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Lisette Model fonds: Finding Aid

Lisette Model fonds:

Finding Aid

Series 2 - Correspondence

Correspondence - Family
LM.AR2.F1 to Lisette Model from Félicie Seybert (1866-1944); date range of correspondence: 2.11.1938 to 17.9.1941; in French and English; from Nice
Box 1File 1LM.AR2.F1.0 2.11.38
empty envelope, mailed from Villefranche
File 1LM.AR2.F1.1 15.8.39
news of war; Marini died; Olga; Beati; Oppio
File 1LM.AR2.F1.2 30.8.39
horror of war; Olga, Salva, Bianca, Marini, Lucio-Marini's successor, Oppio overseeing Félicie's business
File 1LM.AR2.F1.3 8.9.39
war - will Italy remain neutral? Mussolini, Prince Humberto, Graziani, Salva, Bianca, Olga, and Suzon in Chatillon-en-Bezois; also a postcard from Nice dated August 15, 1939 and an envelope dated September 1939
File 1LM.AR2.F1.4 13.9.39
Olga too frightened to return to Nice, still managing to eat well, fearing changes in Italy; Salva, Bianca
[Note: letter from Félicie to LM enclosed with a letter from Olga and Suzanne dated 30.10.1939, see LM.AR2.F2.2]
File 1LM.AR2.F1.5 20.11.39
food expensive but no one hungry; a friend in Holland sending things; Margherita, Guglielma - Italian friends
File 1LM.AR2.F1.6 24.12.39
mail increasingly unreliable; travel restrictions; Olga awaiting French citizenship; war finally dampening Félicie's spirits and courage
File 1LM.AR2.F1.7 12.1.40
anxious because LM not writing or acknowledging gifts; Olga always with Suzon; loneliness, times harder, telling LM not to send money
File 1LM.AR2.F1.8 13.1.40
congratulating LM on her successes; Olga left home for Cannes; Félicie disowns her; family must stick together to survive hard times; Suzon is to blame
File 1LM.AR2.F1.9 24.1.40
thanking LM for sending money; shared it with Olga; falling out with Bianca and Salva; separate letter to Evsa, wanting no sacrifices made on her account
File 1LM.AR2.F1.10 31.1.40
better spirits; no word of Salva and Bianca; Trudi, Madame Steuermann; addresses for Bouthoul, also Marou
File 1LM.AR2.F1.11 19.2.40
speaks of her ex-daughter [sic] visiting for a day; Olga a slave to Suzon and her family (les Bathon), Salva and Bianca, Bianca, Lo and Hugo; asks for soap!
File 1LM.AR2.F1.12 5.3.40
received letter from LM dated December 18; Salva; Olga still with her "adoree"; reminds LM to contact her lawyer Cadouna who looks after money?
File 1LM.AR2.F1.13 7.3.40
still thanking and reprimanding LM for sending money, Madame Germaine Thrull, son of Maurice Trivat, Anita
File 1LM.AR2.F1.14 5.4.40
has sent gifts; Olga, Suzanne, patiently awaiting victory for allies
File 1LM.AR2.F1.15 3.5.40
writes in English; speaks of Olga, Suzanne, and faithful Anunziata [?]; note from Olga on same sheet
File 1LM.AR2.F1.16 5.6.40
air raids; despite 9,000 francs paid to lawyer Gaston Bouthoul, Olga still without citizenship
File 1LM.AR2.F1.17 14.6.40
forced to leave Nice; Olga, Suzon, Félicie, and the new housekeeper sharing an apartment together in Le Vigan; blank postcard included
File 1LM.AR2.F1.18 17.7.40
all of France in mourning; Nice attacked by Italy; saved by a huge thunderstorm; Hugo and Lo; all basic foods rationed
File 1LM.AR2.F1.19 12.9.40
good weather only source of comfort; now surrounded by enemies; ration details; despite complaining, all is well
File 1LM.AR2.F1.20 30.9.40
situation with Bianca and Salva resolved; Olga moved to Cannes with Suzon, whom Félicie continues to curse
File 1LM.AR2.F1.21 12.10.40
"bastard" Suzon still stands between Félicie and Olga; Félicie borrowing money from a Dutch friend, sharing it with Olga, who then spends it on Suzon and her mother!
File 1LM.AR2.F1.22 5.11.40
Félicie still struggling to understand Olga's behaviour and the hold Suzon has on her; food very scarce; Hugo and Lo
File 1LM.AR2.F1.23 28.11.40
words of brave suffering; no heat; Suzon banned from the Seybert home; Hugo and Lo; Annunziata sends greetings
File 1LM.AR2.F1.24 ?.1.41
empty envelope
File 1LM.AR2.F1.25 18.2.41
empty envelope
File 1LM.AR2.F1.26 25.3.41
ecstatic to have received money from LM, which Félicie shared with Olga and Salva; U.S. sending flour to France
File 1LM.AR2.F1.27 27.3.41
continues to curse her ex-daughter [sic]; Salva, Lo, and Hugo; food supplies sent by other countries; U.S. families sending cash to French families
File 1LM.AR2.F1.28 7.4.41
U.S. is France's saviour; sending powdered milk and vitamins; Suzon and Olga still unwelcome; Lo and Hugo's apartment in Paris looted; Salva, Lucio; note from Lo
File 1LM.AR2.F1.29 5.7.41
hungry but still brave, Olga visits weekly - relations civil, speaks of her uncle, Salva and Bianca, Lo and Hugo
File 1LM.AR2.F1.30 17.9.41
fresh vegetables scarce and very expensive; music and concerts boosting morale; Germaine, Benziata, Lo, and Hugo
LM.AR2.F2 to Lisette Model from Olga Seybert (1909-1989?); date range of correspondence: 1.9.1939 to 12.24.1982; in French and English; from various locations
Box 1File 2LM.AR2.F2.1 1.9.39
empty envelope
File 2LM.AR2.F2.2 30.10.39
evening blackouts in Nice; Salva and Bianca low; Suzanne, Gaston; note on back from Suzanne - Salva and Bianca; diet; letter from Félicie also included
File 2LM.AR2.F2.3 13.6.40
sends new address in Le Vigan; Mussolini's entrance into war; Suzon
[Note: two letters from a war correspondent give information relating to Olga and Félicie during the war. See Correspondence/Other Photographers series, LM.AR2.PH28.1 and LM.AR2.PH28.2]
File 2LM.AR2.F2.4 24.5.65
empty envelope
File 2LM.AR2.F2.5 24.12.69
Fred Mayer, Kistler, Corabelle, Bob, Thomas, Renata, Suzanne, Dean; new apartment
File 2LM.AR2.F2.6 3.9.71
her book at printer; anxious about signature parties; Ivan Wilson's address; working for Meyer; photos for Brooklyn Museum
File 2LM.AR2.F2.7 19.7.77
business lunch with Bob and Barrante, Lama Rimpoche, and Gourijeff Group
File 2LM.AR2.F2.7a 19.7.77
torn bank form for opening an account at United Bank of Denver, originally enclosed with LM.AR2.F2.7
File 2LM.AR2.F2.8 22.3.78
David Vestal; fire alarm information business with Bob and Barrante going well; many seeking LM's book
File 2LM.AR2.F2.9 23.0.78
Eleanor and Dean to Paris; Marguerite; Jean Cadroas's address; nervous; Franziska, Elizabeth
File 2LM.AR2.F2.10 15.9.78
from Mazattan, Mexico; "where is Lisette? . . . What did authorise you to think I expected ANY such thing as another invitation?"
File 2LM.AR2.F2.11 10.11.78
birthday card signed by Olga, Eleanor, Rumi, Dean [?]; postcard with birthday greeting; teddybear ornament enclosed
File 2LM.AR2.F2.12 24.11.78
typed, Franziska Stein letterhead, sending East-West Journal; Gurdijeff, Richard Wagner, Lord Pentland, Nathalie, Rumi, Paul von Lobkowitz, Dr. Hausmann, Bruce, Margot Luftman, Dean
File 2LM.AR2.F2.13 18.12.78
short note regarding Renée LeJeune, Olga's favourite clairvoyant, being in New York and wanting to meet LM and Sonja
File 2LM.AR2.F2.14 20.12.78
New Year's card signed Olga, Zack, Renée [?]
File 2LM.AR2.F2.15 5.1.79
magazine clippings regarding Eleanor's son and Featherspring Corp.
File 2LM.AR2.F2.16 15.1.79
thanks for a cheque
File 2LM.AR2.F2.17 26.1.79
project with Fraziska
File 2LM.AR2.F2.18 2.2.79
Ann Macey; looking for a new lab; sending a book entitled Adventures with Ideas; "Rumi", Sanskrit poem in German, and magazine article "Miracle Fuzz" included
File 2LM.AR2.F2.19 7.4.79
recommending Dr. Edward Edwingen, Head of the Jungian [?] Association as a "wonderful" analyst and man
File 2LM.AR2.F2.20 12.4.79
note and clipping regarding how to make the most of social security benefits!
File 2LM.AR2.F2.21 16.4.79
note requesting name of Paris hotel
File 2LM.AR2.F2.22 10.5.79
more book recommendations, Rumi, Geo. Barrante, Elizabeth Bird
File 2LM.AR2.F2.23 10.2.81
sent "La Cotta" - writes directions for use; Renée, Rumi, working at Meyer's
File 2LM.AR2.F2.24 1.5.81
postcard with greetings
File 2LM.AR2.F2.25 2.6.81
thanks for another "enormous" cheque, house-sitting for Chayets
File 2LM.AR2.F2.26 25.8.81
rainbow peace sticker included; also list of telephone numbers and addresses for Paris; going to Salt Lake City and Montana
File 2LM.AR2.F2.27 12.11.81
typed list of addresses in Paris; envelope in LM's hand: "Olga Addresses in Paris"
File 2LM.AR2.F2.28 27.1.82
Dr. Crowe's address in Denver, where 2 cc of blood packed in dry ice should be sent!
File 2LM.AR2.F2.29 15.3.82
copy of letter to from A.W.G Stefenelli enclosed with Olga's letter: concerned about above, St. Patrick's Day parade, Chayet
File 2LM.AR2.F2.30 25.3.82
greetings, Anita
File 2LM.AR2.F2.31 20.4.82
asking about LM's trip to Europe, Anita, Rumi, Chayet
File 2LM.AR2.F2.32 20.4.82
copy of letter to Stefenelli signed Olga Seybert and LM
File 2LM.AR2.F2.33 18.6.82
note written on photocopy of newspaper article on South American herbal remedies
File 2LM.AR2.F2.34 22.6.82
note on photocopy of letter from security service to Olga
File 2LM.AR2.F2.35 17.11.82
a scribbled series of questions about insurance, receipt of a parcel, Zen [?] organization, clipping regarding a heater included
File 2LM.AR2.F2.36 18.11.82
tiny notecard, Meyer's retirement party, names and address for Zen organization
File 2LM.AR2.F2.37 24.12.82
Franziska, Rumi, Hazel, Marie Tilly, Denver buried by a blizzard, included magazine clippings of Sesame Street! recommends singing to cure LM's ills!
File 2LM.AR2.F2.38 n.d. (Monday)
Franziska Stein's letterhead; asks if LM sent blood sample and discusses possibility of LM's receiving medal in absentia in Paris
LM.AR2.F3 to Lisette (Seybert) Model from Evsa Model (1899-1976); date range of correspondence: 27.2.1936 to 16.8.1954; in French, English, and Esperanto (as noted); from various locations
Box 1File 3LM.AR2.F3.1 193?
Nice; to Lisette Seybert in Paris; Taverne Nicoise stationery
File 3LM.AR2.F3.2 27.2.36
Nice; to Lisette Seybert in Paris; Evsa Model showed a journalist Lisette's photographs and gave her address in Paris
File 3LM.AR2.F3.3 27.2.36
Nice; to Lisette Seybert in Paris; promises to go to Paris at end of month
File 3LM.AR2.F3.4 29.2.36
Nice; to Lisette Seybert in Paris; looking for a house; leaving Cote d'Azur
File 3LM.AR2.F3.5 ?.3.36
Nice; to Lisette Seybert in Paris; Friday evening; in Métropole envelope; promises to go to Paris soon
File 3LM.AR2.F3.6 ?.3.36
Nice; to Lisette Seybert in Paris; Sunday; leaves on Tuesday; saw Olga
File 3LM.AR2.F3.7 5.10.36
Paris; to Lisette Seybert in Milan; saw LM's agency
File 3LM.AR2.F3.8 5.10.36
Paris; to Lisette Seybert in Milan; Antivie; has not seen any friends in Paris
File 3LM.AR2.F3.9 7.10.36
Paris; to Lisette Seybert in Milan; Renée; Riemer
File 3LM.AR2.F3.10 9.10.36
Paris; to Lisette Seybert in Milan; received two letters from Lisette Seybert; arranging his paintings; Thursday
File 3LM.AR2.F3.11 n.d. (Friday)
Paris; waiting for Lisette Seybert to arrive; has put his room in order
File 3LM.AR2.F3.12 23.12.36
Paris; to Lisette Seybert in Trento, Italy [forwarded to Milan]; complains of being separated from Lisette
File 3LM.AR2.F3.13 24.12.36
Paris; to Lisette Seybert in Milan
File 3LM.AR2.F3.14 26.12.36
Paris; to Lisette Seybert in Milan
File 3LM.AR2.F3.15 27.12.36
Paris; to Lisette Seybert in Milan; went to le Dome and saw René [sic], Seuphor, Ageuce
File 3LM.AR2.F3.16 15.3.37
Paris; to Lisette Seybert in Nice; comments on her "electrically charged" letter which "pulverized" him [contents of LM letter?]
File 3LM.AR2.F3.17 17.3.37
Paris; to Lisette Seybert in Nice; complains of being lethargic, ill [?]
File 3LM.AR2.F3.18 17.3.37
Paris; to Lisette Seybert in Nice; enclosed letter from Seuphor
File 3LM.AR2.F3.19 ?.?.37
Nice; to Lisette Seybert in Milan but readdressed to Nice (27 avenue des Baumettes); love letter in combined languages [Esperanto, parts in Russian?]
File 3LM.AR2.F3.20 17.9.37
Paris; to Lisette Seybert in Nice; house in Montparnasse
File 3LM.AR2.F3.21 20.9.37
Paris; to Lisette Seybert in Nice; received 1,000 francs; plans to go to Nice to work; saw Riemer the "pessimiste"; René [sic]
File 3LM.AR2.F3.22 n.d. (Thursday)
probably from Paris [no envelope]; encourages Lisette Seybert to come soon, as the apartment is ready; saw Riemer, Grabowsky, Ramee [?], "pissimiste" [sic], Signori at the Dome
File 3LM.AR2.F3.23 7.10.37
Nice; to Lisette Seybert in Pamparato, Italy; written in Esperanto [?]
