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Lisette Model fonds: Finding Aid

Lisette Model fonds:

Finding Aid

Series 4 - Personal Papers

Personal Papers - General
LM.AR4.PP1 Lisette Model: Calendars, Appointment Books, Address Books, Telephone Books, Memo Pads, and Notebooks; date range of items: 1976 to 1982
Box 7LM.AR4.PP1.1 1976
Calendar. Amsterdam, New York: Amsterdam Co., 1975. [Annotated in LM's handwriting.]
LM.AR4.PP1.2 1977
Calendar. Amsterdam, New York: Amsterdam Printing and Litho Corp., 1976. [Annotated in LM's handwriting.]
LM.AR4.PP1.3 1978
Calendar. [Annotated in LM's handwriting.]
LM.AR4.PP1.4 1979
Calendar. National Refill 55-875, Made in U.S.A. [Annotated in LM's handwriting.]
"New York City 1979 Diary" spiral-bound notebook. [Annotated in LM's handwriting.]
LM.AR4.PP1.6 1980
Calendar. [Annotated in LM's handwriting.]
A New York Album: 1980 Appointment Calendar. Brooklyn, New York: Brooklyn Museum in association with Manufacturers Hanover, 1979. [Calendar is blank.]
A calendar for 1981, New York Remembered. Greenwich, Connecticut: Sormani Calendars, Inc. [Annotated in LM's handwriting.]
LM.AR4.PP1.9 1982
Calendar. Manassas, Virginia: Payne Publishers Inc. [Annotated in LM's handwriting.]
"Clipper" spiral-bound notebook. n.d., New York: Morilla. [First three pages contain February and March entries; writing and doodles appear on a few remaining pages.]
National Blank Book Company, college ruled spiral-bound notebook (blue). [On cover LM has written "I".]
Harvard Square, spiral-bound notebook, blue. [On cover LM has written "II".]
Harvard Square, spiral-bound notebook, yellow. [On cover LM has written "III, Time 936 1616".]
Harvard Square, spiral-bound notebook, red. [On cover LM has written "IV, 582-2000".]
Harvard Square, spiral-bound notebook, green. [On cover LM has written "Addresses, 79-80".]
Paper King Memo Book, spiral-bound notebook, yellow. [On cover LM has written "Addresses".]
Composition book, bound with black-and-white marbled cover. [On cover LM has written "France, Addresses".]
Orange cover spiral-bound notebook. [On cover LM has written "Lisette Model, FRANCE".]
Memo book, orange, Camp Manufacturing.
Pocket memo, No. 5629, bound with red-and-white marbled cover. [Contains only Marvin Israel's address and phone number on inside cover.]
Box 8File 1LM.AR4.PP1.21
Loose sheets from an address book, front and back cover included but not attached.
File 2LM.AR4.PP1.22
Loose sheets from an address book, front and back covers not included.
File 3LM.AR4.PP1.23
Loose sheets of paper with addresses and phone numbers.
File 4LM.AR4.PP1.24
Envelope containing numerous business cards.
Personal Papers - Medical and Health
LM.AR4.PP2 Lisette Model: Medical and Health; date range of items: 18.7.1966 to 29.10.1982
Box 8File 5LM.AR4.PP2.1 18.7.66
pharmacy receipt for drugs
File 5LM.AR4.PP2.2 18.9.67
International Certificate of Vaccination
File 5LM.AR4.PP2.3 1976
pharmacy receipts for seven drugs; envelope with LM's handwriting "Drugs 76, Lisette without Evsa"
File 5LM.AR4.PP2.4 13.6.78
Schmutter, Strull, Fleisch, Inc.; information pamphlet for hospital insurance plan with blank application form and return envelope enclosed
File 5LM.AR4.PP2.5 12.7.78
Docteur Edouard Gilles, Arles, France; physician's prescription sheet
File 5LM.AR4.PP2.6 9.8.78
Docteur François Jarricot, Paris, France; letter to LM; please call upon her arrival in Paris for an appointment
File 5LM.AR4.PP2.7 8.9.78
Docteur François Jarricot, Paris, France; letter to LM discussing her visit to him regarding her rheumatism and hip; enclosed is a sheet suggesting diet and mineral intake
File 5LM.AR4.PP2.8 28.9.78
Docteur Philippe Jourdain, Paris, France; physician's prescription sheet
File 5LM.AR4.PP2.9 6.10.78
Docteur M. Etevenaux, Paris, France; physician's prescription sheet
File 5LM.AR4.PP2.10 25.10.78
Isadore Rosenfeld, M.D. and Michael J. Wolk, M.D.; LM's test results
File 5LM.AR4.PP2.11 11.4.79
letter from LM to Dr. S. Getlen, Trenton, New Jersey; asking for an appointment for treatment of arthritis in her hands [at bottom of letter doctor's reply]
File 5LM.AR4.PP2.12 21.12.79
Benjamin B. Rubinstein, M.D.; note to LM and copy of a paper he delivered at the New School for Social Research, which she had requested, entitled "On the Psychoanalytic Theory of Unconscious Motivation and the Problem of Its Confirmation." [26 pages]
