reaping and Threshing in the West.
Harvesting the Famous "No. 1 Hard. The Finest Wheat in the World for Making Fine Bread.
Canadian Northern Railway Bridge, Battleford. Sask, An Example of Railway Engineering in the West
Canadian Northern Railway Standard Passenger Train.
Prairie Pioneers, Buffalo in the Park at Wainwright, Alta. The Last of a Great Race, Now Protected by the Government.
Irrigation Canal, Calgary, Alta. The C.P.R. System of Irrigation in the Bow Valley, Alberta, Has Made Possible Some of the Most Valuable Farming Land in the World.
In The Wonderfully Rich Peace River District, Alberta. A Vast and Fertile Tract of Farming Land as Yet Almost Wholly Undeveloped. top
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