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During the First World War many Canadian and British artists confronted and recorded the devastation and horror of the 'War to End all Wars'.
Photographer Rosalind Fox Solomon wants her images to evoke individual interpretation as well as draw a strong or unexpected emotional response.
The life of a public collection is marked by continual review, ensuring that it fulfills its mission and remains relevant.
Artist and filmaker Althea Thauberger creates an immersive experience that revisits the vision of Canadian identity presented by the National Film Board's centennial projects for Expo '67.
Known to posterity as the father of art photography, the multi-talented Victorian artist Oscar Gustaf Rejlander remains one of the medium’s unsung heroes.
Wright’s photography can confound, turn askew, upset or even antagonize, but it always prompts a new perspective and perhaps greater clarity.
In 1918 artists Arthur Lismer and Harold Gilman were commissioned to record the war effort in Halifax.
The work of Jeneen Frei Njootli defies the limited and static, continuing instead beyond place and time to intertwine with life.
Cultural belongings figure centrally into Jordan Bennett’s work, and he exudes a special reverence for the knowledge they contain.