Thomas Cole, founder of the Hudson River School, features in a thoughtful exhibition where he emerges as an internationally connected artist.
Joi T. Arcand expresses personal reflections in Cree syllabics to revitalize this Indigenous language and create a landscape where Cree words have an imposing presence.
A new publication chronicles the Indigenous Art Collection and the history of contemporary Indigenous art in Canada.

Talking Mary Pratt

Mary Pratt was one of Canada’s great realist painters. Curators Jonathan Shaughnessy and Mireille Eagan discuss her painting ‘Red Currant Jelly’ in the context of her work.
A Shaman's experience inspired a unique work of wearable art, as beautiful in technique as it is bold in design.
In his art, Jon Rafman strives to explode the partition between reality and the virtual worlds on our screens, experimenting with both immersion and alienation.
An early drawing by Anne-Louis Girodet captures his earliest reflections on a subject that would continue to preoccupy the artist over many years.
Forensic analysis of Lewis M. Rutherfurd’s Moon reveals intriguing details about the object’s support and its display history.
In her work Kapwani Kiwanga is compelled by items and articles that evidence the imbalances created by, or that uphold, the social, political and economic power structures organizing society.