Jack Bush: A Conversation with Marc Mayer and Sarah Stanners

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In this video, the co-curators of the Jack Bush exhibition, Marc Mayer and Sarah Stanners, talk about Canadian artist Jack Bush, whose life is a fascinating story of a mid-century commercial artist turned vanguard abstract painter. His career traces a long journey toward creative independence, providing many new and delightful vantage points onto the history of abstract art. Born in 1909, Bush was addressing an international audience by the 60s, regularly exhibiting his paintings in Toronto, New York and London. His training in commercial illustration, and his network of professional relationships on both sides of the Atlantic imbued his work with a language all its own. Nearly a generation older than his fellow Color Field artists, Bush struggled successfully to accommodate both the flatness of post painterly abstraction from the US and the persistence of the figure/ground tradition that is commonly associated with abstraction in the UK. The highly original paintings of this paradigmatic Canadian artist continue to interest art lovers well over three decades after his death.


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