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Cadieux observes and interprets the human dimension through her own lens. Her latest monumental work brings attention to the subject of emotional distance and physical detachment in a relationship.
Whether in the form of evanescent portraits or atmospheric landscapes, the work of Paul P. expresses the ephemeral while reflecting past, present and future.
One of the most radical artists of his century, Marcel Duchamp created works, including readymades, that influenced generations of artists.
A new display at the Gallery looks at creativity and musical experimentation against the back-drop of cultural movements and political identities.
On Earth Day 2021, we contemplate the Anthropocene exhibition of 2018 and the work of Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky.
The Mobilizing Inuit Cultural Heritage project focuses on the contributions of Inuit culture to contemporary art, while building bridges for dialogue, exchange and collaboration.
Overcoming obstacles and challenges of the pandemic was part of the Conservation team’s process in enabling works of art to travel to the “Magnetic North” exhibition in Frankfurt.
A selection of Inuit works presents scenes from well-known stories and everyday life, each work reflecting the expressiveness of Inuit culture.
In his work, Michael Belmore has often chosen to use copper for the natural purity of this material. In this interview he speaks of his technique and the ideas that he imparts on his sculptures.