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A selection of works, currently on view in the contemporary art galleries, addresses threats both to human bodies and to the bodies of land around us.
A painting of a garden scene from an illustrated "Baburnama", the autobiography of Emperor Babur, is among the National Gallery of Canada’s best-known works of Mughal art.
The exuberant selection of works currently on view in "Movement: Expressive Bodies in Art" celebrates the power of art to connect, engage and inspire.
General Idea’s work attests to the diversity of the group’s output and the complexity of their vision.
In their work, Margaret Watkins, Mary Pratt and Dustin Brons transform ordinary objects and interiors into works of art that remind viewers that beauty can be found everywhere, even among dirty dishes.
In their work, the winners of the 2022 New Generation Photography Award probe shared concerns and anxieties, always mindful of their own role in supplementing an already visually saturated culture.
Part of the Douglas Schoenherr donation, books and related ephemera produced by the Kelmscott Press illustrate the artistry of its founder William Morris and artists such as Edward Burne-Jones and Arthur J. Gaskin.
Teaching for over 35 years, Lisette Model inspired and influenced a generation of photographers, including Diane Arbus, Rosalind Fox Solomon and Larry Fink.
The Gallery's Library and Archives houses nineteen letters by French painter and sculptor Edgar Degas that provide insight into his life and his concerns as he aged.