File 5LM.AR4.PP2.13 15.2.80
empty envelope from R.A. Rees Pritchett, M.D.
File 5LM.AR4.PP2.14 27.12.80
Henry Lax, M.D., New York; bill for visit
File 5LM.AR4.PP2.15 17.3.81
Henry Lax, M.D., New York; bill for visit
File 5LM.AR4.PP2.16 30.9.81
David L. Podell, Jr., M.D., New York; eyeglass prescription sheet
File 5LM.AR4.PP2.17 23.4.82
R.A. Rees Pritchett, M.D., New York; prescription directions
File 5LM.AR4.PP2.18 14.10.82
R.A. Rees Pritchett, M.D., New York; Physician's prescription sheet
File 5LM.AR4.PP2.19 29.10.82
Sixty Six Street Laboratory Inc., New York; invoice
File 5LM.AR4.PP2.20 n.d.
handwritten sheet in LM's hand listing nine drugs
File 5LM.AR4.PP2.21 n.d.
Gail S. Reich, R.P.T., chest physical therapy; index card with handwritten exercise instructions
File 5LM.AR4.PP2.22 n.d.
Gail S. Reich, R.P.T., typewritten page giving instructions and guidelines on walking exercise
File 5LM.AR4.PP2.23 n.d.
two sheets of handwritten instructions for breathing exercises
File 5LM.AR4.PP2.24 n.d.
four sheets of LM's handwritten notes for exercises
File 5LM.AR4.PP2.25 n.d.
James Hawley Stephenson, M.D., New York; four information sheets regarding natural treatment centre
File 5LM.AR4.PP2.26 n.d.
Murray Koringold; sheet with handwritten instructions for herbal medicinal tonics [copy of item on acid-free paper precedes original, which is torn into three pieces]
File 5LM.AR4.PP2.27 n.d.
Kevin P. O'Flaherty, Ph.D., C.C.C., New York; sheet with typewritten instructions for using a hearing aid
File 5LM.AR4.PP2.28 n.d.
handwritten sheet listing number of visits to Dr. Novick
File 5LM.AR4.PP2.29 n.d.
information pamphlet entitled "What is Acupuncture? Is it for me?"
File 5LM.AR4.PP2.30 n.d.
newspaper clipping regarding Verapamil drug for treating potential heart attack victims
File 5LM.AR4.PP2.31 n.d.
handwritten sheet listing various drugs with corresponding lab names
File 5LM.AR4.PP2.32 n.d.
handwritten sheet listing exercise instructions, written on Felicia Sachs's letterhead
LM.AR4.PP3 Evsa Model: Medical and Health; date range of items: 22.2.1976 to 14.5?.1976
Box 8File 6LM.AR4.PP3.1 22.2.76
James L. Januzzi, M.D., New York; bill for visits and treatments; typewritten note asking for Medicare Form originally enclosed, along with the remittance
File 6LM.AR4.PP3.2 14.5?.76
pharmacy receipt for drugs
Personal Papers - Apartment
LM.AR4.PP4 Lisette Model: Apartment; date range of items: 27.1.1976 to 9.12.1980
Box 8File 7LM.AR4.PP4.1 27.1.76
letter from Rockville Management Corp. requesting an increase in rent
File 7LM.AR4.PP4.2 28.1.76
Standard Form of Office Lease for 200 Waverly Place, Manhatten, New York [not signed by LM]
File 7LM.AR4.PP4.3 12.1.78
letter from Rockville Management Corp. offering new rates for lease
File 7LM.AR4.PP4.4 18.7.78
notice from Rockville Management Corp. requesting payment of rent in amount of $278.75
File 7LM.AR4.PP4.5 9.12.80
letter from Rockville Management offering new rates for lease
Personal Papers - Miscellaneous
LM.AR4.PP5 Lisette Model: Miscellaneous; date range of items: July-August 1967 to 28.3.1982
Box 8File 8LM.AR4.PP5.1 ?.8.77-?.11.78
handwritten psychic and astrological monthly predictions for LM
File 8LM.AR4.PP5.2 ?.11.78-?.11.79
handwritten psychic and astrological monthly predictions for LM, as well as general predictions for 1979 and list of planetary positions; also included are a book reference and a health spa reference
File 8LM.AR4.PP5.3 ?.11.80-?.11.81
handwritten psychic and astrological monthly predictions for LM
File 8LM.AR4.PP5.4 28.3.82
New York Times article on Krishnamurti at Carnegie Hall; included is a promotional pamphlet entitled "Krishnamurti and the Art of Listening" [copy of New York Times article on acid-free paper precedes original on newspaper print]
File 8LM.AR4.PP5.5 n.d.
loose sheets of paper with maxim-like writings [copies on acid-free paper precede originals, which are on very acidic, fragile paper]
File 8LM.AR4.PP5.6 n.d.
"Conversations of Goethe with Eckerman 1826, pages 125 and 126" [five copies of text variously annotated by LM]
File 8LM.AR4.PP5.7 n.d.
copy of text entitled "Speech Written By Arnold Schönberg and Delivered for him by Henry Cowell on the Occasion of an Award at the National Institute of Arts and Letters"
File 8LM.AR4.PP5.8 n.d.
copies of pages 300-304 taken from Experimental Mysticism, author not identified [copy of text on acid-free paper precedes original which is on fax paper]
