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The National Gallery of Canada Library wishes to thank Sandra Barz for her generous and enthusiastic collaboration on this project.

Sandra Barz’s acknowledgment of the many people involved in compiling the information is reprinted below:

Since 1970 it has been my privilege to visit and revisit many of the communities in the Canadian Arctic, focusing especially on those locales where printmaking has been a priority. It is a joy and honor to talk with, the people, to see how they live, and to observe them as they create a body of work that has become a Canadian national treasure. Sadly, but inevitably, many of the artists, printers, and other participants of the early years of printmaking have passed on or are no longer active. Their legacy lives on both in the work they have produced and in the skills that have been taken up by those who are intensely engaged today. I sincerely hope that, with this publication, the compilation of almost 50 years of printmaking history, that the gift of art data and recollections shared, will in a small way help to preserve a heritage for all our children and grandchildren and those yet to be born. Canadian Inuit printmaking has been a glorious endeavour, achieved through unbelievable odds, and although changing with each new generation, a phenomenon to be cherished.

I am grateful to all the artists and printers who have participated since the first experiments in 1957 and to the many, many individuals and the organizations which they represent for the gigantic contributions they have made to the research process. Thank you very much to all listed below, and my apologies to those who may have been inadvertently left out.

Sandra Buhai Barz
New York City, March 2004


Barnabus Akkanarshoonark, Baker Lake, Alicie Alasua, Puvirnituq, Peter Aliknak, Holmàn, Thomasie Alikatuktuk, Pangnirtung, Margaret Toodlik Amarook & Michael Amarook, Baker Lake, Effie Analeejuk, Baker Lake, Ruth Arinaqtuusi, Baker Lake, Fanny Arngnakik, Baker Lake, Silas Arnaqnnaq, Baker Lake, Kenojuak Ashevak, Cape Dorset, Irene Avaalaaqiaq, Baker Lake, Thomassie Echaluk, Inukjuak, Harry Egutak, Holman, Marjorie Esa, Baker Lake, Thomas Iksiraq, Baker Lake, Osuitok Ipeelee, Cape Dorset, Daniel Inukpuk, Inukjuak, Yvonne Kanayuk, Baker Lake, Peepeelee Karpik, Pangnirtung, Mercy Kayuryuk, Baker Lake, Mungitok Kellypalik, Cape Dorset, lyola Kingwatsiak, Cape Dorset, Isah Koperqualuk, Puvirnituq, Mona Ohoveluk Kuneyuna, Holman, James Manning, Cape Dorset, Agnes Nanogak, Holman, William Noah, Baker Lake, Louie Nigiyok, Holman, Mabel Nigiyok, Holman, Mary K Okheena, Holman, Rose Okpik, Pangnirtung, Peter Palvik, Holman, Eegyvudluk Pootoogook, Cape Dorset,
Kananginak Pootoogook, Cape Dorset, Pudlo Pudlat, Cape Dorset, Andrew Qappik, Pangnirtung, Lukta Qiatsuq, Cape Dorset, Leah Qumaluk, Puvirnituq, Levi Qumaluk,
Puvirnituq, Joanassie Salamonie, Cape Dorset, Peter Sevoga, Baker Lake, Joemie Takpangi, Cape Dorset, Kanayuk Tukalak, Puvirnituq, Mathewsie Tulugak, Puvirnituq, Hugh Tulurialuk, Baker Lake, Luke Tunuwak, Baker Lake, Lisa Uqaittuq, Puvirnituq

Joshua Abelson, Kriistina Alariaq, Drew Armour, Rena & James Bacon, Emma Balog, Eunice & Ken Barron, Beth Beattie, Heather Beecroft, John Bell, Beth Biggs, Joanne Bird, Elaine Blechman, Jean Blodgétt, Marie Bouchard, Joanne Boucher, Wallace Brannen, Lorraine Brandson, Susan Breton, Rudy Bronsten, Raymond Brousseau, Valerie Brown, Arnie Brownstone, Raisie Brownstone, John Burdick, Sheila & Jack Butler, Michael Casey, Mary Craig, Lori Cutler, Cynthia Cook, Nancy & Darrell Draper, Bernadettle Driscoll Englestad, Dorothy Harley Eber, Theresa Eppridge, John Evans, Jay Fahn, Patricia Feheley, Kyra Fisher, David Ford, Fred Ford, Stuart Frankel, Denise Gagnon, Louis Gagnon, Gabe Gély, Sue Gustavison, Milton Halvarson, Doris Hamill, Rick Hiebert, Ernest Herzig, Ingo Hessel, Dennis Hillman, Don Holman, Alma Houston,
James Houston, John Houston, Pauline Hughes, Renate Hulley, Avrom Isaacs, Marion Jackson, H G Jones, Bob Kardosh, Judy Kardosh, Meeka Kilabuk, Marcia & Harry
Kiamer, Boris & Elizabeth Kotelevitz, Val Kotelevitz, Christine Lalonde, Jean L’Esperance, Pat & Ted Leishman, Odette Leroux, Mark London, Duncan McLean,
Gary Magee, George Marcus, Hedy Mann, Jailet Mayhew, Jay McDonnell, Michelle McDonnell, Ed McKenna, Mary Jo Minturn, William Mingst, Marybelle Mitchell, Jeannine Montford, Dolores Morton, Peter Murdoch; Richard Murdoch, Connie Murphy, Joe Murphy, Judith Nasby, Michael Neil, Derek Norton, Stephen Osler, Robert Paterson, Jeanne Pattison, David Pelly, Gordon Peters, John Price, Catherine Priest, Nigel Reading, Michael Rávere, Michael Rice, Bill Ritchie, Mary & John Robertson, John Rose, Marie Routledge, Leslie Boyd Ryan, Patricia Ryan, Terrence P. Ryan, Esther & Sam Sarick, Celine Saucier, Ene Schoeler, Jane Schuldberg, Bob Seeley, Harold Seidelman, Eleanor Seybold, Faye Settler, Déanne Shannon, Mary Sparling, Father André Steinman, Pat Strum, David Sutherland, George Swinton, Father Henri Tardy, Judith & Victor Tinkl, Ann Tompkins, George Tutsch, Kate Vasyliw, Lauren Venchiarutti, Maria von Finckenstein, Glenn Wadsworth, Arlys Warfield, Virginia Watt, Diane Webster, Helen & Tom Webster, John Westren, Darlene Wight, Penny Williams, Vera Williams, Karen Williamson, Peter Wilson, Barbara Winter, David Wright, Gordon Yearsley, Norman Zepp.

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