A great painting is a multi-layered thing. Sometimes seeing what lies beneath the surface can allow insight into the artist's meaning and method.
Internationally acclaimed artist Max Dean shares his answers to the NGC Magazine's adapted version of the Proust Questionnaire.
Kristina Huneault’s ambitious art-historical study, "I’m Not Myself at All: Women, Art, and Subjectivity in Canada", is a heady, scholarly tour-de-force.
Luther Konadu, Ethan Murphy and Zinnia Naqvi are the winners of the 2019 New Generation Photography Award.

The new Running Horses by Joe Fafard

For more than four decades, Joe Fafard crafted beloved sculptures of the people, places and animals that coloured his Canadian prairie life.
The laureates of this year's Governor General’s Awards reflect the full mix of rich and diverse Canadian talent, their work encompassing all forms of visual and media art.
An emblem of sorrow, Käthe Kollwitz’s Frontal Self-Portrait is a stark and haunting image that perfectly encapsulates the depth of emotion that defines her work.
One of the greatest street photographers of his time, Dave Heath conveyed the universal experience of isolation set against moments of social integration.
The beautifully executed books created by Canada’s small presses highlight the great enthusiasm and dedication these publishers have applied to workmanship and to every aspect of production.