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Installing Louise Bourgeois 1911 -- 2010

The Gallery’s team, with the help of Bourgeois’ long-time assistant Jerry Gorovoy, talk us through the process, explaining how this installation method was how the artist first intended her works to be viewed.
In the late 1990s, some 70 years after its purchase, Canada’s only known work by Venetian painter Tiziano Vecellio, or Titian, was quietly relegated to the storage vaults at the National Gallery of Canada...

Installing Running Horses with Joe Fafard

Artist Joe Fafard drops in during the installation of Running Horses to explain how he knows that he's got the layout of his sculptures just right.

Installing John Scott's Trans Am Apocalypse No 2

John Scott’s Trans Am Apocalypse No 2. , was no ordinary installation. This artwork presented us with one of those rare occasions when the entire Technical Services team had to work together on a single task...

Made in America 1900 - 1950 our latest photographs exhibition

Sobey Curatorial Assistant Katherine Stauble and Senior Designer Stefan Canuel talk us through Made in America 1900 – 1950 . Photographs from the National Gallery of Canada .

Van Gogh: Up Close, opening night at the National Gallery of Canada

Designing Van Gogh

In this short video the Gallery's Senior Designer, Ellen Treciokas, takes us behind the scenes to look at how the Gallery designed 2012's summer blockbuster show.

Keith Haring's PopShop reproduced at Pop Life at the National Gallery of Canada

Why the Venice Biennale is so important for Canada

Every two years since 1895 the world has gathered in Venice to celebrate the "Olympics of the art world". In 2011, 89 countries sent official representation to the 2011 International Art Exhibition -- La...