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Banza’s large-scale drawing "De 1848 à nos jours | coupe de bateau négrier" relates to an important moment in the Montreal-based artist’s career to date.
Frank Bowling’s painting "Middle Passage" is the latest monumental addition to one of the National Gallery of Canada’s most iconic spaces.
Hamilton-born artist Kapwani Kiwanga analyzes how we interact as societies, cultures and individuals, while exploring the power imbalances within these interactions.
A selection of fascinating and idiosyncratic artist material in the Library’s collection tells new stories of the way artists live, create art and promote their work.
As the 2021 Sobey Art Award nominations open, we review changes to this national art prize.
Three examples reflect the use of language and its manipulation in painting in Canada in the wake of the medium’s re-emergence in the 1980s.
An early pioneer photographer, Augusta Mostyn is credited with opening one of the first galleries dedicated to art made by women.
Combining installation, animation, video and sculpture, Graeme Patterson explores the past, present and virtual reality to address universal themes of loss, alienation and recovery.
In 1979 Colville created a print portfolio version of twelve small works he had painted on the medieval tradition of the “Labours of the Months”, reflections of moments in each month that were significant to...