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Combining installation, animation, video and sculpture, Graeme Patterson explores the past, present and virtual reality to address universal themes of loss, alienation and recovery.
In 1979 Colville created a print portfolio version of twelve small works he had painted on the medieval tradition of the “Labours of the Months”, reflections of moments in each month that were significant to...
The Lumière brothers experimented with early colour photography, invented the Autochrome plates in 1903–04 and produced what was purportedly the first moving picture.
Maurice Cullen and other Canadian artists returning home from Europe were inspired by winter, local landscape and quality of light. Light on snow became one of the defining subjects of Canadian Impressionism.
Although women have been portrayed as chess players in the history of art, the majority of works reflect the modern-day image of a game dominated by men.
Photographer Paul Strand visited Canada at least five times, travelling twice to the Gaspé Peninsula and creating images that record his change of style.
Working in photography, video, sculpture and performance, Walid Raad explores the veracity of documentation and addresses the complexities of the history of Lebanon and the Civil War.
An amateur botanist, accomplished watercolourist and lithographer, Anna Atkins was justly celebrated for her pioneering photographically illustrated books.
Art touches us emotionally and engages us intellectually, creating a reaction and a response. Science shows that art is important for our mental and physical wellbeing.