The beautifully executed books created by Canada’s small presses highlight the great enthusiasm and dedication these publishers have applied to workmanship and to every aspect of production.
In her "Grey Paintings" Julie Mehretu reinvented her artistic practice to create abstract work that functions within the complexities and multiplicities of history, politics and art.
Commissioned by the Canadian War Memorials Fund to capture the war effort in Halifax, British artist Harold Gilman created a series of diverse and deliberative drawings to construct the final painting.
A pioneer in the Vancouver art scene of the 1960s, Michael Morris is well known for his collaborative art practice. A recent acquisition represents his early experiments in Plexiglas.
Choosing the theme of love, British artist Paul Sandby would integrate figure studies in nature and demonstrate his skill as an innovative print artist.
A keen amateur photographer, Lady Aberdeen created an emotive memorial photobook of her son's life that placed private family images in the public sphere.
Part of the Gallery's educational programs for visitors with special needs, SPARK! enables individuals living with dementia and their caregivers to experience art and find moments of pleasure.
Levinstein was a committed street photographer and a master of the candid photograph who spent much of his free time wandering around New York and photographing its people.
Thinkers and artists have been fascinated by technology’s world-transforming powers since well before the advent of human-made climate change.