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The installation "Pulling their Weight: Dog Teams in Indigenous and Canadian Art " takes dog sledding in historical and contemporary images as its theme.
As his exhibition "Amor et Mors" opens, Paul P. reflects on his work, his process, his interests and the relevance of historical art.
Through her work, Katherine Takpannie honours the lives of the missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls, exposing the ongoing vulnerability and threat.
The Gallery's collection of correspondence and ephemera related to Elizabeth Wyn Wood, one of Canada’s first modernist sculptors, shows her great commitment to sculpture and her fellow artists.
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In Jin-me Yoon's work, embodied experiences are nested in time, engendering infinite possibilities of interconnectedness that redefine who we are in this world.
Horace Walpole, author and patron of the arts, is known for his extensive correspondence and his house Strawberry Hill, where he set up a celebrated printing press and produced the first history of British art.
Rashid Johnson's "Capsule" and Kwende Kefentse's activations enrich the audience's access to this work of art and enable them to find new pathways to its understanding.
Through her artworks Mehra refuses to allow the erasure of difficult realities among diasporic communities, and calls out the nation-state and the systems of oppression it upholds.