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As Ottawa became the capital of Canada, artists visited or moved to the city in search of work and inspiration. Etching proved a popular medium for capturing the rapidly changing face of its cityscape.
Since the 1980s Ken Lum has been creating work that addresses social divisions and disconnect by weaving wry humour into his poignant critique.
In his drawing “Christmas Motif, Hanover”, the artist links a festive moment to his place of inspiration, his hometown in south-western Ontario.
In 1964 William Kurelek exhibited a series of works based on the life of his father and other Ukrainian immigrants in Canada.
Emily Carr's stay in Brittany in 1910–11 proved a formative period that propelled her art beyond traditionalism into modernist expression.
Miller Brittain's paintings accurately portrayed the daily life of the people and the atmosphere in his native Saint John in the 1930s.
The procession installation by South-African artist William Kentridge at the NGC is an enveloping human journey in film and animation.
Around 1880 Camille Pissarro created a series of prints that mirrored his Impressionist vision of light, atmosphere and plein-air painting
European artists were giving shape to beasts that populate collective imagination long before "The Lord of the Rings" and "Game of Thrones" came along.