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The landscapes Cornelia Hahn Oberlander created at the Gallery reveal her genius for naturalistic garden design and her response to the art in the national collection.
Rashid Johnson’s sculpture captures the artist’s preoccupations and thoughts and encourages visitors to engage, decode and reflect, thus enabling the work to continue evolving.
In art, clouds can determine the mood, colour a scene or convey a message, often being an integral and important part of telling the story.
Kazuo Nakamura transposes landscapes into atmospheric scenes composed of geometric lines and patterns.
The works of Curtiss Randolph, Katherine Takpannie, Noah Friebel, Dustin Brons, Chris Donovan and Dainesha Nugent-Palache create juxtapositions, histories and different realities.
Investigating the first painting the National Gallery of Canada bought as a Rembrandt brings new conclusions.
Collected over forty years, the Meakins-McClaran collection presents a journey through the ages, bringing together exquisite prints from Early Modern Northern Europe and beyond.
Tau Lewis’ laborious hands-on process of making is committed to healing personal and collective traumas, especially in relation to histories and lived experiences within the African diaspora.
Sports photography not only captures the moment of achievement or defeat, it can also reflect social and cultural representations and perceptions of different sports and athletes.