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Gwen John’s portrait of a female sitter is representative of her serene, introspective depictions of women from the mid-1910s onward.
Charles Stankievech's digital work "No6902" is centred on the mysteries surrounding the Gallery's painting "Augustus and Cleopatra" and the art historian who was instrumental in its acquisition.
A card by Takao Tanabe from the Archives of the National Gallery of Canada.
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Bertram Binning's Seasons Greetings card of 1953 is part of the Gallery's archival collection of artists' cards.
An exhibition in the Gallery's Focus Series looks at the depiction of dog sled teams – essential to the livelihood of many northern communities – in historical and contemporary images.
A set of newly acquired works by the French engraver Claude Mellan illustrates his innovative talent and technical skilfulness in the art of engraving.
In her work, McMaster focuses on land, the natural environment and migration, in the hope that we all maintain a long-term ecological equilibrium with the world around us.
In his pastel "Seated Nude", Edvard Munch confronts viewers with politics of love and desire by depicting a woman of dignity and power.