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On Slow Art Day, spend time with Prudence Heward's "The Farmer's Daughter," looking in detail at her painting technique and painterly choices.
During his decade-long stay in Canada, Japanese photographer Kan Azuma communicated his emotional response to the country's landscapes, cityscapes and people in his images.
Part of the Gallery's collection, Mona Hatoum's "Impenetrable" and new acquisitions "Balançoires" and "Projection (velvet)" are explored in the context of the artist's work.
The winner of the 2023 Lacey Prize is Union House Arts, the artist-run centre in Port Union, Newfoundland.
Part of the locations of the World Weather Network, Liam Gillick's multi-functional contextual artwork on Fogo Island continues his explorations of environmental science and global climate change.
Works by Evergon, FASTWÜRMS, David Garneau, Germaine Koh, Grace Nickel, Shannon Walsh, Tim Whiten and Nettie Wild are interspersed throughout the Gallery to create dialogue and inspire contemplation.
Two paintings capture the distinctive light and atmospheric effects of a winter landscape covered in snow.
Today Mike MacDonald is known for being one of the first Indigenous artists to experiment with video art and for his more than twenty Butterfly gardens that he planted across Canada.
Covering the Gallery’s south façade, Bowen’s monumental photo-based work allows placement of dominant narratives against the marginalized in such a way that neither can be ignored.