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Prominent in the 1960s and 1970s, photographer Nina Raginsky has created sensitive portraits of people from all walks of life.
In her art, Hajra Waheed explores themes of power, privilege, security and surveillance, addressing global issues that have preoccupied her since childhood.
The photographs by Brodie Whitelaw, Bruce Metcalfe and Max Sauer reflect the search for a "modern" style through the interplay of tonal and pictorial masses, texture, detail and patterning.
Ron Terada's "You Have Left the American Sector" resonates strongly in today's political climate and has a universal relevance across all borders.
Instead of capturing a true likeness, the portraits of Paul Gauguin are inventive investigations of the genre, the artist's explorations of the very idea of what a portrait could be.
In Italy in 1986 John Greer set a new path for his sculpture by returning to traditional techniques and materials while remaining true to the ideals of conceptual art.
American composer Rob Kapilow is writing a piece of music inspired by Louise Bourgeois' "Maman", the French artist's monumental sculpture of a spider.
Canada's representative at the 2019 Venice Biennale, Isuma illuminates the historic trauma of forced relocation of families from an Inuit point of view to reclaim history and imagine a different future.
The 1975 mid-career retrospective of American artist Donald Judd at the National Gallery of Canada broke new ground by involving both the artist and curator in all aspects of the exhibition.