Wilhelm and Henny Hansen were among the great European collectors of their time, owning beautiful works and creating a survey of Impressionism on the cusp of modern art.
In her sound installations Janet Cardiff redefines our experience of space and enables us to step inside the music.
Laurent Amiot was undoubtedly the most daring silversmith Canadian art has ever known. A towering figure in the history of early silversmithing in 18th- and early 19th-century Quebec, he developed a style so...
The innovative French painter Paul Cézanne produced some 160 portraits within a body of work that comprised nearly 1,000 paintings.
A photograph is an eye that allows us, from far away in time and place, to focus on anything that can be photographed.
Imagine creating a large-scale, thematic overview exhibition of encompassing 6,500 years of work and bringing together 193 historical and contemporary artworks by 181 artists.
The story surrounding a group of pochade boxes in the Restoration and Conservation laboratory reveals the connection between a number of Canadian landscape artists and their particular way of working.
Cats, dogs of all sizes, rabbits, birds and even a horse are the unexpected subjects of a new, intriguing display of Victorian photographs.
Loss, longing and self-discovery are just some of the themes portrayed in the photographic work of the three inaugural winners of the New Generation Photography Award.