“The animals have taken over the parlour,” laughs Mary Anne Barkhouse, a Kwakiutl artist, as she describes her newest exhibition at the Esker Foundation in Calgary, Alberta.
Laughing out loud may seem inappropriate when viewing a painting — especially one that features a coffin.
Since 2010, the National Gallery of Canada has been contextualizing its permanent collection of contemporary art through Biennial exhibitions that showcase its most recent acquisitions.
One of the things that strikes a viewer almost immediately when presented with an array of Fred Herzog’s photographs is the pop of “Kodachrome red” that appears in almost every image.
One of Canada’s foremost modernist painters, James Wilson Morrice (1865–1924) had a unique genius for distilling the life that swirled around him in markets, cafés, and parks into timeless moments.
A bomb, a nun, and a pair of shiny black boots hang together as a powerful trio of paintings that greet viewers at the exhibition of this year’s finalists for the 19th annual RBC Painting Competition.
Struggling with the question of how best to represent the legacy of trailblazing Inuit artist Annie Pootoogook, who died tragically in Ottawa in 2016, curator Nancy Campbell turned to family, friends and...
Whether part of an installation, or as a standalone medium, painting is finding new favour as a means of expressing complex ideas.
Featuring winning books from this year’s Awards, the exhibition celebrates the impressive work of book designers and encourages visitors to slow down and appreciate the beauty that can be found inside and...