File 3LM.AR2.F3.24 10.10.37
Nice; to Lisette Seybert in Pamparato, Italy; written in Esperanto [?]; tries to explain Esperanto grammar
File 3LM.AR2.F3.25 11.10.37
Nice; to Lisette Seybert in Pamparato, Italy; written in Esperanto with more grammar instruction
File 3LM.AR2.F3.26 12.10.37
Nice; to Lisette Seybert in Pamparato, Italy; in Esperanto
File 3LM.AR2.F3.27 14.10.37
Nice; to Lisette Seybert in Pamparato, Italy; in Esperanto
File 3LM.AR2.F3.28 15.10.37
Nice; to Lisette Seybert in Pamparato, Italy; in Esperanto; Wednesday
File 3LM.AR2.F3.29 18.10.37
Nice; to Lisette Seybert in Trento, Italy; in Esperanto
File 3LM.AR2.F3.30 19.10.37
Nice; to Lisette Seybert in Trento, Italy; on stationery from la Brasserie au Palace; in Esperanto
File 3LM.AR2.F3.31 21.10.37
Nice; to Lisette Seybert in Trento, Italy, but rerouted to 27 avenue du Naumettes, Nice; in Esperanto
File 3LM.AR2.F3.32 21.10.37
Nice; to Lisette Seybert in Milan; frustration at slow progression of his painting; discussion of a friend of Lisette's ("Romeo") who will develop negatives in Milan; stopped taking Esperanto from Ollivaud; never sees Olga and "Vinternoze"
File 3LM.AR2.F3.33 22.10.37
Nice; to Lisette Seybert in Milan; advises Lisette to give negatives that have to be developed to "Romeo" only; saw Olga, who gave him the name of Marusia de Pary, an amateur photographer in Milan
File 3LM.AR2.F3.34 23.10.37
Nice; to Lisette Seybert in Milan; complains that his painting is going slowly; asks Lisette to tell "Panjo" that Olga and the whole family are doing marvelously; last page in Esperanto
File 3LM.AR2.F3.35 24.10.37
Nice; to Lisette Seybert in Milan; received her first letter from Milan; last page in Esperanto
File 3LM.AR2.F3.36 25.10.37
Nice; to Lisette Seybert in Milan; has the address of a photographer in Nice and asks Lisette to let him know if she wants it; asks after "Panjo"
File 3LM.AR2.F3.37 27.10.37
Nice; to Lisette Seybert in Milan; in Esperanto
File 3LM.AR2.F3.38 29.10.37
Nice; to Lisette Seybert in Milan; Evsa Model has found a new photographer to develop Lisette's negatives (better than "Romeo"); saw Olga
File 3LM.AR2.F3.39 27.11.37
Paris; to Lisette Seybert in Nice, avenue du Beaumettes; Le Dome envelope; in Esperanto
File 3LM.AR2.F3.40 n.d.
Paris on Le Dome stationery; (Sunday, probably to Lisette Seybert in 3 p.m.) Nice; Evsa Model continues with Esperanto; saw "Pessimiste"; ate at Jean's at noon
File 3LM.AR2.F3.41 31?.11.37
Nice; to Lisette Seybert in Milan; comforts Lisette, who is anxious; describes his current paintings; end of letter in Esperanto
File 3LM.AR2.F3.42 29.11.37
Paris; to Lisette Seybert in Nice
File 3LM.AR2.F3.43 29.11.37
Paris; to Lisette Seybert in Nice
File 3LM.AR2.F3.44 n.d.
probably from Paris to Lisette Seybert in Nice; on stationery from La Coupole 102 boulevard du Monparnasse [sic]; in Esperanto
File 3LM.AR2.F3.45 2.12.37
Nice; to Lisette Seybert in Milan; in Esperanto
Box 1File 4LM.AR2.F3.46 22.7.38
Nice; to Lisette Seybert in Paris; on stationery from Café Modern, Nice; complains of Nice being old-fashioned ("prehistorique")
File 4LM.AR2.F3.47 2.8.38
Nice; to LM in Trento, Italy
File 4LM.AR2.F3.48 3.8.38
Nice; to LM in Trento, Italy
File 4LM.AR2.F3.49 5.8.38
Nice; to LM in Trento, Italy; discusses his work and discoveries in Nice
File 4LM.AR2.F3.50 9.8.38
Nice; to LM in Trento, Italy; complains of Lisette's staying in Italy so long
File 4LM.AR2.F3.51 15.8.38
Nice; to LM in Trento, Italy; writes Lisette's "horoscope"
File 4LM.AR2.F3.52 17.8.38
Nice; to LM in Trento, Italy
File 4LM.AR2.F3.53 19.8.38
Nice; to LM in Trento, Italy [letter forwarded to Milan]
File 4LM.AR2.F3.54 21.8.38
Nice; to LM in Milan [letter forwarded to avenue de Beaumettes, Nice]; tells Lisette that the Italian border is closed to the French; complains of progress of his painting
File 4LM.AR2.F3.55 n.d.
probably to LM travelling in Italy; Evsa Model says "Bravo, Vive il Duce"
File 4LM.AR2.F3.56 n.d. (Thursday)
probably to LM travelling in Italy; encourages Lisette to go to Sicily
File 4LM.AR2.F3.57 26.8.38
Paris; to LM in Nice; describes trip to Lyon looking for Madame Archiveque; visited with Walter
File 4LM.AR2.F3.58 8.4.43
55 Grove Street, New York; to LM in Washington, 1307 Clifton Street, c/o Betty Chamberlain; Evsa Model preparing for an exhibition; encloses a letter from the Art Institute of Chicago for LM; Harrari, Fax, and Lawrense [sic] at a party that ended with the "classic discussion" - American asking art to "vin the war"
File 4LM.AR2.F3.59 14.4.43
55 Grove Street, New York; to LM, 1307 Clifton Street, Washington; enclosed copy of his exhibition program, which is to be hung on Saturday
File 4LM.AR2.F3.60 19.6.53
247 West 13th Street, New York; to LM, c/o Taussig and Sons, 7 boulevard des Capucines, Paris; just received two letters describing LM's impressions of Paris; says the Rosenbergs "sont foutus"
File 4LM.AR2.F3.61 1.7.53
247 West 13th Street, New York; to LM c/o Taussig and Sons, 7 boulevard des Capucines, Paris [forwarded to Hotel Alexandria and then back to boulevard des Capucines]; LM had not received his earlier [rerouted] letter but sent a telegram
File 4LM.AR2.F3.62 2.7.53
247 West 13th Street, New York; to LM, Hotel Beau Soleil, Vernet-les-Bains, France; Evsa Model responds to an angry letter that just arrived from LM
File 4LM.AR2.F3.63 7.7.53
247 West 13th Street, New York; to LM c/o Tausig [sic] and Sons, 7 boulevard des Capucines, Paris; mentions Ida, Dorothy
File 4LM.AR2.F3.64 ?.7.53
247 West 13th Street, New York; to LM c/o Tausig [sic] and Sons, 7 boulevard des Capucines, Paris
File 4LM.AR2.F3.65 13.7.53
247 West 13th Street, New York; to LM c/o Tausig [sic] and Sons, 7 boulevard des Capucines, Paris
File 4LM.AR2.F3.66 24.7.53
247 West 13th Street, New York; to LM c/o Tausig [sic] and Sons, 7 boulevard des Capucines, Paris
File 4LM.AR2.F3.67 30.7.53
247 West 13th Street, New York; to LM c/o Rag. Ezio Oppio, Milan; Evsa Model says that LM must not have received the letter he wrote about money; mentions Ida
File 4LM.AR2.F3.68 6.8.53
247 West 13th Street, New York; to LM c/o Rag. Ezio Oppio, Milan; LM's traveller's cheques have been returned to Evsa Model
File 4LM.AR2.F3.69 9.8.53
247 West 13th Street, New York; to LM c/o Oppio, Milan [forwarded to Auberge Senato, Rome]; sends $190 in traveller's cheques; tells LM that going to other cities in Italy is a splendid idea; speaks of a problem with Oppio and the Bauers, and advises LM to stay on good terms with both parties
File 4LM.AR2.F3.70 13.8.53
247 West 13th Street, New York; to LM, Hotel Senato, Piazza Pantheon, Rome; received LM's letter from Rome; regarding the Bauers, advises LM to be aware that she and Olga are very direct
File 4LM.AR2.F3.71 19.8.53
247 West 13th Street, New York; to LM, Hotel Senato, Piazza Pantheon, Rome; "nothing new in this hemisphere"
File 4LM.AR2.F3.72 25.8.53
247 West 13th Street, New York; to LM, Rome [forwarded to Naples]; advises LM to come home; Oppio; mentions Henrietta, Cartier Bresson book, Putnam Publishing
File 4LM.AR2.F3.73 28.8.53
247 West 13th Street, New York; to LM, Rome [forwarded to Naples]; mentions Henrietta; Oppio; advice on LM's trip
File 4LM.AR2.F3.74 1.9.53
247 West 13th Street, New York; to LM, Rome [forwarded to Naples]
File 4LM.AR2.F3.75 4.9.53
247 West 13th Street, New York; to LM, Albergo Senato, Piazza del Pantheon, Rome; neighbour Downey and others asking after her; Evsa Model complains that no one comes to see him
File 4LM.AR2.F3.76 11.9.53
247 West 13th Street, New York; to LM, Albergo Senato, Piazza del Pantheon, Rome; New School wrote regarding LM's upcoming course
File 4LM.AR2.F3.77 16.9.53
247 West 13th Street, New York; to LM, Albergo Senato, Piazza del Pantheon, Rome; reference to her "battle" with Oppio; asks if she has seen the Picasso exhibition at the Musée d'art modern in Rome
File 4LM.AR2.F3.78 21.9.53
247 West 13th Street, New York; to LM, Albergo Senato, Piazza del Pantheon, Rome; asks about Oppio
File 4LM.AR2.F3.79 25.9.53
247 West 13th Street, New York; to LM c/o Rag. Oppio, Piazza Fontana, Milan; advises LM about making arrangements with Oppio without abandoning New School; Evsa Model will find a way to pay rent
File 4LM.AR2.F3.80 3.10.53
247 West 13th Street, New York; to LM c/o Rag. Oppio, Milan; advises "it is clear that the more you are in a hurry to sell the land, the more you are at the mercy of Bianca. Tell her: 'Merde'; asks again if she has seen Picasso exhibition
File 4LM.AR2.F3.81 10.10.53
247 West 13th Street, New York; to LM c/o Sing. [sic] Oppio, Milan; Evsa Model comments on how difficult it is to negotiate with Bianca, considering that she is an indirect relative; Olga telegrammed [telephoned] from Caracas; Evsa's painting class begins the following Monday
File 4LM.AR2.F3.82 15.10.53
247 West 13th Street, New York; to LM c/o Oppio, Milan; received LM's letter from Trento with the approximate date of her return; advises her to buy a sweater for the return; Evsa Model paid the rent and bank; his class started Monday
File 4LM.AR2.F3.83 26.10.53
247 West 13th Street, New York; to LM c/o Oppio, Milan; expects LM to return soon; letter arrived from Axelrod asking to meet LM regarding Martino's affairs [estate]
File 4LM.AR2.F3.84 3.11.53
247 West 13th Street, New York; to LM c/o Oppio, Milan; sends address of their bank, Manufacturers' Trust, New York
File 4LM.AR2.F3.85 16.8.54
29 Nickerson Street, Provincetown; to LM c/o Olga Seybert, Avenida Pantheon, Caracas, Venezuela; leaving that night for Provincetown; also two b/w photographs, one passport size photo of Lisette, one cropped photo of unidentified woman
File 4LM.AR2.F3.86 18.8.54
29 Nickerson Street, Provincetown; to LM c/o Olga Seybert, Avenida Pantheon, San Bernardino, Caracas, Venezuela; doesn't expect to stay long in Provincetown
File 4LM.AR2.F3.87 6.8.54
postcard from Paris; [Mary?] Torczyner
File 4LM.AR2.F3.88 1.9.54
[no envelope or address] to LM in Caracas possibly from Provincetown; mentions Provincetown
File 4LM.AR2.F3.89 6.9.?
[no envelope; letter says only "Sept. 6"]; Evsa Model is left with only $3 in the bank; comments on LM's idea of photographing "pour la Propagande"
File 4LM.AR2.F3.90 n.d.
[no date but same paper as .80 and .81]; mentions the ocean [Evsa Model is probably writing from Provincetown]
LM.AR2.F4 to Lisette Seybert from "Marini"; date of correspondence: 30.4.1927; in German; from Trieste
Box 1File 5LM.AR2.F4.1 30.4.27
letter in German; from "Marini" in Trieste
LM.AR2.F5 to Lisette Seybert from L.[C.?] Veth; date of correspondence: 26.1.1926; from Chicago
File 5LM.AR2.F5.1 26.1.26
empty envelope; return address: "L[C?] Veth 6239 Blackstone Ave/Chicago Ill" to LS at SVI rue de la Tour, Paris
Correspondence - Personal
LM.AR2.PE to/from Lisette Model to/from various people; date range of correspondence: 19.1.1942 to 17.1.1983
Box 1File 6LM.AR2.PE1.1 15.12.79
Lina Ballina; Christmas greetings
File 6LM.AR2.PE2.1 4.12.79
Ed Baynard; praise for LM's work
File 6LM.AR2.PE3.1 19.5.54
Willard E. Beecher; asks her not to pay a full $10 fee for consultations
File 6LM.AR2.PE3.2 24.1.55
Willard E. Beecher; referred Jack Cerf to join LM's class
File 6LM.AR2.PE3.3 3.2.55
Willard E. Beecher; saw Harper's Bazaar; tells her not to depend on anyone
File 6LM.AR2.PE3.4 10.8.55
Willard E. Beecher; regarding his own heart problem
File 6LM.AR2.PE3.5 30.12.57
Willard E Beecher; returning cheque LM and Evsa Model sent for couches
File 6LM.AR2.PE3.6 23.7.58
Willard E. Beecher; asks not to be paid
File 6LM.AR2.PE3.7 5.6.61
Willard E. Beecher; letter to both LM and Evsa Model; news of moving
File 6LM.AR2.PE3.8 17.6.61
Willard E. Beecher; mentions Pauline in Venice; offers free consultation before moving
File 6LM.AR2.PE3.9 n.d.
Willard E. Beecher; newsletter about Beechers' move to Miami and return to New York
File 6LM.AR2.PE3.10 26.1.62
Willard E. Beecher; mentions Mrs. Cowell [LM referred her to Willard and Marguerite Beecher?]
File 6LM.AR2.PE3.11 21.3.62
Willard E. Beecher; asks not to be paid
File 6LM.AR2.PE3.12 29.3.62
Willard E. Beecher; returns $5 LM overpaid him; reference to LM seeking counselling to get over problems photographing
File 6LM.AR2.PE3.13 30.6.62
letter to Willard and Marguerite Beecher from Sue Cowell
File 6LM.AR2.PE3.14 26.9.63
Willard E. Beecher; Beecher dog died
File 6LM.AR2.PE3.15 6.9.64
Willard E. Beecher; enclosed quotes from Isak Dinesen and Rinzai
File 6LM.AR2.PE3.16 6.2.65
Willard E. Beecher; originally enclosed article "Active vs Reactive"
File 6LM.AR2.PE3.17 n.d.
Willard E. Beecher
File 6LM.AR2.PE3.18 23.3.77
Willard and Marguerite Beecher; condolences card regarding Evsa Model's death
File 6LM.AR2.PE3.19 4.12.81
Willard and Marguerite Beecher Foundation, Dallas, Texas; form letter outlining the formation of the Beecher Foundation following deaths of Willard and Marguerite; asking for donations
File 6LM.AR2.PE3.20 1.4.82
Lou Smith Galbraith, Willard and Marguerite Beecher Foundation; thanking for donation [$50]; enclosed a membership card and the book Masculine and Feminine and Never the Twain Shall Meet
File 6LM.AR2.PE3.21 n.d.
The Myth of "The Unconscious" booklet by Willard E. Beecher
File 6LM.AR2.PE3.22 n.d.
"Cooperation: What Is It?" handout by Willard E. Beecher
Box 1File 7LM.AR2.PE4.1 26.8.71
Helen W. Boigon, M.D.; handwritten letter to Marvin Israel telling him that Doone Arbus owes her $35; mentions Diane Arbus's suicide
File 7LM.AR2.PE5.1 9.10.54
Margot Boulton de Bottome, Caracas, Venezuela; included is a radiogram in Spanish from Merida de Valera and two blank sheets of paper with Tulla L. Gude's letterhead
File 7LM.AR2.PE6.1 n.d.
Hilde Braunthal; announcement of death of Lilly Elkan
File 7LM.AR2.PE7.1 24.9.53
signed "H" [Harper Brown?]; written to LM in Europe; mentions George, Pauline, Edna
File 7LM.AR2.PE7.2 18.2.59
Harper and Eve Brown; regarding negative strip with images of Lisette and Evsa
File 7LM.AR2.PE7.3 n.d.
