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Horace Walpole, author and patron of the arts, is known for his extensive correspondence and his house Strawberry Hill, where he set up a celebrated printing press and produced the first history of British art.
Rashid Johnson's "Capsule" and Kwende Kefentse's activations enrich the audience's access to this work of art and enable them to find new pathways to its understanding.
Through her artworks Mehra refuses to allow the erasure of difficult realities among diasporic communities, and calls out the nation-state and the systems of oppression it upholds.
The five paintings recently acquired as the Koffler donation illustrate the different ways in which these well-known artists represented the Canadian landscape.
Halifax-based Tyshan Wright works at the intersection of contemporary art and traditional Maroon culture and craft of Jamaica.
Informed by the ancient history of present-day Sudan, including Egyptian and Nubian mythology, El Siddique’s installations embody her curiosity about the ever-changing physical world and the possibilities of worlds unseen.
Interdisciplinary artist Krystle Silverfox explores Indigenous feminism, de-colonialism, lived experience and connections to the land through sculpture and photography.
In his work, interdisciplinary artist Stanley Février employs strategies of institutional critique to expose discrimination and cultural erasure in the art world.
Frequently working at the intersection of visual art and dance, Brendan Fernandes examines issues of migration, identity and decolonization, as well as social and political spaces.