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Vancouver-based conceptual artist Ron Terada responds to NGC Magazine's version of the Proust Questionnaire.
In her drawings, Evelyn de Morgan created evocative studies of the female figure, capturing light and form through delicate lines and meticulously worked chalk pastel.
One of London's most important portrait miniaturists, John Smart painted his daughter shortly after their arrival in India in 1785, a portrait that illustrates his accomplished technique and his elegant style.
In his work Kevin McKenzie has been juxtaposing Indigenous culture with symbols drawn from popular culture and colonial inheritance. He discusses his processes, material choices and recent changes to his art.
Depicting scenes of distance and serenity, painter Christiane Pflug raised the act of looking through kitchen doors and windows to the outside world to an art form.
Through film, photography, theatre and various other media, Stan Douglas combines historical fact with fiction to create narratives that speak to larger issues and make the viewer reflect on the perceptions of...
Multi-disciplinary artist Hannah Claus responds to NGC Magazine's version of the Proust Questionnaire.
In the hands of Colleen Wolstenholme, sculpture, the art of the object, becomes a powerful means of countering the objectification of women and deflecting the distorting lens of the patriarchal view that has...
A portrait of George Back depicts the naval officer as an artist who undertook four exploratory journeys to the Arctic, two with John Franklin, and recorded the vistas of the dramatic northern landscape.