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Through enigmatic works such as her painting "White Flower", Agnes Martin wanted to convey a sense of lightness and to create an abstract emotional experience.
Larissa Fassler's "Civic. Centre. I, II, III" is one of a group of works that show multiple perspectives of urban spaces, offering an artist's way of looking that lets us reflect on how we perceive cities.
During his decade-long stay in Madras, the portrait miniaturist John Smart painted an elegant yet natural portrait of Elizabeth Campbell, most likely a token for her husband.
The Gallery's Vilhelm Hammershøi painting, along with the art resources and expertise available at the institution, inspired photographer Leslie Hossack's latest project.
Nicknamed “the French Rembrandt,” Jean-Jacques de Boissieu is an intriguing figure in 18th-century French art, whose work was widely collected and inspired 19th-century printmakers across Europe.
Dating to the early 16th century, Quinten Massys’ painting of the Crucifixion is being given a new frame that is contemporary to the period when the Flemish master created it.
Vancouver-based conceptual artist Ron Terada responds to NGC Magazine's version of the Proust Questionnaire.
Two artists express their individual perspective of their particular region, each presenting his unique vision of his Canadian landscape.
In her drawings, Evelyn de Morgan created evocative studies of the female figure, capturing light and form through delicate lines and meticulously worked chalk pastel.