Valentine card from Harper and Eve Brown with photographs of Evsa and Lisette; small drawing by Evsa enclosed
File 7LM.AR2.PE8.1 2.3.79
K. Robert Buck, Belmont, Massachussetts; congratulating LM on her lecture for the Photographic Resource Centre; discusses his depression
File 7LM.AR2.PE9.1 n.d.
Elinor Cahn; note attached to article on LM by Peggy Sealfon from PhotoGraphic March 1980
File 7LM.AR2.PE10.1 22.12.78
Wayne and Miriam Caravella; holiday greetings
File 7LM.AR2.PE11.1 31.3.67
Mrs. Henry Cowell; letter with excerpt from a speech by Arnold Schönberg, found "among Henry's misc. papers"
File 7LM.AR2.PE11.2 30.6.82
Mrs. Henry Cowell; admonishing LM for being out of touch with her
File 7LM.AR2.PE12.1 ?.12.78
"Dee"; Christmas greetings
File 7LM.AR2.PE13.1 11.12.78
Lesley Doyel; Christmas greetings
File 7LM.AR2.PE14.1 26.12.78
Erid Dubois; New Year's greeting
File 7LM.AR2.PE15.1 21.12.78
C. Dunbar; empty envelope
File 7LM.AR2.PE16.1 24.12.78
Pearl and Anton Eppy; Season's greetings
File 7LM.AR2.PE17.1 10.4.65
Donelta Fazakas; congratulations on Guggenheim
File 7LM.AR2.PE18.1 4.8.78
Franco Fontana; enclosed photograph of Fontana with LM; met in Arles
File 7LM.AR2.PE18.2 12.12.78
Franco Fontana; New Year's card
File 7LM.AR2.PE19.1 7.4.81
Kathleen Foster; enclosed article from The Tampa Tribune on LM
File 7LM.AR2.PE20.1 15.12.78
Bill Froelich; greetings from British Virgin Islands
File 8LM.AR2.PE21.1 18.12.78
Allan and Norah Gettner; greetings
File 8LM.AR2.PE21.2 8.1.79
Allan and Norah Gettner; greetings
Box 1File 8LM.AR2.PE22.1 12.12.78
Liane Gibbons; Christmas greetings
File 8LM.AR2.PE23.1 16.4.80
Hans and Mia Heinz; enclosed a short biography for Hans Heinz
File 8LM.AR2.PE24.1 12.7.78
Per Hemmingsson; copy of letter originally addressed to Helmut Gernshein but with hand-written salutation to LM at top of letter; Hemmingsson discusses Strindberg and his book on Strindberg
File 8LM.AR2.PE24.2 31.10.78
copy of letter from LM to Per Hemmingsson, Stockholm; will send a lighter print to him for publication
File 8LM.AR2.PE24.3 19.12.78
Per Hemmingsson; list of three works he would like to have
File 8LM.AR2.PE24.4 18.10.79
Per Hemmingsson; reminding LM of agreement to exchange prints
File 8LM.AR2.PE24.5 22.7.80
Per Hemmingsson; again reminds LM that she owes him prints
File 8LM.AR2.PE25.1 n.d.
Chula and Lisa Hoffman; Christmas greetings
File 8LM.AR2.PE26.1 4.8.71
Marvin Israel; references to Diane Arbus's suicide
File 8LM.AR2.PE26.2 20.9.79
Marvin Israel; telegram; references to Aperture monograph
File 8LM.AR2.PE27.1 9.1.79
Eleanor Jacobs; opening a gallery
File 8LM.AR2.PE28.1 6.4.65
Dorothy Kamen-Kaye; congratulations on Guggenheim
File 8LM.AR2.PE28.2 11.7.66
Dorothy Kamen-Kaye; postcard
File 8LM.AR2.PE29.1 27.12.78
Jain and George Kelly; Holiday greetings
File 8LM.AR2.PE30.1 29.1.80
Eloise Kinnon; empty envelope
File 8LM.AR2.PE31.1 13.11.64
Celia Klieger; Lower East Side image is of her grandmother
File 8LM.AR2.PE31.2 20.1.65
Celia Klieger; thanks LM for photograph of her grandmother
File 8LM.AR2.PE32.1 4.2.66?
Hugh Laing; originally enclosed tickets to Tudor's ballet "Pillar of Fire"
File 8LM.AR2.PE32.2 21.3.66
Hugh Laing; regarding two new ballets by Tudor
File 8LM.AR2.PE33.1 8.11.78
Anita Lassance, France; received a letter from Olga; mentions Eric
File 8LM.AR2.PE33.2 27.11.78
Anita Lassance; mentions Eric
File 8LM.AR2.PE33.3 17.6.78
Anita Lassance; Olga tells her that LM is going to Paris; invites LM to stay at her home
File 8LM.AR2.PE33.4 17.10.78
Anita Lassance; references to LM's visit
File 8LM.AR2.PE33.5 5.3.82
Anita Lassance; waiting for LM to arrive in Paris
Box 2File 1LM.AR2.PE34.1 11.3.79
Philip Lopate; empty envelope
File 1LM.AR2.PE35.1 n.d.
Maggie and Theo; congratulations for Guggenheim
File 1LM.AR2.PE36.1 18.12.78
Marcella; holiday greetings
File 1LM.AR2.PE37.1 27.4.82
Marilyn Martin and Richard Baron; invitation to wedding
File 1LM.AR2.PE38.1 19.1.42
Elizabeth McCausland; letter to U.S. District Attorney in support of LM's application for a work permit [?]
File 1LM.AR2.PE39.1 26.2.79
Sarah Moore; fan letter; heard LM speak in Boston at University
File 1LM.AR2.PE39.2 13.9.81
Sarah Moore; fan letter
File 1LM.AR2.PE40.1 1.1.82
John G. Morris; photocopied newsletter updating friends on events in his life since death of his wife [?] Midge; LM knew Morris from Ladies Home Journal
File 1LM.AR2.PE41.1 12.5.82
Joan C. Netherwood; thanks for taking her and Elinor to dinner; enclosed article from 1981 Photography Year with mention of LM's New Orleans exhibition
File 1LM.AR2.PE42.1 26.4.50
Nancy Newhall; mentions Minor White, Edward Steichen, "Dee"; LM back on Grove Street [after eviction]; LM showing Minor White's work around; heard that LM did well teaching in San Francisco
File 1LM.AR2.PE43.1 1.4.82
Lisa Obert, England; lengthy letter about travels in England
File 1LM.AR2.PE43.2 17.1.83
Lisa Obert, Hawaii; news of Hawaii trip; enclosed literature on volcanoes
File 1LM.AR2.PE43.3 21.2.83
Lisa Obert, Hawaii; regarding travels in Hawaii
File 1LM.AR2.PE44.1 18.10.72
Charles Pratt; will be giving LM $5,000
File 1LM.AR2.PE44.2 19.10.72
Charles Pratt; note originally enclosed with $5,000 cheque
File 1LM.AR2.PE44.3 17.1.75
Charles Pratt; regarding Harry's pictures
File 1LM.AR2.PE44.4 7.7.76
copy of Charles Pratt's will; LM to receive $15,000
File 1LM.AR2.PE44.5 9.2.77
note originally enclosed with $15,000 cheque from Charles Pratt's lawyers
Box 2File 2LM.AR2.PE45.1 12.8.50
Fera[?] Reyher, Paris; news regarding travels; forwarded to LM in Provincetown
File 2LM.AR2.PE45.2 2.9.50
Fera[?] Reyher [? unsigned]; postcard
File 2LM.AR2.PE45.3 21.12.54
Fera[?] Reyher; holiday greetings
File 2LM.AR2.PE46.1 01.8.71
Hans Josef Sachs
File 2LM.AR2.PE46.2 n.d.
Felicia Sachs; note with newspaper clippings
File 2LM.AR2.PE46.3 n.d.
Felicia Sachs; Christmas greetings
File 2LM.AR2.PE46.4 9.4.79
Felicia Sachs; note typed on Limousine service flyer
File 2LM.AR2.PE46.5 n.d.
Felicia Sachs; note written on newspaper clipping on Schönberg
File 2LM.AR2.PE47.1 6.4.82
Hella Santarossa, Berlin; saw LM's work in Essen
File 2LM.AR2.PE48.1 30.5.78
Brian and Sheila Seed; new address card; see International Center for Photography
File 2LM.AR2.PE49.1 22.1.79
S. Snead, London; received cheque
File 2LM.AR2.PE50.1 26.12.76
H. Standievitch; holiday greetings
File 2LM.AR2.PE51.1 c. 12.78
Stanton, Kehaya [Dorothea and Mickey]; holiday greetings
File 2LM.AR2.PE52.1 31.10.78
copy of letter from LM to Pat Strachan; thanking her for book
File 2LM.AR2.PE53.1 ?.7.64
Trude Szilard; enclosed husband Leo's "10 Commandments"
File 2LM.AR2.PE54.1 14.6.68
John S. Thompson; greetings
File 2LM.AR2.PE55.1 29.10.78
Peter[?] Warfield, Berkeley, California; delivered copies of Camera to Pirkle Jones and Nata Piakowski
File 2LM.AR2.PE56.1 26.9.49
Dorothy Wheelock; telegram to LM in California regarding saving Evsa and LM's belongings after wrongful eviction
File 2LM.AR2.PE57.1 22.1.79
Via Wynroth; mentions Alan Cohen, Columbia College, Chicago
File 2LM.AR2.PE58.1 22.5.78
Anne Winkelman; met LM at a Rosalind Solomon opening at Gerd Sander's gallery; purchased one of "Running Legs"
File 2LM.AR2.PE59.1 18.12.78
Claire Yaffa; holiday greetings
File 2LM.AR2.PE59.2 04.1.80
Claire Yaffa; empty envelope
File 2LM.AR2.PE60.1 1981
unidentified; empty envelope sent from Paris
File 2LM.AR2.PE61.1 2.1.79
unidentified; empty envelope sent from NYC
Correspondence - Students
LM.AR2.ST1 to Lisette Model from Diane Arbus; date range of correspondence: 1961 to 26.2.1970; in English; from New York
RESTRICTED MATERIAL: Anyone wishing to consult this material must obtain written permission from the Diane Arbus Estate.
Box 2File 3LM.AR2.ST1.1 1961
Diane Arbus; compliments on LM photograph at MoMA
File 3LM.AR2.ST1.2 18.5.62
Diane Arbus; "getting better," thanks
File 3LM.AR2.ST1.3 25.9.62
Diane Arbus; greetings; refers to Olga
File 3LM.AR2.ST1.4 c.1962
Diane Arbus; family news: children's school, split with Allan [Arbus]; asks LM to recommend her for Guggenheim
File 3LM.AR2.ST1.5 2.1.63
Diane Arbus; Guggenheim adjudication
File 3LM.AR2.ST1.6 22.4.63
Diane Arbus; greetings
File 3LM.AR2.ST1.7 3.8.67
Diane Arbus; letter in full reads "DEAR LISETTE . . . DIANE."
File 3LM.AR2.ST1.8 3.68
Diane Arbus; instructions on finding "Mother Brown" [112-year-old woman]
File 3LM.AR2.ST1.9 21.10.68
Diane Arbus; regarding negotiations with film producer
File 3LM.AR2.ST1.10 8.9.69
Diane Arbus; empty envelope
File 3LM.AR2.ST1.11 26.2.70
Diane Arbus; "I have been staring and staring at it [?]. Makes me feel good. . . ."
File 3LM.AR2.ST1.12 n.d.
Diane Arbus; card: "Be Happy!"
LM.AR2.ST to Lisette Model from various students (except Diane Arbus); date range of correspondence: 3.11.1954 to 9.3.1983
Box 2File 4LM.AR2.ST2.1 23.10.82
Brian Ashley White, New York; regarding Jill Lynn; wants to show portfolio "Inside Manhattan"
File 4LM.AR2.ST3.1 26.4.79
Lawrence Barns; note on notice for exhibition with Lawrence Daughters; student in 1976
File 4LM.AR2.ST4.1 27.12.78
Richard Bauer; New Year's greetings
File 4LM.AR2.ST5.1 6.5.63
David Bream; thanks for Monday evening class; offers to help with "Jersey project"
File 4LM.AR2.ST5.2 14.7.63
David Bream; thanks for note; invitation to visit him at Cape Cod
File 4LM.AR2.ST6.1 14.7.82
Hildegard Schulte Brock, Germany; introducing self to LM; wants to go to New York to meet with LM
File 4LM.AR2.ST7.1 29.3.81
Elinor Bonwit Cahn; asks to use LM's name ("... currently studying with LM.") in a resume included with her work in the East Baltimore Documentary Photography Project exhibition "Neighbourhoods: A State of Mind"
File 4LM.AR2.ST8.1 6.6.77
Michelle Campbell; questions about LM not titling work [in Center for Creative Photography issue]
File 4LM.AR2.ST9.1 23.2.63
Peter Campbell; enclosed clipping from New York Post; apologizes for brief visit with her
File 4LM.AR2.ST10.1 20.4.78
Blanche Cirker, Dover Publications; thanks LM for course; interested in LM's opinion of Harry Lapow's book
File 4LM.AR2.ST11.1 7.6.?
Alan Carey; mentions Marilyn [a student?]; originally enclosed a photograph
File 4LM.AR2.ST12.1 2.2.60?
Claudia; postcard from Thailand
File 4LM.AR2.ST13.1 16.2.82
Linda Coleman; compliments about course; thanks for introducing her to Felicia Sachs; mentions Ben Fernandez; enclosed is a memo to LM, signed by B. Fernandez, giving permission for Linda to attend LM's class
File 4LM.AR2.ST14.1 11.2.82
Bruce Cratsley; Valentine's card
File 4LM.AR2.ST15.1 28.12.78
Antonio Dayrell; met in Arles; mentions Allan Porter
File 4LM.AR2.ST16.1 10.6.81
Julie Dean; congratulations on honorary degree from New School
File 4LM.AR2.ST17.1 ?.5.78
Frank Decker; interested in enrolling in fall class
File 4LM.AR2.ST18.1 15.12.78
Irene Fay; Christmas card
File 4LM.AR2.ST18.2 9.3.83
Irene Fay; greetings
File 4LM.AR2.ST19.1 n.d.
Larry [Fink?]; "Now we should end the myth of the enemy and rejoin the truth of the freind [sic]. . . ."
File 4LM.AR2.ST20.1 21.1.63
Thelma Flink; quitting work to study photography
File 4LM.AR2.ST21.1 21.7.77
Lowell Handler, New Orleans; discusses his images in fall U.S. Camera; tells how he has spent his time
File 4LM.AR2.ST21.2 12.4.79
Lowell Handler; planning to return to school
File 4LM.AR2.ST22.1 15.10.80
Jean-Paul Hubin, Tihange-Huy, Belgium; a student at Venice workshop; mentions Ziva Kraus, Galerie Ikona, and Gerd Sander; interested in putting together an exhibition of her work in Belgium
File 4LM.AR2.ST22.2 26.10.80
Jean-Paul Hubin; letter in LM.AR2.ST20.1 but translated into English
File 4LM.AR2.ST23.1 4.1.82
Heidi Iain; student ca. 1979; written on a notice for her first exhibition at New Jersey State Museum, Newark
File 4LM.AR2.ST24.1 n.d.
Michel Imamura; "You have changed my life. Now, I see with the eyes of my heart."
File 4LM.AR2.ST24.2 3.1.83
M.Imamura; refers to note [LM.AR2.ST22.1] given to LM on last day of class, thanking her for class
Box 2File 5LM.AR2.ST25.1 n.d.
Ingrid; note written on invitation to 6 February opening of Ingrid's exhibition at O'Neals
File 5LM.AR2.ST26.1 n.d.
