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Arnaud Maggs on Identification

Artist Arnaud Maggs talks about his exhibition Identification, touching on his methods and how he created some of his works.

On Site with James Hart

The National Gallery of Canada installed Haida artist Chief James (Jim) Hart's work The Three Watchmen at the corner of Sussex Drive and Saint Patrick Street, just outside the Gallery. Chief James Hart's...

Installing Flora and Fauna

This time elapse video, taken over two days, shows just how much effort went into installing this work.

On Site with James Hart

Jean-Franҫois Castonguay, Chief, Technical Services talks us through the complications of installing Haida artist Chief James (Jim) Hart's work The Three Watchmen at the corner of Sussex Drive and Saint...

Installing Brian Jungen's Court

This video showing the installation of Brian Jungen's Court is accompanied by a Q & A with Vancouver businessman Bob Rennie who explains not only why he donated the work to the National Gallery, but the...

Installing Louise Bourgeois 1911 -- 2010

The Gallery’s team, with the help of Bourgeois’ long-time assistant Jerry Gorovoy, talk us through the process, explaining how this installation method was how the artist first intended her works to be viewed.
In the late 1990s, some 70 years after its purchase, Canada’s only known work by Venetian painter Tiziano Vecellio, or Titian, was quietly relegated to the storage vaults at the National Gallery of Canada...

Installing Running Horses with Joe Fafard

Artist Joe Fafard drops in during the installation of Running Horses to explain how he knows that he's got the layout of his sculptures just right.

Installing John Scott's Trans Am Apocalypse No 2

John Scott’s Trans Am Apocalypse No 2. , was no ordinary installation. This artwork presented us with one of those rare occasions when the entire Technical Services team had to work together on a single task...