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Noah Friebel, Curtiss Randolph and Katherine Takpannie are the winners of the 2020 New Generation Photography Award.
Although the members of the Group of Seven are famous for their paintings of landscape, the majority of them began their careers in graphic design.
As the recipient of the inaugural Lacey Prize, the not-for-profit centre Hamilton Artists Inc has chosen to use the prize for practical improvements, artist support and programming.
Renowned for her photographs, films, writings and photobooks, Moyra Davey imbues her work with personal narration and memory alongside text and influences of literary figures.
While continuing to create paintings on a large scale, these artists sought to go beyond the practice of the earlier Abstract Expressionists and came to be associated with post-painterly abstraction.
The summer place is both a sweet arrival and a bittersweet departure. Alex Colville's couple crosses Northumberland Strait, and the seasons.
Arriving in Canada in 1875, Charlotte Schreiber became a pioneer and role model for Canadian women artists and is credited for introducing the Realist movement to the country's art community.
Gino Severini's “The Black Cat” was one of the earliest acquisitions made by the artist and writer Nell Roslund Walden for her collection.
Mary Hiester Reid’s interior scenes are inscribed with elements of her practice as an artist, and function as self-portraits.