Mandy Jahabzadeh; brief note, apparently enclosed originally with flowers
File 5LM.AR2.ST27.1 20.10.82
Jane [signed "Jane" but return address is "Jeannette the Cook"]; personal experiences working as a caterer, as well as personal concerns
File 5LM.AR2.ST28.1 22.12.60
Mimi Josell; thanking for course
File 5LM.AR2.ST29.1 8.6.82
E'Lois Kinnon, Chicago; interested in private classes in New York
File 5LM.AR2.ST30.1 n.d.
Rosie Knight, Brighton, England; 16 years old saw LM's work in Creative Camera
File 5LM.AR2.ST31.1 28.1.79
Andrea Kovacs; enclosed two articles on Kovacs's exhibitions; asks for advice about finances
File 5LM.AR2.ST32.1 29.12.71
Maxine Kravitz; asking for guidance from LM
File 5LM.AR2.ST33.1 13.2.63
Panos M. Kyrtsis, Naval Architect, Marine Engineer; regarding continuing classes and paying for classes
File 5LM.AR2.ST34.1 n.d.
Laurie; note on Ledel Gallery notice of an Edward S. Curtis exhibition
File 5LM.AR2.ST35.1 15.7.66
Nina Leake; interested in taking classes
File 5LM.AR2.ST36.1 2.11.78
Eileen Lewis, Aspen, Colorado; Bruce Cratsley recommended that she contact LM
File 5LM.AR2.ST36.2 29.11.78
Eileen Lewis; thanks for phone conversation
File 5LM.AR2.ST36.3 18.1.79
Eileen Lewis; thanks for reviewing prints; mentions Allan Porter
File 5LM.AR2.ST36.4 10.2.79
Eileen Lewis; thank you for showing her photographs to Allan Porter
File 5LM.AR2.ST36.5 15.3.79
Eileen Lewis; photographs enclosed
File 5LM.AR2.ST36.6 26.4.79
Eileen Lewis; photographs enclosed
File 5LM.AR2.ST36.7 10.6.79
Eileen Lewis; originally enclosed contact sheets of her recent works [see Box 33, Photo series]
File 5LM.AR2.ST36.7a 13.5.80
Eileen Lewis; going to New York and wants to see LM [second part of letter missing]
File 5LM.AR2.ST36.8 n.d.
Eileen Lewis; hoping to study with LM in New York
File 5LM.AR2.ST36.9 ?.3.81
Eileen Lewis; Allan Porter has published a few of her photographs, photocopies enclosed
Box 2File 6LM.AR2.ST37.1 24.1.79
Jill Lynne; New Year's greetings
File 6LM.AR2.ST37.2 4.2.83
Jill Lynne; announcement for airing of Lynne's video Night People on Cable TV
File 6LM.AR2.ST38.1 24.4.79
Bobby Miller; asks to be LM's apprentice
File 6LM.AR2.ST39.1 23.4.82
Myra Nissim; offers medical advice
File 6LM.AR2.ST40.1 4.7.77
Jeff Nolte, Downsview, Ontario; invitation to York University to give a talk
File 6LM.AR2.ST41.1 1966
Eva Obermeyer; thanks for class; originally enclosed a greeting card with a photograph she made for an assignment
File 6LM.AR2.ST42.1 15.2.79
Sheila O'Hara; originally enclosed a letter of reference as agreed for LM to sign
File 6LM.AR2.ST43.1 6.4.65
Herman S. Paris; congratulations on Guggenheim
File 6LM.AR2.ST44.1 27.3.81
Noel A. Pensock; interested in studying with LM
File 6LM.AR2.ST45.1 5.6.80
Diane Pfister [student?]; invitation to visit her on Nantucket Island
File 6LM.AR2.ST46.1 25.1.82
Nata Piaskowski; greetings; update on her work
File 6LM.AR2.ST47.1 3.11.54
Samson Raphelson; thanks for praising his work
File 6LM.AR2.ST48.1 28.11.78
Lilo Raymond; typewritten proposal for Guggenheim Fellowship [LM's copy for making a recommendation]; see similar form for Rosalind Solomon [LM.AR2.ST57.1, originally in same envelope] sent by Guggenheim
File 6LM.AR2.ST49.1 4.10.81
Stephanie Regan; thanks for looking at photographs; gives name of a contact in France
File 6LM.AR2.ST50.1 18.6.82
Elisa Resegotti; news of trip to France
File 6LM.AR2.ST51.1 9.2.78
Mel Rosenthal, Empire State College, State University of New York; asks for recommendation to help with his tenure application
File 6LM.AR2.ST52.1 25.8.81
Dinah [Rubinoff, Rubinstein?], San Miguel, Mexico; greetings
File 6LM.AR2.ST53.1 8.2.82
Eva [Rubinstein?]; enclosed a clipping about a breathing aid
File 6LM.AR2.ST53.2 8.2.82
Eva Rubinstein; exhibition announcement from Neikrug Photographica
File 6LM.AR2.ST54.1 25.2.82
Nancy Rudolph, Nepal; news of trip to Asia
File 6LM.AR2.ST55.1 30.1.76
Bruno Scharfstein; enclosed notice to his second exhibition [at New York University]
Box 2File 7LM.AR2.ST56.1 17.5.78
Kathy Shafer; asks for information about New School
File 7LM.AR2.ST57.1 20.2.78
Carol Sherman, Toronto; interested in taking her classes in New York
File 7LM.AR2.ST58.1 12.78
Hide Shibata, Tokyo; New Year's greetings
File 7LM.AR2.ST59.1 29.12.78
Jun Shiraoka, New York; season's greetings
File 7LM.AR2.ST59.2 11.6.80
Jun Shiraoka, Tokyo; saw Hide Shibata; February 1980 issue of Camera publishing his work; mentions Allan Porter; returning to Paris
File 7LM.AR2.ST59.3 14.3.81
Jun Shiraoka, Paris; thanks for looking at Keiichi Tahara's photographs; refers to LM's show at Viviane Esders
File 7LM.AR2.ST59.4 22.6.81
Jun Shiraoka, Paris; compliments on her Viviane Esders exhibition; encloses notice for his exhibition at Galerie Texbraun and reviews [in Le Figaro and Le Monde]
File 7LM.AR2.ST59.5 27.1.83
Jun Shiraoka, Paris; written on notice for his exhibition at Galerie Pennings, Eindhoven, Holland
File 7LM.AR2.ST59.6 n.d.
Jun Shiraoka, Paris; biographical statement
File 7LM.AR2.ST60.1 29.11.78
Rosalind Solomon; copy of Solomon's proposal for a Guggenheim grant, form on which LM to write a recommendation, and note from Guggenheim saying Rosalind Solomon is applying again; sent by Guggenheim; see also Lilo Raymond [LM.AR2.ST45.1, originally in same envelope]
File 7LM.AR2.ST60.2 2.4.79
Rosalind Solomon, Washington; awarded a Guggenheim; going to Guatemala
File 7LM.AR2.ST60.3 5.6.82
photocopy of Film in the Cities [Minneapolis] bulletin with reproductions of works by Rosalind Solomon and notice of an exhibition of her work, as well as that of Rik Sferra
File 7LM.AR2.ST60.4 23.7.82
Rosalind Solomon; originally enclosed her c.v. and some clippings about her work
File 7LM.AR2.ST60.5 5.12.82
Rosalind Solomon, New Delhi; news about travels; mentions Weston Naef
File 7LM.AR2.ST61.1 2.1.79
Louis J. Suckle; thanks for looking at work; paid LM $75
File 7LM.AR2.ST62.1 13.2.78
Joseph Szabo; interested in attending LM's classes; c.v. attached
File 7LM.AR2.ST63.1 28.3.82
Bobbie Wendel, San Francisco; news of travels
File 7LM.AR2.ST64.1 n.d.
unidentified; note on card, probably originally accompanied by flowers, the note stating, "Many thanks to an inspiring teacher from a Student"
Correspondence - Other Photographers
LM.AR2.PH to/from Lisette Model to/from various photographic colleagues; date range of correspondence: 20.1.1941 to 7.3.1983
Box 2File 8LM.AR2.PH1.1 19.1.42
Berenice Abbott; in support of LM's emigration to the United States
File 8LM.AR2.PH1.2 15.6.75
Berenice Abbott; typewritten essay on LM's work
File 8LM.AR2.PH1.3 n.d.
Berenice Abbott; card [reproduction of a Daumier]; "LOVE from your contemporary not to be confused - Berenice-Child of Maine"
File 8LM.AR2.PH1.4 n.d.
Berenice Abbott; card [reproduction of Abbott's NYC at Night 1833]; season's greetings
File 8LM.AR2.PH2.1 4.12.48
Ansel Adams, Yosemite; statement in support of LM's application for a Guggenheim fellowship
File 8LM.AR2.PH2.2 7.12.73
Ansel Adams, Carmel; defends himself against LM's complaints about use of her photographs exhibited at George Eastman House
File 8LM.AR2.PH2.3 25.2.74
Ansel Adams; happy that photo mix-up is resolved, wants to exhibit her work through Friends of Photography
File 8LM.AR2.PH2.4 26.12.76
Ansel Adams, Carmel; sympathy card following Evsa's death
File 8LM.AR2.PH3.1 20.10.64
Richard Avedon; "Of course I will do anything, everything within my power to help!" [recommending for Guggenheim?]
File 8LM.AR2.PH3.2 ?.12.71
Richard Avedon; request to photograph LM; she would be interviewed by Doon Arbus
File 8LM.AR2.PH3.3 20.11.79
Richard Avedon; congratulations on book [Aperture]; mentions Marvin [Israel]
File 8LM.AR2.PH4.1 15.12.78
Ruth-Marion Baruch and Pirkle Jones, Mill Valley, California; season's greetings; mentions Wright Morris, biographies of Dorothea Lange, of Minor White, and of Imogen Cunningham [edited by Judy Dater]
File 8LM.AR2.PH4.2 15.10.78
Ruth Baruch; mentions Nata Piakowski; compliments on issue of Camera
File 8LM.AR2.PH5.1 17.2.83
Janet Beller; originally enclosed an article; mentions Berenice Abbott; "sounds like your old friend, Bernice [sic], is up to her usual!"
File 8LM.AR2.PH6.1 n.d.
David Bream; congratulations on Guggenheim
File 8LM.AR2.PH7.1 n.d.
Harry Callahan, Providence, Rhode Island; congratulations on Guggenheim
File 8LM.AR2.PH8.1 16.10.46
Imogen Cunningham; disappointed that LM left San Francisco; mentions Ansel Adams, Jean Purcell, Dorothea Lange [who was ill at the time]
File 8LM.AR2.PH9.1 n.d.
Eric Colmet Daage, Paris; business card
File 8LM.AR2.PH10.1 2.4.74
Judy Dater; booklet from Witkin Berley Ltd.
File 8LM.AR2.PH11.1 16.11.78
Alain Desvergnes, 41 Rutherford Crescent, Kanata, Ontario; regarding his article ["Rencontre"] in Afterimage
File 8LM.AR2.PH12.1 31.8.74
Melchior DiGiacomo; interested in meeting LM; mentions Camera 35
File 8LM.AR2.PH13.1 28.7.80
Lisa Ebright; news of travels in Maine and Maritimes
File 8LM.AR2.PH13.2 1981
Lisa Ebright; card [with Elbright's own photograph reproduced??]
File 8LM.AR2.PH13.3 n.d.
Lisa Ebright; travelling in Europe; mentions Jean-Paul Hubin, Ingrid Dinter
File 8LM.AR2.PH14.1 c.1979
Mike Edelson [?], Ariosto Hotel, Milan;
File 8LM.AR2.PH15.1 20.1.41
Frank Elmer; mentions Promenade des Anglais images in PM's Weekly
File 8LM.AR2.PH16.1 8.23.81
Marty Forscher [sp.?]; thanking LM for giving him a Eugene Smith print in return for printing
File 8LM.AR2.PH17.1 8.7.78
X. Clergue, Arles; Gisele Freund would like to meet with LM if she travels through Paris
File 8LM.AR2.PH18.1 31.10.78
copy of letter from LM to Susan Geston, Malibu; missed Geston because she was in Europe
File 8LM.AR2.PH18.2 4.1.79
Susan Geston; many thanks; refers to work shooting stills for film Ringer
Box 3File 1LM.AR2.PH19.1 5.7.82
Thom Harney, Chicago; introducing himself
File 1LM.AR2.PH19.2 9.9.82
Thom Harney; making appointment to see LM in New York
File 1LM.AR2.PH19.3 n.d. (ca. 10.82)
Thom Harney; note accompanying roses
File 1LM.AR2.PH19.4 11.1.83
Thom Harney; only spoke to her on phone in New York; sent her roses; in LM's hand on Harney's envelope: "answered"
File 1LM.AR2.PH19.5 n.d.
Empty envelope addressed to Thom Harvey [sic] with LM's return address on it
File 1LM.AR2.PH20.1 20.9.77
Patricia Starr Hay, Menlo Park, California; thanks for returning the negative; receipt in LM's handwriting also enclosed
File 1LM.AR2.PH21.1 8.2.80
copy of letter from Gerald Incandela; explains his photograph [fig. 54 in catalogue] of André James and Sam Wagstaff looking at LM feet image with Wagstaff on floor to demonstrate point of view
File 1LM.AR2.PH22.1 n.d.
Izis; gives his phone number in Paris
File 1LM.AR2.PH23.1 18.12.78
Sue Jafke [sp.?]; holiday greetings
File 1LM.AR2.PH24.1 n.d.
Marc Kazmarek; letter in praise of LM
File 1LM.AR2.PH25.1 19.8.82
Herlinde Koelbl; regarding upcoming LM exhibition
File 1LM.AR2.PH25.2 13.10.82
letter to Herlinde Koelbl from LM; would like to go to Munich for the opening of her exhibition, but cannot afford the full fare; perhaps if the expense were shared?
File 1LM.AR2.PH25.3 16.2.83
Herlinde Koelbl, Munich; originally enclosed new book Dienst am Volk [Serving the People]
File 1LM.AR2.PH26.1 6.12.78
Andrea Kovacs; note on an invitation to Kovacs's exhibition at Brooks Jackson Gallery Iolas
File 1LM.AR2.PH27.1 24.5.74
Maxine Kravitz; agrees to let LM pay for two prints
File 1LM.AR2.PH27.2 26.12.78
Maxine Kravitz; holiday greetings
File 1LM.AR2.PH27.3 5.4.80
Maxine Kravitz; hotel phone message to LM at The Olympic Hotel
File 1LM.AR2.PH28.1 16.10.44
Germaine Krull-Ivens; return address "War Correspondent"; message from Olga and Félicie Seybert that they are well, but that LM's brother and his wife were deported to Germany; asks if LM can send money to Olga and Félicie, as they need it; Félicie is in poor health; Krull-Ivens can pass on news to them if LM writes to her
File 1LM.AR2.PH28.2 3.11.44
Germaine Krull-Ivens; received news from Olga that Félicie died October 21, 1944 in Nice; she suffered from cancer; they have heard first news of her brother in six months
File 1LM.AR2.PH29.1 9.6.65
Dorothea Lange, Berkeley; congratulations on Guggenheim
File 1LM.AR2.PH30.1 25.5.81
W. Maywald, Paris; greetings; received her telegram
File 1LM.AR2.PH31.1 7.4.82
Phiz Mezley, San Francisco; hopes to see her in New York; greetings from Helen Johnston, Focus Gallery
File 1LM.AR2.PH32.1 6.4.65
Barbara Morgan; congratulations on Guggenheim
File 1LM.AR2.PH33.1 7.3.83
Dianora Niccolini; regarding interview for PWP Times
File 1LM.AR2.PH34.1 18.12.78
Barbara Pfeffer; regarding assignment for GEO
File 1LM.AR2.PH35.1 14.1.77
Bernard and Kathy Plossu, Paris; condolences on Evsa's death
File 1LM.AR2.PH35.2 5.6.78
Bernard and Kathy Plossu, Taos; expecting a baby; impressions of Taos
File 1LM.AR2.PH35.3 3.4.79
Bernard Plossu, Paris; coming to New York in April
Box 3File 2LM.AR2.PH36.1 n.d.
