A highly accomplished photographer, Donald W. Buchanan believed the camera provided a means to frame the world and the camera lens brought reality into sharp focus.
Lawren Harris’s urban scenes played a key role in his exploration of the role of art in the transformations of Canadian society.
Welcoming ceremonies are an important way to recognize that many historic art objects are considered as having a spirit or as ancestors.
One of the principal visual artists of the English Romantic Movement, J.M.W. Turner created the watercolour "Forum Romanum" in 1818.
Best known for her candid but empathetic shots revealing the peculiarities of average people, Lisette Model is recognized as one of the most innovative photographers of her era.
Alessandro Vittoria was one of Renaissance Venice’s leading sculptors, whose art was greatly admired by his contemporaries and influenced generations of artists for nearly two centuries.
For the Parisian arts event Nuit Blanche 2011, the Québec-based art trio BGL built a giant bonfire, some 18 metres long, inside of a gymnasium.
A chronicle of two families from Quebec City, the Sewell Family Album is an early “scrap album” that captures their life and memories through photographs.
The Sobey Art Foundation and the National Gallery of Canada have announced the five finalists for the 2018 Sobey Art Award.