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Works by Evergon, FASTWÜRMS, David Garneau, Germaine Koh, Grace Nickel, Shannon Walsh, Tim Whiten and Nettie Wild are interspersed throughout the Gallery to create dialogue and inspire contemplation.
Two paintings capture the distinctive light and atmospheric effects of a winter landscape covered in snow.
Today Mike MacDonald is known for being one of the first Indigenous artists to experiment with video art and for his more than twenty Butterfly gardens that he planted across Canada.
Covering the Gallery’s south façade, Bowen’s monumental photo-based work allows placement of dominant narratives against the marginalized in such a way that neither can be ignored.
A rediscovered painting by the French artist Ferréol Bonnemaison throws new light on the life and times of Whitfield, a once celebrated street performer.
Fritz Brandtner's surviving library not only highlights his own art, but also provides insight into the life and thoughts of this important Canadian artist.
In Sandback’s minimalist sculpture "Untitled (One of Four Diagonals)", what occurs in or around the line is what gives the work its meaning.
Three sets of prints depicting the twelve months of the year illustrate the popularity of such images that used visual signals to identify each month.
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