Nancy Rexroth; requesting a recommendation; includes a statement about her own work
File 2LM.AR2.PH36.2 n.d.
Nancy Rexroth; mentions Felicia [Sachs]; exhibition at Light Gallery
File 2LM.AR2.PH37.1 6.7.77
Alan Rosenthal, Fort Lauderdale; response to an emotional conversation he had with LM over slides he had sent her
File 2LM.AR2.PH38.1 28.5.81
Lynn Russell; note on invitation to exhibition at Camera Club of New York
File 2LM.AR2.PH39.1 15.1.80
Charles Sawyer, Somerville, Massachusetts; encloses a review he wrote on book about Somerset Maugham; mentions Peggy Sealton
File 2LM.AR2.PH40.1 18.12.78
Jayne Baron Sherman; holiday greetings card with own photograph
File 2LM.AR2.PH41.1 14.12.64
letter from Edward Steichen; agreeing to recommend LM for a Guggenheim; also enclosed a statement about LM [prepared herself?] with top portion missing
File 2LM.AR2.PH42.1 3.12.62
Ralph Steiner; defends himself against her charge [revealed to him by David Vestal] that Steiner has been "talking against" LM and Miss Palfi; mentions David Vestal, Palfi, New School, Charles Pratt
File 2LM.AR2.PH42.2 11.11.66
Ralph Steiner; information on "latensifying" images
File 2LM.AR2.PH43.1 27.11.78
Irene Shwachman, Needham Heights, Massachusetts; regarding LM's upcoming lecture at Photographic Resource Center, Boston
File 2LM.AR2.PH44.1 7.7.78
B. Xavier Vailhen and J.M. Artmin, Nantes, France; met at Arles
File 2LM.AR2.PH44.2 10.12.78
B. Xavier Vailhen and J.M. Artmin; mentions Allan Porter, Camera
File 2LM.AR2.PH45.1 2.12.64
David Vestal; enclosed a copy of a recommendation for Ann Treer [written for LM]; mentions Diane Arbus, Helen Levitt; will write his recommendation for LM tomorrow
File 2LM.AR2.PH45.2 10.12.64
David Vestal; originally enclosed a copy of his recommendation of LM for Guggenheim; mentions Berenice Abbott [also asked to recommend]
File 2LM.AR2.PH45.3 12.78
David Vestal; enclosed a photograph, no note
File 2LM.AR2.PH46.1 14.11.77
Christian Vogt, Basel; mentions Allan Porter, International Center for Photography
File 2LM.AR2.PH46.2 7.9.77
Christian Vogt; gives a phone number in New York
File 2LM.AR2.PH46.3 16.10.77
Christian Vogt
File 2LM.AR2.PH46.4 18.2.78
Christian Vogt; enclosed a complimentary admission card to International Center for Photography
File 2LM.AR2.PH47.1 22.6.59
Minor White, Rochester; seeks lunch meeting with LM to discuss possible Aperture issue on documentary photography
File 2LM.AR2.PH47.2 20.3.61
Minor White, Rochester; regarding an assignment given to students
File 2LM.AR2.PH47.3 9.10.61
Minor White; asks LM to tell students about student rate for Aperture; Portland workshop
File 2PH.AR2.PH48.1 n.d.
Empty envelope addressed to William Klein in Paris with LM's return address on it
Correspondence - Museums
LM.AR2.M to/from Lisette Model to/from various Museums; date range of correspondence: 5.4.1943 to 20.9.1982
LM.AR2.M1 to Lisette Model from The Art Institute of Chicago
Box 3File 3LM.AR2.M1.1 5.4.43
Carl O. Schniewind, Curator, Prints and Drawings; interested in an exhibition in fall 1943
LM.AR2.M2 to Lisette Model from Bibliothèque Nationale; in French
Box 3File 4LM.AR2.M2.1 20.1.72
copy of letter from Jean-Claude Lemagny to Sherwood; interested in an LM exhibition
File 4LM.AR2.M2.2 25.2.72
Jean-Claude Lemagny to LM; negotiating to buy LM prints on a limited budget (does not exceed $500); promises to exhibit them in the gallery, possibly with works by Diane Arbus
File 4LM.AR2.M2.3 18.2.74
Jean-Claude Lemagny to LM; interested in purchasing works; invites LM to attend an exhibition of four young French photographers held in New York; mentions Bernard Plossu, Krishnamurti
File 4LM.AR2.M2.4 5.6.81
Jean-Claude Lemagny; praises LM exhibition at Viviane Esders; interested in buying one work of LM's choice
LM.AR2.M3 regarding Lisette Model California Palace of the Legion of Honor; August 1946
Box 3File 5LM.AR2.M3.1 8.46
brochure for exhibitions and special events during August 1946, including exhibition of works by LM opening 1.8.46
LM.AR2.M4 to Lisette Model from Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona
Box 3File 6LM.AR2.M4.1 17.2.76
Peter MacGill; preparing an exhibition based on the photographs LM gave Ansel Adams; MacGill asks for more specific information on the works; mentions Larry Fink and Harold Jones
File 6LM.AR2.M4.2 12.8.76
Harold Jones; enquires about reproducing LM's prints in Center for Creative Photography collection [from Ansel Adams] for their publication
File 6LM.AR2.M4.3 31.5.77
Harold Jones; 12 copies of Center for Creative Photography LM publication originally enclosed
File 6LM.AR2.M4.4 11.7.77
Harold Jones; enclosed a letter from Barry Goldwater praising LM's work
File 6LM.AR2.M4.5 31.7.79
Helen Gee to Gerd Sander; regarding Photography of the 50s exhibition [Gee was guest curator]
File 6LM.AR2.M4.6 n.d.
outline of Berenice Abbott interview with James McQuaid, Steven Lewis, and David Tait; unsigned permission form enclosed
LM.AR2.M5 to Lisette Model from Corcoran Gallery of Art
Box 3File 7LM.AR2.M5.1 9.12.77
Jane Livingston; form letter invitation to attend February 1978 conference on history of photography
File 7LM.AR2.M5.2 21.5.85
loan form; from Corcoran to Alexandra Truitt, New York
LM.AR2.M6 to Lisette Model from George Eastman House
Box 3File 8LM.AR2.M6.1 25.7.56
Minor White; White acting as Assistant to Beaumont Newhall, Curator; request to buy six prints
File 8LM.AR2.M6.2 12.6.57
Minor White; prints arrived safely
File 8LM.AR2.M6.3 29.7.77
Jim McQuaid; regarding interview with McQuaid and David Tait; published a chronology of LM's life, which she apparently did not want publicized [or changed her mind]; dispute seems to be over date of birth [McQuaid notes that it was listed as 1906]
File 8LM.AR2.M6.4 30.6.78
Susan Dodge Peters; enclosed a questionnaire for an anthology of Elizabeth McCausland's photographic criticism
File 8LM.AR2.M6.5 n.d.
Susan Dodge Peters; enclosed a questionnaire for George Eastman House's Biographical Resource File on photographers
LM.AR2.M7 to Lisette Model from Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institution
Box 3File 9LM.AR2.M7.1 14.1.77
Mary Ann Tighe; enclosed Tighe's review of Sander exhibition in Art in America
LM.AR2.M8 to Lisette Model from International Center of Photography (ICP)
Box 3File 10LM.AR2.M8.1 30.8.76
Cornell Capa; asking LM to work on a video produced by Sheila Seed for ICP
File 10LM.AR2.M8.2 10.9.76
Cornell Capa; LM has agreed to work with Sheila Seed
File 10LM.AR2.M8.3 25.11.77
Cornell Capa; thanking LM for her talk at ICP; $125 honorarium; mentions Sheila Seed
File 10LM.AR2.M8.4 n.d.
Cornell Capa; wants to meet with (Friday) [Philip] Lopate, Sheila [Seed], and LM in late March or early April; wishes LM a good trip
File 10LM.AR2.M8.5 11.4.78
Anna Winand; regarding how to deal with income tax forms [LM donated her $125 fee]
File 10LM.AR2.M8.6 25.4.78
Cornell Capa; thanking LM for donation of her $125 speaker's fee
File 10LM.AR2.M8.7 17.8.78
Sheila Seed; progress of documentary film; encourages LM to be interviewed by Cornell Capa for the film
File 10LM.AR2.M8.8 21.12.78
Maria Teresa Rubin de Cervin; confirmation of September 10-15 workshop in Venice at UNESCO, organized through ICP; blank postcard of flooded Piazza San Marco, Venice
File 10LM.AR2.M8.9 15.11.78
list of instructors and lecturers at UNESCO/ICP workshops, Venice
File 10LM.AR2.M8.10 10.2.79
release form allowing permission to print contents from LM's workshop [not signed]
File 10LM.AR2.M8.11 16.2.79
Regina Fiorito, UNESCO/ICP, Venezia '79, with forms originally enclosed
File 10LM.AR2.M8.12 30.4.79
Cornell Capa; update on UNESCO/ICP preparation
File 10LM.AR2.M8.13 3.4.81
Joyce Menschel, Auction Chair; thanking LM for donating two photographs to ICP auction; receipt enclosed [membership card originally enclosed]
LM.AR2.M9 to Lisette Model from Metropolitan Museum of Art
Box 3File 11LM.AR2.M9.1 24.9.81
Joan Morgan, Research Assistant; thanking LM for her letter of August 28, 1981 to Weston Naef confirming dates of works; also enquires about dates of one- person show at MoMA and at Art Institute of Chicago; included is a copy of LM's letter to Weston Naef dated August 28, 1981
File 11LM.AR2.M9.2 18.8.82
invitation to preview of "Counterparts"
LM.AR2.M10 to Lisette Model from Musée Reattu, Arles
Box 3File 12LM.AR2.M10.1 2.4.78
empty envelope
LM.AR2.M11 to Lisette Model from Musée Français de la Photographie; in French
Box 3File 13LM.AR2.M11.1 6.4.82
A. Fage; regrets that he is unable to attend tribute to LM in Paris
LM.AR2.M12 to Lisette Model from Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH)
Box 3File 14LM.AR2.M12.1 21.12.76
Anne Tucker; enclosed information on Photo League project and release form for reproduction of Coney Island
File 14LM.AR2.M12.2 31.10.78
Anne Tucker; requesting documentation for LM portfolio recently purchased; forms enclosed
File 14LM.AR2.M12.3 31.8.82
Anne Tucker; requesting that LM waive reproduction fee for Fashion Show, Hotel Pierre for inclusion in a MFAH cookbook
LM.AR2.M13 to Lisette Model from Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
Box 3File 15LM.AR2.M13.1 22.3. to 30.4.44
portion of a press release draft for exhibition New Workers I (MoMA, March 22 to April 30, 1944)
File 15LM.AR2.M13.2 14.12.48
envelope with torn clipping from New York Herald Tribune of Fashion Show, Hotel Pierre; written on envelope in LM's hand: "BERENICE/PEGGY"
File 15LM.AR2.M13.3 30.10.50
Edward Steichen; thanks LM for participation in conference; $25 fee originally enclosed; handwritten note at bottom: "You were wonderful and beautiful as always"
File 15LM.AR2.M13.4 10.11.50
Porter A. McCray; requests extension of loan for three of LM's prints for additional exhibition
File 15LM.AR2.M13.5 29.3.54
Porter A. McCray; originally enclosed a copy of the Japanese exhibition catalogue for Contemporary American Photography and summary of Japanese press reactions to the exhibition
File 15LM.AR2.M13.6 7.6.54
Edward Steichen; addressed "to whom it may concern"; states LM has made important contributions to MoMA exhibitions; one-man [sic] show has been touring for past two years; group of LM's prints have been acquired for the Print Collection at MoMA
File 15LM.AR2.M13.7 19.11.54
Edward Steichen; for Family of Man exhibition requests negatives of works selected so that MoMA can make enlargements; also requests biographical information
File 15LM.AR2.M13.8 10.5.57
Lisa Koningsberger [writing for Edward Steichen]; Domus magazine, Milan, requesting biographical information about LM
File 15LM.AR2.M13.9 4.11.60
Grace W. Mayer; Coney Island Bather on view in A Bid for Space exhibition
File 15LM.AR2.M13.10 16.4.62
Grace W. Mayer; Nice on exhibition
File 15LM.AR2.M13.11 13.4.64
Grace W. Mayer; thanks for replacements [prints?]
File 15LM.AR2.M13.12 20.4.64
Grace W. Mayer; congratulations on David's [Vestal] tribute in Infinity
File 15LM.AR2.M13.13 30.5.64
Grace W. Mayer; East Side Woman in Edward Steichen Center
File 15LM.AR2.M13.14 2.9.64
Patricia M. Walker; forwarded an article [no longer enclosed] at request of Gunther Lensch
File 15LM.AR2.M13.15 23.12.64
James Thrall Soby [Trustee]; thanks for making new prints
File 15LM.AR2.M13.16 19.6.65
Grace W. Mayer; thanks for new prints
File 15LM.AR2.M13.17 6.12.65
James Soby; acknowledges LM's donation of eight prints; signed certificate enclosed
File 15LM.AR2.M13.18 10.10.67
photocopy of letter from John Szarkowski to Professor G. Gatti, Director, Musei Capitolini, Campidoglio, Rome; letter of introduction; photocopy of a letter in Italian enclosed
File 15LM.AR2.M13.19 10.10.67
letter and photocopy from John Szarkowski to Professor G. Iacopi, Director, Museo Nazionale Romano, Rome; letter of introduction; Italian translation of letter enclosed; note in LM's hand of Iacopi's address and title enclosed [for letter from J. Mathias, Guggenheim Foundation to Professor Iacopi see LM.AR2.AW1.16]
File 15LM.AR2.M13.20 10.10.67
photocopy of letter from John Szarkowski to Dr. Mario Moretti, Director, Museo de Villa Giulia, Rome; letter of introduction; Italian translation enclosed
File 15LM.AR2.M13.21 10.10.67
copy of letter from John Szarkowski to Conte Dr. Paolo Dalla Torre di Sanginnetto, Direttore Generale dei Monumenti, dei Musei e delle Gallerie Vaticane, Vatican City, Rome; letter of introduction; photocopy of letter in Italian [for letter from J. Mathias, Guggenheim Foundation to Conte di Sianginnetto see LM.AR2.AW1.15]
File 15LM.AR2.M13.22 20.2.78
Peter Collins, Curatorial Intern; five LM works included in New Standpoints: Photography 1940-1955; copy of wall text enclosed
File 15LM.AR2.M13.23 2.1.79
Grace W. Mayer; message from Martin Magner, who "loves you. I love you, too."
File 15LM.AR2.M13.24 n.d.
MoMA press release for exhibition 12 Photographers
File 15LM.AR2.M13.25 n.d.
MoMA, Department of Photographs stationery with only the word "Please!" written on it [Grace Mayer's handwriting?]
File 15LM.AR2.M13.26 26.12.?
letter from Davis Pratt, Fogg Museum, Harvard; addressed to Grace Mayer praising LM's Aperture monograph [Grace Mayer has forwarded letter to LM with a brief hand-written salutation at the top of the letter]
File 15LM.AR2.M13.27 29.7.75
Peter Galassi; LM exhibition history
File 15LM.AR2.M13.28 n.d.
