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From the vault to the wall; installing Caravaggio and His Followers in Rome

Vancouver-based artist Brian Jungen is one of the most captivating contemporary artists in Canada. His reputation has grown for his unique ability to transform everyday items such as Nike shoes, golf bags or plastic lawn...

Visiting Masterpieces at the NGC

The painting Portrait of Countess Nikolai Alexandrovich Tolstoy, née Princess Anna Ivanovna Bariatinska (1774-1825) [1796] by Élisabeth Louise Vigée-LeBrun is visiting the National Gallery of Canada on special loan for two...

From Ottawa to Philadelphia: How Van Gogh's Iris travels

How is a priceless painting prepared for travel? How is it packaged, transported, and cared for along the way? For a behind the scenes look at how this journey was completed, watch this short film .
This autumn a fresh breeze swept through the galleries of Canadian Art. Since late October, visitors have been admiring a new layout of rooms devoted to the display of early Canadian art from the Maritimes and Upper Canada.
Van Gogh identified with the Japanese approach to understanding nature by starting with the single blade of grass as a basis for moving outwards to comprehend nature as a whole.
Deep in the Gallery’s archives sits a hand-written note from Dutch art dealer Peter Eilers. He appears to have written it in the fall of 1953 while on board the R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth en route to New York. Scrawled on ship’s...