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Yousuf Karsh's photographs are a veritable ‘Who's Who' of the 20th century, images that span the full spectrum of fame – from intellectual pioneers and politicians to activists, artists and actors.
Innovation and experimentation have been integral components of artist Michael Snow's diverse, multidisciplinary work right from the very beginning of his career.
In the exhibition Àbadakone | Continuous Fire | Feu continuel, Indigenous languages play a part in encouraging the revival and resurgence of cultural traditions and knowledge.
Four representations of birds reflect the sensitivities of different artists in depicting these impressive and inspirational creatures of the sky.
Outspoken and fearless, artist Jane Ash Poitras has meshed social commentary and cultural meaning in her work and believes that art can be spiritually healing.
Considered a visionary ahead of his time, William Blake is best known for his illuminated books that combined imagery and text in a highly personal form.
The story behind Laurence Hyde’s wood engraving "Love" speaks to heart and mind, as both were fired by the artist’s new and, as time would reveal, true love.
Clarence Gagnon embellished carpenter's frames to match his paintings and express a harmonious overall vision for his work.
Through her installation and performance, artist Maria Hupfield invites us to contemplate "radical solidarity" with Indigenous peoples as a first step in correcting the practices that erase their histories on...