MoMA press releases for symposium "What is Modern Photography? [two different releases]
File 15LM.AR2.M13.29 18.09.82
Empty envelope
LM.AR2.M14 to Lisette Model from New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA)
Box 3File 16LM.AR2.M14.1 31.10.78
copy of letter from LM to Tina Freeman; cannot speak at NOMA because she did not receive notification in time
File 16LM.AR2.M14.2 21.11.78
Tina Freeman; enjoyed meeting LM in Arles; invites her to give a lecture in spring 1979
File 16LM.AR2.M14.3 12.2.81
Tina Freeman; regarding two exhibitions, Lisette Model: Photographs and Recollections: 10 Women Photographers; exhibition space plan originally enclosed
File 16LM.AR2.M14.4 4.6.81
Tina Freeman; originally included colour swatches for exhibition
File 16LM.AR2.M14.5 1.7.81
invitation to Lisette Model: Photographs and Recollections: 10 Women Photographers
LM.AR2.M15 to Lisette Model from San Francisco Museum of Art (SFMA)
Box 3File 17LM.AR2.M15.1 3.6.75
John Humphrey; success of SFMA exhibition, Women of Photography; greetings from Margery Mann and Anne Noggle; copy of exhibition catalogue originally enclosed
File 17LM.AR2.M15.2 12.8.75
copy of LM's three-page response to John Humphrey's letter (LM.AR2.G14.1) in which she criticizes the SFMoA's catalogue essay on her and requests that they "repair the damage"
File 17LM.AR2.M15.3 20.8.75
John Humphrey; responds to LM's letter (LM.AR2.G14.2); promises to speak to Margery Mann and Anne Noggle; cautions that it is probably too late for major changes; several copies made of this letter
File 17LM.AR2.M15.4 4.9.75
copy of letter sent to John Humphrey from LM in response to letter of August 20, 1975
File 17LM.AR2.M15.5 18.9.75
memo regarding schedule for Women of Photography exhibition
File 17LM.AR2.M15.6 19.9.75
John Humphrey; has spoken to Margery Mann; acknowledges that it is too late to change the statement, but proposes to alter it in second printing; in the meantime participating institutions will be sent a copy of the biography LM supplied
LM.AR2.M16 to Lisette Model from Seattle Art Museum
Box 3File 18LM.AR2.M16.1 30.11.78
Margery Aronson; confirming LM's lecture of May 3, 1979 in Seattle
File 18LM.AR2.M16.2 26.2.79
Margery Aronson; arranging details for LM's May 3, 1979 lecture in Seattle
LM.AR2.M17 to Lisette Model from Smithsonian Institution
Box 3File 19LM.AR2.M17.1 9.1.74
press release for exhibition American Masters; exhibition includes LM and Ansel Adams, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Minor White, Aaron Siskind, Harry Callahan, Jerry Uelsmann, Lee Friedlander, Wynn Bullock, Gyorgy Kepes, Paul Caponigro, Diane Arbus
LM.AR2.M18 to Lisette Model from Australia National Gallery
Box 3File 20LM.AR2.M18.1 20.9.82
Alan R. Dodge; requests permission to reproduce LM image; unsigned permission form enclosed
Correspondence - Galleries
LM.AR2.G1 to/from Lisette Model to/from Sander Gallery; date range of correspondence: 25.9.1976 to 22.2.1983
Box 4File 1LM.AR2.G1.1 25.9.76
LM price list with 30 16x20 inch prints; verso: in LM's hand in red ink, a list of 12 prints [copy of LM.AR2.G1.2]
File 1LM.AR2.G1.2 25.9.76
LM price list [copy of LM.AR2.G1.1]
File 1LM.AR2.G1.3 ?.9.76
press release for LM exhibition opening September 25, 1976; on verso in LM's hand in blue ink, "Sander/Release"
File 1LM.AR2.G1.4 5.3.77
Gerd Sander; list of eight prints from exhibition [using catalogue numbers only] to be reproduced in Aperture monograph; 25 prints will be sent to Nancy Hellebrand of Bucks County College for exhibition in conjunction with LM's lecture; cc: Carole Kismaric, Aperture
File 1LM.AR2.G1.5 10.3.77
Christine Sander; carbon copy of letter to Karen Sperling, Penthouse Photo World, with copy of LM catalogue
File 1LM.AR2.G1.6 15.3.77
Christine Sander; prints sent to Bucks County College; final selection made for Aperture; Stephen Wirtz Gallery, San Francisco, interested in an LM exhibition
File 1LM.AR2.G1.7 31.5.77
Gerd Sander; note written over carbon copy of letter to Lee Witkin; sent Witkin an 8x10 inch LM print for upcoming publication [Photographic Print Collector's Guide?]
File 1LM.AR2.G1.8 22.3.78
copy of letter from LM to Gerd Sander; criticizing Sander for not keeping her up-to-date on sales and other matters
File 1LM.AR2.G1.9 3.4.78
copy of accounting of print sales for 1978
File 1LM.AR2.G1.10 12.5.78
Joseph G. Blum; enclosing copy of letter [May 10, 1978] from Gerd Sander to Joseph G. Blum with inventory list of LM works at Sander Gallery
File 1LM.AR2.G1.11 28.3.79
Gerd Sander; receipt for two negatives
File 1LM.AR2.G1.12 9.7.79
copy of letter from Gerd Sander to Joseph G. Blum with LM inventory list
File 1LM.AR2.G1.13 13.11.79
handwritten receipt for 20 vintage prints received from LM
File 1LM.AR2.G1.14 3.12.79
contract with LM
File 1LM.AR2.G1.15 17.12.79
Gerd Sander; enclosed two sales statements with cheques, for $850 and $157.50, originally enclosed; sales to Folkwang Museum, Essen; Vision Gallery, Boston; and Donna Schneier
File 1LM.AR2.G1.16 19.12.79
copy of letter from Gerd Sander to Sandra Schwartz, Center for Creative Photography, Tuscon, Arizona, giving one-time reproduction rights for LM photos in Photography of the Fifties exhibition; cc: LM, Joseph G. Blum
File 1LM.AR2.G1.17 24.12.79
copy of letter from Michael E. Hoffman, Aperture, to Joseph G. Blum regarding update on limited edition of LM monograph with Gerd Sander's bill for printing enclosed
File 1LM.AR2.G1.18 26.12.79
copy of Gerd Sander's revisions to contract between LM and Gerd Sander; addressed to Joseph G. Blum
File 1LM.AR2.G1.19 15.1.80
handwritten receipt for 254 6x6-inch negatives, 11 35mm negatives, and 52 6x6-inch dog show negatives received from LM, signed by Gerd Sander
File 1LM.AR2.G1.20 26.1.80
Gerd Sander to Joseph G. Blum with enclosed photocopies of photographs by LM, the negatives stored with Sander
File 1LM.AR2.G1.21 29.5.80
handwritten receipt for 81 vintage prints, as well as other material
File 1LM.AR2.G1.22 18.7.80
copy of letter from Gerd Sander to Joseph G. Blum outlining activities; exhibition scheduled in Venice, Amsterdam, and Melbourne; Folkwang Museum, Essen, wants to produce a catalogue raisonné; a San Francisco gallery is interested in an exhibition; cc: LM, Michael Hoffman, Aperture, Ute Eskildsen, Folkwang Museum
File 1LM.AR2.G1.23 15.8.80
handwritten receipt for 22 vintage 16x20 inch prints
File 1LM.AR2.G1.24 23.8.80
two handwritten receipts signed by Charles Freedman, LM, and Gerd Sander [?] stating that there are 3151 individual images on 586 pieces of film
File 1LM.AR2.G1.25 7.8.80
photocopy of The Print Collector's Newsletter with review of LM/Aperture monograph by Peter Bunnell; in a Sander envelope labelled in LM's hand "Peter Bunnell"
File 1LM.AR2.G1.26 12.9.80
handwritten receipt for 129 6x6 inch negatives from LM, signed by Gerd Sander
File 1LM.AR2.G1.27 12.12.80
copy of invoice to Ikona Photo Gallery, Venice
File 1LM.AR2.G1.28 23.12.80
copy of letter from Michael Hoffman, Aperture, to Gerd Sander; invitation to lunch; ". . . I am sure we can work out a satisfactory arrangement for the Lisette Model catalogue"; blank postcard included
File 1LM.AR2.G1.29 25.2.81
handwritten receipt for 116 negatives received from LM signed by Gerd Sander
File 1LM.AR2.G1.30 31.5.81
Gerd Sander to Joseph G. Blum; handwritten note enclosed with draft of contract with G. Ray Hawkins Gallery [LM's West Coast representative]
File 1LM.AR2.G1.31 9.6.81
handwritten receipt for 12 6x6-inch negatives "for exh. printing"
File 1LM.AR2.G1.32 25.7.81
statement of payment to LM for $2,900
File 1LM.AR2.G1.33 8.8.81
copy of letter from Gerd Sander to Ben Raeburn, Horizon Press; originally enclosed an 8x10-inch print of Four Women, Nice 1937; copyright fees to LM directly; cc: Joseph G. Blum, LM
File 1LM.AR2.G1.34 18.8.81
Gerd Sander; enclosed copy of letter from Viviane Esders with news of the European exhibition
File 1LM.AR2.G1.35 3.9.81
handwritten receipt for portfolios and negatives [returned to LM?]
File 1LM.AR2.G1.36 9.81
October 1, 1980 - September 30, 1981 statement of LM sales [Sander is credited with $119]
Box 4File 2LM.AR2.G1.37 4.11.82
handwritten receipt for print of French Gambler in Gerd Sander's hand
File 2LM.AR2.G1.38 17.11.81
copy of letter from Print Incorporated to Gerd Sander regarding cost of printing for LM; includes handwritten statements on individual negatives; cc: LM, David Ferber
File 2LM.AR2.G1.39 2.12.81
Time-Life Books Inc. contract to reproduce "Woman in black coat . . ." in Photography Year Book; signed by Gerd Sander; note attached for reproduction fee directly to LM
File 2LM.AR2.G1.40 7.1.82
Juliette Galant, Fotofolio, Inc.; two copies of [unsigned] contract with LM for postcard reproduction rights for as many as 15 images; included are six samples of the postcards
File 2LM.AR2.G1.41 12.1.82
copy of letter from Gerd Sander to Joseph G. Blum; update on LM travelling exhibition organized by New Orleans Museum of Art; question regarding catalogue; needs Blum's help in raising money for exhibition; cc: LM
File 2LM.AR2.G1.42 22.1.82
copy of letter from Gerd Sander to C. Kismaric, Aperture, informing her that the New Orleans Museum of Art will be sending a catalogue; cc: LM, Joseph G. Blum
File 2LM.AR2.G1.43 9.2.82
copy of letter from Gerd Sander to Santini Brothers regarding building eight crates for the exhibition; cc: MoMA, Joseph G. Blum, LM
File 2LM.AR2.G1.44 4.3.82
copy of letter from Sutton Keany of Winthrop, Stimson, Putnam and Roberts [Aperture's legal counsel] to Gerd Sander; states that catalogue will be a violation of contract with Aperture; cc: LM, Joseph G. Blum, Arthur Bullowa
File 2LM.AR2.G1.45 8.3.82
Gerd Sander; enclosed letter from Michael Engler, film producer, Hamburg
File 2LM.AR2.G1.46 12.3.82
Gerd Kairat, Nordeutscher Rundfunk, Hamburg; requests LM to participate in a documentary by Michael Engler on American photography
File 2LM.AR2.G1.47 16.3.82
copy of letter from Gerd Sander to Sutton Keany of Winthrop, Stimson, Putnam & Roberts; explains Sander's position and advises that further correspondence be sent to Joseph G. Blum; cc: LM, Joseph G. Blum, A. Bullowa
File 2LM.AR2.G1.48 16.3.82
copy of letter from Gerd Sander to Joseph G. Blum; states that Folkwang Museum, Essen, is not interested in an LM exhibition unless there is an accompanying catalogue; encourages Blum to try to find a way to publish such a catalogue; cc: LM
File 2LM.AR2.G1.49 16.4.82
Gerd Sander; regarding trip to Paris; enclosed letter from Viviane Esders regarding a medal for LM from the city of Paris
File 2LM.AR2.G1.50 28.4.82
copy of letter from Tina Freeman, New Orleans, to Gerd Sander; Colin Ford of National Museum of Photography, Great Britain, expressed interest in the exhibition in 1984; mentions looking at Lee Miller collection
File 2LM.AR2.G1.51 14.5.82
copy of letter from John Szarkowski, MoMA, to Gerd Sander; unable to take LM exhibition; mentions Piersol
File 2LM.AR2.G1.52 18.5.82
copy of letter from Van Deren Coke, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, to Gerd Sander; unable to take LM exhibition
File 2LM.AR2.G1.53 19.5.82
copy of letter from Jay M. Fisher, Baltimore Museum of Art, to Gerd Sander; unable to take LM exhibition
File 2LM.AR2.G1.54 19.5.82
copy of letter from Roy Flukinger, University of Texas, Photography Collection, to Gerd Sander; unable to take LM exhibition; will forward information to Huntington Art Gallery, Austin; mentions Tina Freeman
File 2LM.AR2.G1.55 21.5.82
copy of letter from Susan Ruff, Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona, to Gerd Sander; unable to take LM exhibition; mentions Enyeart
File 2LM.AR2.G1.56 25.5.82
copy of letter from Gudmund Vigtel, High Museum of Art, to Gerd Sander; unable to take LM exhibition
File 2LM.AR2.G1.57 27.5.82
copy of letter from Kristin Spangenberg, Cincinnati Museum of Art, to Gerd Sander; unable to take LM exhibition; mentions Piersol; unable to propose any acquisitions before autumn 1982
File 2LM.AR2.G1.58 1.6.82
copy of letter from J.W. Borcoman, National Gallery of Canada, to Gerd Sander; unable to take LM exhibition
File 2LM.AR2.G1.59 1.6.82
copy of letter from Gerd Sander to Jean-Luc Monterosso, Direction des Affaires Culturelles, Service de la Photographie, Paris; thanks for reception and medal from City of Paris; invoice originally enclosed for 10 prints
File 2LM.AR2.G1.60 4.6.82
copy of letter from Evan Turner, Ackland Art Museum, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, to Gerd Sander; thanks for information about exhibition; interested in purchasing two or four works reproduced in catalogue
File 2LM.AR2.G1.61 15.6.82
copy of letter from Charles Millard, Hirshhorn Museum, to Gerd Sander; unable to take exhibition; sorry that Sander Gallery has left Washington
Box 4File 3LM.AR2.G1.62 22.6.82
Gerd Sander to J.W. Borcoman, National Gallery of Canada; catalogue is unavailable in North America because of Aperture copyright agreement
File 3LM.AR2.G1.63 22.6.82
copy of letter from Gerd Sander to Joseph G. Blum; sending photocopies [includes letter from Gerhard von Richthofen to Murray Martin, Side Gallery, dated May 24, 1982] regarding European exhibition and Aperture copyright dispute
File 3LM.AR2.G1.64 22.6.82
copy of letter from Gerd Sander to Anna Auer, Vienna; enclosed exhibition catalogue; asks Auer's help in trying to secure a venue for the exhibition in Vienna; mentions Dr. Ronte
File 3LM.AR2.G1.65 30.6.82
copy of letter from Gerd Sander to T. Freeman, New Orleans Museum of Art, regarding cost of catalogue production
File 3LM.AR2.G1.66 27.7.82
Gerd Sander; attached accounting of sales October 1980 to September 1981; attached letter to Joseph G. Blum also summarizing sales; followed by handwritten accounting sheets
File 3LM.AR2.G1.67 27.7.82
Gerd Sander; letter with cheque for $1,000
File 3LM.AR2.G1.68 28.9.82
copy of letter from Gerd Sander to Allan Porter; gives permission to use images in Camera
File 3LM.AR2.G1.69 28.9.82
copy of letter from Gerd Sander to Carlos Freire, Paris; Freire interviewed LM during last Paris trip; Gerd Sander enquires about possibilities for an exhibition in Brazil
File 3LM.AR2.G1.70 19.10.82
copy of letter from Gerd Sander to Françoise Marquet, Musée d'art moderne de la ville de Paris, asking for a confirmation of interest in LM retrospective
File 3LM.AR2.G1.71 19.10.82
copy of letter from Gerd Sander to Anna Auer, Sammlung Fotografis, Vienna, asking for a confirmation of interest in LM retrospective
File 3LM.AR2.G1.72 22.10.82
copy of letter from Gerd Sander to Ake Sidwall, Curator, Fotografiska Museet, Stockholm; enclosed specifications about cost of LM retrospective
File 3LM.AR2.G1.73 22.2.83
Gerd Sander; enclosed two letters: Paris and Vienna; plans for a showing in Vienna have fallen through
File 3LM.AR2.G1.74 8.1.83
handwritten receipt for prints received
File 3LM.AR2.G1.75 4.2.83
copy of letter from Joseph G. Blum to Gerd Sander regarding $1,000
File 3LM.AR2.G1.76 17.2.83
invitation to Sander exhibition "Rare Vintage Photographs 1910-1950" [new New York location]
File 3LM.AR2.G1.77 n.d.
handwritten receipt [LM's hand] on envelope for 16x20-inch and 11x14-inch prints
File 3LM.AR2.G1.78 n.d.
handwritten list of prints [LM's hand] on one sheet of yellow lined paper
File 3LM.AR2.G1.79 n.d.
handwritten list of prints [LM's hand] labelled "Selections for exhibition sale"
File 3LM.AR2.G1.80 n.d.
handwritten list [LM's hand] of prints on unlined notepad
File 3LM.AR2.G1.81 n.d.
