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A talented writer and composer, and the first Black Briton to vote in national elections, Ignatius Sancho’s portrait by Thomas Gainsborough was an early acquisition by the Gallery.
Nattillingmiut artist Nick Sikkuark was a bold experimenter, an intuitive perfectionist and a sharp yet gentle storyteller who in his art depicts places of his singular imagination.
An allegorical piece, "War the Despoiler" by Canadian sculptor Emanuel Hahn is a visual essay on the dark side of war.
Ten years after his sketch of the Lake Garda shoreline in 1899, Otto Greiner used the landscape drawing as the background for his painting of Prometheus.
The exhibition "Riopelle: Crossroads in Time" presents important highlights from Riopelle’s career, which spanned more than five decades.
Working with found materials, finalist Gabrielle L'Hirondelle Hill explores colonial (mis)conceptions of property, economy and family.
Finalist Kablusiak’s work conveys the reality of contemporary Inuit lived experiences, engaging with topics such as Inuit displacement and diasporic experience, mental health, gender identity and sexuality.
Finalist Séamus Gallagher’s beguiling art draws our gaze closer into queerly uncanny worlds unburdened by traditional boundaries of gender, sexuality and societal expectations.
With remarkable skill, finalist Anahita Norouzi explores sensitive subjects of human experience and displacement, subtly transposing them into a formal aesthetic where material and technique are charged with meaning.