Box 8File 9LM.AR4.PP5.9 20.10.76
Munger Funeral Home Inc., customer invoice; burial expenses for Evza [sic] Model; included are Statement of Death and Statement of Burial Expenses, both signed by Funeral Director
File 9LM.AR4.PP5.10 n.d.
typewritten text on dude ranches in Reno, probably the article for Ladies' Home Journal assignment LM did in 1949 [for correspondence from Ladies' Home Journal regarding assignment see LM.AR2.PU6.1]
File 9LM.AR4.PP5.11 n.d.
handwritten draft of a letter in French from LM saying she hopes she can accept the kind offer to participate in the Arles workshop/exhibition when the time arrives [probably sent to J. Manachem, see Correspondence/Education and Teaching LM.AR2.ED3]
File 9LM.AR4.PP5.12 n.d.
torn sheet of paper with LM's handwriting on it [appears to be a complimentary close to a letter in English to J. Manachem]
File 9LM.AR4.PP5.13 3.5.78
loose sheet of paper dated May 3, 1978 with "Chère Monsier" [sic] written on it in LM's hand
File 9LM.AR4.PP5.14 n.d.
handwritten notes in French that appear to be a draft for a letter by LM discussing slides of her work being sent for consideration for an exhibition
File 9LM.AR4.PP5.15 n.d.
torn sheet from a German magazine: article discussing collectors and collecting; three typewritten sheets in German discussing poster collecting, with Hans Sach's address at bottom
File 9LM.AR4.PP5.16 n.d.
pamphlet in German with same article as in LM.AR4.PPR.15
File 9LM.AR4.PP5.17 July-Aug. 1967
Evergreen Program, theater program for the play America Hurrah by Jean-Claude van Itallie
File 9LM.AR4.PP5.18 n.d.
sheet music entitled "From the Art of The Canon, Book I by Moondog"; also sheet music featuring couplets by Moondog
File 9LM.AR4.PP5.19 n.d.
plasticized map for the Paris métro system; also a Michelin road map of France
File 9LM.AR4.PP5.20 n.d.
four blank postcards from Arles
File 9LM.AR4.PP5.21 n.d.
two blank postcards from MoMA, [Malevich and Mondrian]; also three blank note cards from MoMA featuring Kandinsky woodcuts; paper bag from MoMA with LM's handwriting on it: "Christmas cards Evsa Elgy"[?]
File 9LM.AR4.PP5.22 n.d.
hand-made sign welcoming LM in Spanish "Bienvenida a Mde Lisette, sig. Elisa . . ."
File 9LM.AR4.PP5.23 n.d.
sheet with handwritten poem under the heading of "10 Years Old David Barrie of Pittsburgh"; envelope with "Picasso, little boy" written on it
File 9LM.AR4.PP5.24 30.6.76
savings account statement from Colorado State Bank
File 9LM.AR4.PP5.25 25.4.73
cheque stub made out to LM for $100 for lab fee expense
File 9LM.AR4.PP5.26 n.d.
cheque stub from New York NYM Corporation for $100
File 9LM.AR4.PP5.27 n.d.
cheque stub from the Art Institute of Chicago for $200
File 9LM.AR4.PP5.28 12.3.81
deposit slips from Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company for LM's account
File 9LM.AR4.PP5.29 31.3.81
deposit slip from Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company for LM's account
File 9LM.AR4.PP5.30 29.12.81
deposit slip from Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company for LM's account; envelope postmarked December 16, 1981, with return address "Pratt" and, in LM's handwriting, "July"
File 9LM.AR4.PP5.31 6.4.76
cheque-stub book with LM's handwriting on nos. 123, 124, and 125
File 9LM.AR4.PP5.32 9.11.45
Ray Lev poster for piano recital at Carnegie Hall; photograph by Lisette Model
File 9LM.AR4.PP5.33 n.d.
lyrics in German and in English for Johannes Brahms "Requiem"
File 9LM.AR4.PP5.34 10.9.54
exhibition invitation for contemporary art exhibition in Caracas
File 9LM.AR4.PP5.35 n.d.
Chants du Silence, booklet with illustrations
File 9LM.AR4.PP5.36 n.d.
four sheets torn from a notebook with numbers and letters written in column form [perhaps a listing of radio stations?]
LM.AR4.PP6 Evsa Model: Miscellaneous; date range of items: 1945 to 4.2.1974
Box 8File 10LM.AR4.PP6.1 1945
Museum of Modern Art Courtesy Annual Pass
File 10LM.AR4.PP6.2 n.d.
wallet personal identification card, [lists Lisette Model as person to call in an emergency; also gives the names of Felicia Sachs and Harry Lapow]; included is a sheet of paper with Evsa's health insurance number and initials written on it; also a handwritten card with Evsa's name, address, and telephone number on it
File 10LM.AR4.PP6.3 4.2.74
Chemical Bank checking account deposit slip, for $2,000

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