LM's artist's statement [half is missing]; two copies
LM.AR2.G2 to/from Lisette Model to/from Harry H. Lunn, Jr. (Graphics International) and related agents; date range of correspondence: 23.5.1974 to 8.4.1982
Box 4File 4LM.AR2.G2.1 23.5.74
Harry H. Lunn, Jr.; mentions portfolio of 12 images, Richard [Benson?]; photocopy of contract enclosed
File 4LM.AR2.G2.2 24.11.75
Maurizia Grossman; originally enclosed a copy of Berenice Abbott's introduction to the LM portfolio
File 4LM.AR2.G2.3 1.12.75
LM to Harry Lunn; dissatisfied with quality of Richard Benson's work and with delays in the project of producing a portfolio; spoke to a copyright lawyer about adding copyright notice to back of each print
File 4LM.AR2.G2.4 12.15.75
Nancy F. Wechsler, Greenbaum, Wolff, and Ernst; enquiring what LM has heard from Harry Lunn; asks when LM would want a bill for their consulting
File 4LM.AR2.G2.5 n.d.
copy of letter from LM to Nancy F. Wechsler; asks for bill; would like to discuss Lunn and portfolio in 1976
File 4LM.AR2.G2.6 30.12.75
Nancy F. Wechsler; enclosed bill
File 4LM.AR2.G2.7 29.1.76
Nancy F. Wechsler; sorry to hear that Evsa is ill; thank you for cheque
File 4LM.AR2.G2.8 15.6.76
Nancy F. Wechsler to Harry Lunn; opinion that LM would be justified in terminating agreement with Graphics International because of delays; however, does not wish to and would like Lunn to provide a schedule for completing the project and an increase in fee to LM; blind copy also enclosed; cc: LM
File 4LM.AR2.G2.9 28.6.76
copy of letter from Maurizia Grossman, Graphics International, to Nancy F. Wechsler; Harry Lunn out of the country
File 4LM.AR2.G2.10 1.12.76
Nancy F. Wechsler; regarding Harry Lunn and Gerd Sander's visit to Nancy Wechsler to pick up prints; also picked up prints from Marlborough Gallery; was unable to discuss further financial negotiations with Harry Lunn
File 4LM.AR2.G2.11 13.12.76
Nancy F. Wechsler; enclosed copy of letter from Harry Lunn to Nancy F. Wechsler outlines various proposals for completion of project
File 4LM.AR2.G2.12 18.12.76
copy of letter from Harry Lunn to Nancy F. Wechsler; acknowledges Wechsler's letter of December 13, 1976; argues that some delays caused by mail service, not him; mentions Sander
File 4LM.AR2.G2.13 20.12.76
Nancy F. Wechsler; enclosed draft of letter to be sent to Harry Lunn; Wechsler is not optimistic about getting results; enclosed bill for $750; attached to back of page one of Wechsler draft is a colour commercial photographic print of an International Style building with sun behind it; her letter argues again that the project has been unduly delayed and that there are inconsistencies in Harry Lunn's financial statements; they are holding Graphics International responsible for all loss of revenue and time
File 4LM.AR2.G2.14 23.12.76
copy of letter from Nancy F. Wechsler to Harry Lunn; same letter as draft (LM.AR2.G2.12); cc: LM
File 4LM.AR2.G2.15 7.1.77
copy of letter from Nancy F. Wechsler to Harry Lunn; LM has no objection to combining prints by Benson with prints by Sander but wants to hold Graphics International to contract
File 4LM.AR2.G2.16 11.1.77
Nancy F. Wechsler; enclosed a copy of letter from Harry Lunn [January 4, 1977 letter LM.AR.2.G2.14?]; asks LM to note down differences from his telling of events
File 4LM.AR2.G2.17 4.1.77
copy of letter from Harry Lunn to Nancy F. Wechsler [in response to her letter LM.AR2.G2.13 and referred to in LM.AR2.G2.17]; wants to meet on February 3
File 4LM.AR2.G2.18 n.d.
LM's typewritten responses to Harry Lunn's letter of January 4, 1977 [LM.AR2.G2.17], apparently written for benefit of Nancy F. Wechsler as requested in LM.AR2.G2.16
File 4LM.AR2.G2.19 11.1.77
Nancy F. Wechsler; thanks for cheque
File 4LM.AR2.G2.20 18.1.77
copy of letter from Harry Lunn to Nancy F. Wechsler; authorized Gerd Sander to proceed with printing
File 4LM.AR2.G2.21 24.1.77
copy of letter from Nancy F. Wechsler to Harry Lunn; does not agree to a meeting; notes that Sander still does not appear to have started printing
File 4LM.AR2.G2.22 28.1.77
copy of letter from Harry Lunn to Nancy F. Wechsler; defends himself by noting that he told Gerd Sander to start printing and that he [Lunn] was also upset that printing had not begun immediately; cc: Gerd Sander
File 4LM.AR2.G2.23 8.2.77
Nancy F. Wechsler; enclosed draft of an amended contract with Graphics International
Box 4File 5LM.AR2.G2.24 14.2.77
copy of letter from Nancy F. Wechsler to Harry Lunn; amended contract originally enclosed
File 5LM.AR2.G2.25 25.2.77
Nancy F. Wechsler; Harry Lunn signed amended contract and delivered a cheque for $1,600; Wechsler put $1,600 in trust against $2,210 LM owes to law firm; enclosed copy of signed agreement
File 5LM.AR2.G2.26 n.d.
copy of typed letter from LM to Nancy F. Wechsler; LM prefers to pay law firm directly rather than have Harry Lunn's payment kept in trust against the amount she owes
File 5LM.AR2.G2.27 25.3.77
Nancy F. Wechsler; explains that depositing a cheque in trust is customary procedure
File 5LM.AR2.G2.28 30.3.77
receipt for one portfolio (12 signed prints) to Marc Kazmarek; on Greenbaum, Wolff & Ernst [Nancy F. Wechsler's firm] stationery
File 5LM.AR2.G2.29 8.4.77
LM to Nancy F. Wechsler [copy?] and handwritten draft of letter; in stronger language LM continues to voice concern over law firm's deposit of cheque
File 5LM.AR2.G2.30 13.4.77
Nancy F. Wechsler; thanks for cheque; again states that depositing cheque is customary
File 5LM.AR2.G2.31 13.4.77
copy of letter from Nancy F. Wechsler to Harry Lunn; reminds him that Richard Benson must deliver works for destruction to law firm's office
File 5LM.AR2.G2.32 28.4.77
copy of letter from Nancy F. Wechsler to Harry Lunn; received prints from Richard Benson
File 5LM.AR2.G2.33 28.4.77
Nancy F. Wechsler; enclosed copy of letter from Harry Lunn: update on Richard Benson's sending reject prints to Wechsler's office
File 5LM.AR2.G2.34 5.5.77
handwritten copy of letter from LM to Nancy F. Wechsler; asks to wait until Richard Benson's return before destroying prints
File 5LM.AR2.G2.35 16.5.77
Harry Lunn; enclosed request from D.B. Cratsley, Witkin Gallery, Inc. to Graphics International; request to reproduce an image by LM in Photographic Print Collector's Handbook; enclosed a second letter mentioning co-authors Barbara Upton and John Upton; enclosed release form
File 5LM.AR2.G2.36 27.5.77
Nancy F. Wechsler; enclosed copy of letter from Maurizia Grossman, Graphics International, to Nancy F. Wechsler; shipping 12 copies of text with prints; mentions Mr. Hartnett [shipper?]
File 5LM.AR2.G2.37 9.6.77
Nancy F. Wechsler; eight boxes containing portfolios delivered to Wechsler's office; requests LM have them removed
File 5LM.AR2.G2.38 12.6.77
handwritten copy of letter to Nancy F. Wechsler; did not know portfolios would be delivered there; Gerd Sander will pick them up June 16, 1977
File 5LM.AR2.G2.39 14.6.77
Maurizia Grossman; enclosed two cheques of $8,200 each; Gerd Sander will meet LM to sign remaining portfolios to be returned to Graphics International 18 June 1977
File 5LM.AR2.G2.40 15.8.77
Harry Lunn; acknowledges that Graphics International has paid LM $22,000 to date [an overpayment]; return envelope originally enclosed
File 5LM.AR2.G2.41 24.8.77
copy of letter from Warren Trabant, Pentax Photography; request to reproduce Old French Lady, Paris for issue on women in photography; see also publications file
File 5LM.AR2.G2.42 1.9.77
Nancy F. Wechsler; Graphics International sent package of heavy white paper to Wechsler for LM
File 5LM.AR2.G2.43 n.d.
Empty envelope addressed to Nancy F. Wechsler, Linden and Deutsch, New York, with LM's return address on it
[Note: for other legal correspondence between LM and Joseph G. Blum, see Correspondence/Other Professional series]
File 5LM.AR2.G2.44 8.4.82
invitation to exhibition of paintings by Kevin MacDonald at Lunn Gallery
LM.AR2.G3 to/from Lisette Model to/from various galleries; date range of correspondence: 29.11.1954 to 18.2.1983
Box 4File 6LM.AR2.G3.1 6.11.78
one postcard or notice each for exhibitions of Neal Rantoul and Jerry Burchard [November 3 to December 3, 1978] at Addison Gallery of American Art
File 6LM.AR2.G3.2 20.4.79
invitation to reception on May 2, 1979 by private dealers Eleanor and Raymond Jacobs at Appreciation
File 6LM.AR2.G3.3 29.6.81
Lee Marks, Association of International Photography; request for LM's participation in honouring Berenice Abbott
File 6LM.AR2.G3.4 12.8.81
Lee Marks; confirming LM's participation at award ceremony on November 6, 1981 honouring Berenice Abbott; Leslie Katz, Hilton Kramer also participating; asks LM to reconsider her "adamant" request not to speak at the event
File 6LM.AR2.G3.5 28.4.79
Norma B. Marin, Cape Split Place Inc.; encouraged by Berenice Abbott to contact LM regarding a possible exhibition
File 6LM.AR2.G3.6 12.1.82
Leslie Urbach, Center Galleries; request to jury regional photography exhibition; previous judges: Ralph Gibson, Neal Slavin, Nathan Lyons; $500 honorarium
File 6LM.AR2.G3.7 18.2.83
Comfort Gallery, Haverford, Pennsylvania; announcement for Arbus, Model, and Weegee exhibition, as well as Jerry Thompson exhibition
File 6LM.AR2.G3.8 12.1.77
Andrew Berler, Creative Artists Public Service Program (CAPS); arrangements for framing works created during fellowship year for CAPS photography exhibition
File 6LM.AR2.G3.9 26.8.78
J.C. Fosse, Maison de la Culture,Creteil, France; attempts to arrange an exhibition of LM's work
File 6LM.AR2.G3.10 4.12.78
copy of letter to Fosse from LM; unable to do exhibition
File 6LM.AR2.G3.11 13.4.80
Marcia Reid, Deja Vue Galleries Ltd.; requests an appointment for herself and Saundray Ball on May 28 or 29 in New York
File 6LM.AR2.G3.12 5.8.80
Marcia Reid; apologizes that she and Saundray Ball missed LM in New York; mentions Vishniac
File 6LM.AR2.G3.13 16.9.78
Sid Deutsch, Sid Deutsch Art Gallery Inc.; familiar with Evsa Model's work; wants to set up an appointment with LM
File 6LM.AR2.G3.14 28.9.81
Viviane Esders; City of Paris to present LM with gold medal; enquires when LM will be in France next; Esders is working on a series of books on the masters of contemporary photography and proposes publishing one on LM; Vivian Esders has been in touch with a Belgian gallery about an LM exhibition; has just written to Gerd Sander
File 6LM.AR2.G3.15 27.1.82
copy of letter from Viviane Esders to Gerd Sander; progress on medal for LM; City of Paris wants to purchase some works but is waiting for a donation; Bibliothèque Nationale is interested in receiving 15 prints, but can only buy four and is asking for remaining 11 to be donated; will give Brussels information later
File 6LM.AR2.G3.16 10.6.82
Viviane Esders; progress of negotiations with City of Paris; mentions Gerd Sander; enclosed book proposal from Jean Claude Gautrand [dated June 7, 1982, translated into English] to include reproductions of two LM images
File 6LM.AR2.G3.17 1.9.82?
Viviane Esders; apologizes for missing LM during August; negotiations continuing
File 6LM.AR2.G3.18 n.d.
Viviane Esders; postcard regarding trip to United States. Will be in New York in September
File 6LM.AR2.G3.19 10.7.78
Ger and Maruke Fiolet, Galerie Fiolet; interested in purchasing or exhibiting LM's work in Amsterdam
File 6LM.AR2.G3.20 2.11.78
Focus Gallery, Helen [Gee?]; exhibition of LM student Harry Lapow; exhibition statement enclosed; Philippe Halsman invitation enclosed; mentions Ken Heyman's gallery, Gerd Sander
File 6LM.AR2.G3.21 6.6.79
Ansel Adams and James Alinder, The Friends of Photography; request for donation of three works to Friends of Photography auction; copy of Friends of Photography statement of purpose and summary of activities enclosed
File 6LM.AR2.G3.22 26.1.79
Mike Goldwater, Half Moon Photography Workshop and Camerawork; request for donation of a print for auction in support of new gallery space; blank reply card enclosed
File 6LM.AR2.G3.23 17.12.82
Ziva Krauss, Ikona Photo Gallery, Milan; hopes to see LM in New York
File 6LM.AR2.G3.24 n.d.
exhibition statement by Italo Zannier on LM [in Italian]
File 6LM.AR2.G3.25 1.11.75
Sidney Janis Gallery; regarding "Women of Photography" exhibition
File 6LM.AR2.G3.26 23.2.76
Sidney Janis Gallery; form letter to photographers enquiring whether he can get reproductions of their work for the book entitled The Photographer and the Artist; two blank approval forms included
File 6LM.AR2.G3.27 26.8.76
Sidney Janis; interested in an LM exhibition
File 6LM.AR2.G3.28 8.10.76
Sidney Janis; form letter/invitation to Duane Michals exhibition, opening 16 October 1976
File 6LM.AR2.G3.29 10.6.80
Ronald Caplain, Jeb Gallery; interested in selling LM's work
File 6LM.AR2.G3.30 15.11.78
Dr. Erika Billeter, Kunsthaus Zurich; request for about 10 prints to be used in America between the Wars exhibition at Kunsthalle in Dusseldorf and at Kunsthaus Zurich; already receiving six LM works from George Eastman House
File 6LM.AR2.G3.31 n.d.
E. Billeter; enquiry about an American edition of America between the Wars
Box 4File 7LM.AR2.G3.32 16.4.82
Sidsel Ramson, Lefebre Gallery; greetings and a catalogue of Carl-Henning Pedersen exhibition at Lefebre Gallery in 1982; photocopy of a review of Pedersen show from the New York Times [March 2, 1979]
File 7LM.AR2.G3.33 29.11.54
Limelight; postcard/notice of Christmas photography exhibition [addressed to Mr. John H.N. Potter]; photographers include LM and Berenice Abbott, Ansel Adams, Edouard Boubat, Bill Brandt, Brassai, and others
File 7LM.AR2.G3.34 21.1.82
Frank Marino Gallery; press releases and postcard/notices of exhibitions by Julie Thayer, Edward Meneeley, Charles Hovland, and Jake Grossberg
File 7LM.AR2.G3.35 7.11.79
Parsons School of Design, Photographer's Forum and Exhibition
File 7LM.AR2.G3.36 21.10.80
Elaine Yaker, Pierce Street Gallery; enjoyed meeting LM and looks forward to possible exhibition of her work at the gallery
File 7LM.AR2.G3.37 27.5.81
Marcia Boxman; enjoyed LM's visit to gallery, hopes she visits Cranbrook
File 7LM.AR2.G3.38 15.9.81
Nanette, sold 25 books plus two limited editions [Aperature monograph?]
File 7LM.AR2.G3.39 12.9.78
William Heimerman, Photographers' Gallery and Workshop; discusses possible exhibition of LM's work
File 7LM.AR2.G3.40 9.1.79
William Heimerman, sending LM another copy of letter dated September 12, 1978 regarding possible exhibition
File 7LM.AR2.G3.41 31.10.78
Chris Enos, The Photographic Resource Center; confirming LM's lecture in Boston on February 16, 1979; other lecturers include A.D. Coleman, Russel Lee, Gordon Parks, Lucas Samaras, and Pete Turner; two unsigned copies of contract enclosed
File 7LM.AR2.G3.42 5.12.78
Phoebe Schmidt; enclosed newsletter and announcement of lecture
File 7LM.AR2.G3.43 7.12.78
Phoebe Schmidt; enclosed new copy of contract
File 7LM.AR2.G3.44 8.12.78
Chris Enos; requests slides of her work for A.D. Coleman's talk
File 7LM.AR2.G3.45 2.9.81
Robert Samuel Gallery, Ltd.; notice of group exhibition, including Betty Hahn, Robert Mapplethorpe, Duane Michals, Joel-Peter Witkin, Bea Nettles, William Parker
File 7LM.AR2.G3.46 ca. 1959
Carl Siembab Gallery; notice of upcoming exhibition, including LM in May 1960
File 7LM.AR2.G3.47 20.4.65
Carl and Marie Siembab; note of congratulations for winning Guggenheim
File 7LM.AR2.G3.48 14.12.77
Vuk-Dieter Karadzic, Trockenpresse, fotogalerie und verlag; interested in an exhibition of LM's work; refers to a letter from LM promising to go to Berlin in the spring
File 7LM.AR2.G3.49 14.5.78
Vuk-Dieter Karadzic; still interested in exhibition; found the paper LM requested
File 7LM.AR2.G3.50 9.2.77
Beth Urdang, Zabriskie Gallery; enclosed copy of Summer 1977 newsletter, including New York and Paris galleries, as well as postcard exhibition notice for "10 Photographes Contemporains"
File 7LM.AR2.G3.51 3.6.77
Beth Urdang; enclosed reviews of exhibition [no longer attached]; second copy of Summer 1977 newsletter included
File 7LM.AR2.G3.52 ?.1.79
November 1978-January 1979 Zabriskie Gallery newsletter
File 7LM.AR2.G3.53 25.5.79
The Floating Foundation of Photography; two exhibition notices for Phantoms of the Camera III exhibition
File 7LM.AR2.G3.54 3.12.78
The Witkin Gallery, Inc.; empty envelope
Correspondence - Publications
LM.AR2.PU to/from Lisette Model to/from various publishers; date range of correspondence: 22.2.1942 to 3.9.1982
LM.AR2.PU1 to Lisette Model from Aperture
Box 5File 1LM.AR2.PU1.1 25.4.59
Minor White, Rochester; to LM 137-7th Avenue; White left Eastman House 2 years earlier, is now teaching at Rochester Institute of Technology, and has an exhibition ("Sequence 13") at Eastman House; talks of planning a special Aperture issue on documentary; plans to be in New York on July 1 to see LM
File 1LM.AR2.PU1.2 1.7.59
Minor White, Rochester; apologizes for not seeing LM; talks about Aperture documentary issue
File 1LM.AR2.PU1.3 1.4.65
Carole and Millard Kismaric; congratulations on Guggenheim
File 1LM.AR2.PU1.4 19.7.73
Michael E. Hoffman, Millerton; possibility of an Aperture book; LM told him she plans to print 250 photos in 1973
File 1LM.AR2.PU1.5 28.2.74
Michael E. Hoffman, Millerton; regarding Richard Benson; Jonathan Green new associate editor of Aperture; encloses Diane Arbus and Edward Weston monographs
File 1LM.AR2.PU1.6 18.6.74
Michael E. Hoffman, Millerton; thanking LM for Snapshot statement
File 1LM.AR2.PU1.7 18.1.75-76
Jonathan Green, Millerton; memo recommending R. Levin, L. Robinfine, Z. Naczula, and S. Kaplan as printers
File 1LM.AR2.PU1.8 24.l.75
Ann Kennedy; originally enclosed cheque for $100 for works reproduced in Snapshot
File 1LM.AR2.PU1.9 21.1.76
Jonathan Green, Millerton; memo recommending Kloss Moser as a printer
File 1LM.AR2.PU1.10 5.8.77
Michael E. Hoffman, Millerton; proposes doing an Aperture publication on LM; mentions Philadelphia Museum exhibition of LM, Gerd Sander, Harry Lunn
File 1LM.AR2.PU1.10a ?.11.77
unsigned contractual agreement between Aperture and LM for monograph
File 1LM.AR2.PU1.11 23.10.78
Michael E. Hoffman and William E. Parker; requesting a statement for Aperture's Minor White memorial issue; note from Hoffman enclosed
File 1LM.AR2.PU1.12 26.10.78
Carole Kismaric; receipt for 57 slides received from LM; handwritten receipt for the slides enclosed from Rocco Alberico
File 1LM.AR2.PU1.13 12.12.78
Michael E. Hoffman; thanking LM for slides for upcoming monograph; mentions Carole [Kismaric] and Marvin [Israel?]
File 1LM.AR2.PU1.14 27.2.79
Carole Kismaric; receipt for 55 prints for dummy
File 1LM.AR2.PU1.15 23.3.79
Carole Kismaric; receipt for two LM prints of Billie Holiday
Box 5File 2LM.AR2.PU1.16 16.5.79
Carole Kismaric; note attached to enclosed copy of Phillip Lopate's manuscript for LM monograph; cc: Joseph Blum [104 pages]
File 2LM.AR2.PU1.16a n.d.
Type-written text of LM's responses to Phillip Lopate's manuscript [hand-written comments in right-hand column of page appear to be responses to LM's comments]; [a copy of this text on acid-free paper precedes the original on fax paper] [27 pages]
Box 5File 3LM.AR2.PU1.17 22.6.79
Carole Kismaric; receipt for reprinting for monograph.
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.17a 30.6.79
Carole Kismaric; receipt for printing by Gerd Sander
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.18 20.7.79
copy of "Catalogue Copy Lisette Model spread" [press release?], including editor's notations and typographical errors
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.19 26.10.79
Carole Kismaric; promotional events for the monograph: November 28 and December 1 for Rizzoli, 5 December at International Center for Photography, Jan at B. Dalton's, Aperture dinner
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.20 5.11.79
Carole Kismaric; Aperture cocktail party to celebrate monograph; guest list enclosed
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.21 n.d.
November-December 1979 royalty statement; $1,666.77 due
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.22 25.11.79
November 25, 1979 New York Times (p.13) review by Hilton Kramer of LM/Aperture monograph and photocopy of review
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.23 ?.12.79
December 1979 Art Direction review of LM/Aperture monograph [photocopy]
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.24 8.12.79
December 8, 1979 New Republic review of LM/Aperture monograph [photocopy]
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.25 10.12.79
December 10, 1979 Village Voice review of LM/Aperture monograph [photocopy]
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.26 17.12.79
Paul Dramond, photographer; copy of letter to Carole Kismaric praising LM/Aperture monograph [photocopy, probably sent to LM from Carole Kismaric]
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.27 20.12.79
Carole Kismaric; receipt indicating prints used for reproduction being returned; 16 items listed [begins with "Hand Reflection"]
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.28 20.12.79
Carole Kismaric; receipt for prints used for reproduction; four items listed [begins with "Blind Man, Paris"]
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.29 20.12.79
Carole Kismaric; receipt for prints used for reproduction; six items listed [begins with "Lady with Bag"]
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.30 20.12.79
Carole Kismaric; receipt for prints used for reproduction; 17 items listed [begins with Promenade des Anglais]
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.31 20.12.79
Carole Kismaric; receipt for prints used for reproduction; two items listed [begins with "Sailor and Girl"]
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.32 20.12.79
Carole Kismaric; receipt for prints ["not used in book"]; 10 items listed [begins with "Bus Reflection"]
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.33 8.1.80
receipt for seven author's copies of monograph
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.34 5.2.80
Lillian Maisel, of Joseph G. Blum firm; note to LM; enclosed photocopy of letter from Tim Hill, Co-Publisher, Aperture, to Joseph G. Blum regarding publishing excerpts of monograph in Camera 35 and Popular Photography, with a $300 fee to LM
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.35 10.2.80
February 10, 1980 New York Daily News article about LM [a copy of this article on acid-free paper precedes the original on newspaper print]
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.36 22.4.80
copy of letter from Carole Kismaric to Joseph Blum, in response to Blum and LM's questions: up to April 1, monograph regular edition sold 3,292 copies and limited edition 26 orders; also lists places in Paris where book is available [photocopy of letter with handwritten salutation to LM at bottom]
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.37 15.5.80
Amy J. Sall, Aperture, New York; enclosed May/June issue of Artforum with a review of LM/Aperture monograph [enclosure missing] and a list of 36 newspapers and publications with which Women's Wear Daily has a syndication service
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.38 7.7.80
Michael E. Hoffman; responds to LM's concern over low sales of the monograph and suggests that an exhibition would increase public familiarity and sales; also states that images not published in the book will appear in the periodical Aperture; cc: Gerd Sander, Joseph Blum, Carole Kismaric
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.39 28.8.80?
American Institute of Graphic Arts Certificate of Excellence, Book Show 1979; sent to LM by Amy Sall
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.40 22.9.80
September 22, 1980 Panorama [Italy] review of LM/Aperture monograph [photocopy]
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.41 4.9.80
invoice for copy of monograph for Per Hemmingsson
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.42 ?.11/12.80
November/December 1980 copy of American Book Review [a copy of the article on acid-free paper precedes the original on newspaper print]
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.43 1.12.80
invoice for $41.26
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.44 19.2.81
1099-MISC income tax form from Aperture to LM; lists 1980 royalties at $2,690
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.45 18.3.81
Lauretta C. Burgess, Accounts Manager, Aperture; states that as LM requests, a copy of royalty statement is being sent to Joseph Blum; cc: Joseph Blum; enclosed copy of royalty statement for July-December 1980 and invoice crediting $41.26
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.46 8.9.81
royalty statement [January 1, 1981 to June 30, 1981] $1,030.40
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.47 8.3.82
royalty statement July 7, 1981 to December 31, 1981] $1016.87
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.48 27.1.82
copy of letter from Carole Kismaric to Gerd Sander; responds to Sander's letter of January 22, 1982 regarding publishing a book of LM's work; Kismaric tells Sander that this would be in violation of LM's contract with Aperture; cc: LM, Joseph Blum, John Bullard, Arthur Bullowa
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.49 26.8.82
royalty statement [no time period listed] $619.50; a deposit listing $619.50 and $531
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.50 28.11.?
Rizzoli International Bookstore; invitation to reception for monograph publication
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.51 n.d.
LM to Amy Sall; receipt [?] for four photographs, written on a purchase order form in LM's hand [same hand writing and forms as LM.AR2.PU1.45]
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.52 n.d.
receipt to LM [in LM's own hand] for 10 [?] prints written on Aperture purchase order form [same hand writing and forms as LM.AR2.PU1.44]
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.53 n.d.
photocopy of press release for LM/Aperture monograph; author: Fred Schruers, editor: Henke
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.54 n.d.
list of "forthcoming reviews" of LM/Aperture monograph
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.55 n.d.
press release: quote from John Szarkowski for use on dust jacket.
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.56 n.d.
press release from Amy Sall with quotation on LM from John Szarkowski, MoMA
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.57 n.d.
advertising for LM monograph with reproductions of photographs
File 3LM.AR2.PU1.58 n.d.
photocopied clipping from M. Magazine with mention of LM/Aperture monograph and reproduction of one image
LM.AR2.PU2 to/from Lisette Model to/from Camera
Box 5File 4LM.AR2.PU2.1 11.3.77
Thomas Cooper; asking permission for him and Paul Hill to interview LM for Camera
File 4LM.AR2.PU2.2 2.6.77
P. Thurig; asking for subscription to Camera [LM had been receiving it free]; subscription renewal form is enclosed
File 4LM.AR2.PU2.3 27.7.77
Allan Porter; a copy of Cooper and Hill interview transcript for LM's final comments is enclosed; Porter met with Harry Lunn regarding corrected Berenice Abbott manuscript [a copy of this text on acid-free paper precedes the original on fax paper]
File 4LM.AR2.PU2.4 11.8.77
Allan Porter; accepting LM's proposal to go to Lucerne herself to help work on the monograph issue; included is a business card with Allan Porter's work and home phone numbers written on it
File 4LM.AR2.PU2.5 10.10.77
Allan Porter; his notice to the issue manuscript enclosed
File 4LM.AR2.PU2.6 29.10.77
Paul Hill; asking LM's permission to use her interview in a Farrar, Straus & Giroux Inc. publication of the various Camera interviews; contract with publisher enclosed
File 4LM.AR2.PU2.6a 23.11.77
Allan Porter; photos from LM's trip to Lucerne enclosed; new text at printer [followed by a page of colour prints of LM in Lucerne]
File 4LM.AR2.PU2.8 n.d.
Allan Porter; 50 special edition and 25 issues of Camera sent; copy of a letter from Niki Brodovitch dated December 7, 1977 saying hello to LM enclosed
File 4LM.AR2.PU2.7 5.12.77
H. Narvesen; congratulations on work in Camera.
File 4LM.AR2.PU2.9 21.12.77
Allan Porter; responds to LM's phone call praising issue; two envelopes included: (1) postmarked January 23, 1977, with "Dec 23, 77" in LM's hand; (2) postmarked October 7, 1977, with "Guggenheim 7X77" in LM's hand
File 4LM.AR2.PU2.10 30.12.77
Allan Porter; Happy New Year greetings; originally included a special edition of LM issue which he asks her to inscribe to him
File 4LM.AR2.PU2.11 n.d.
photostat copy of Allan Porter's application to Guggenheim
File 4LM.AR2.PU2.12 16.1.78
Allan Porter; asking for a contribution to the September 1978 issue of Camera, "Auto Portraits . . ."
File 4LM.AR2.PU2.13 10.3.78
Allan Porter; apologizes for misunderstanding over Modern Age photographs [?]; enclosed letter from Porter, dated March 13, 1978, mentions Christian Vogt and Rossalima Burre [sp.?], questions Christian's honesty, and is critical of new Aperture issue
File 4LM.AR2.PU2.14 21.6.78
C.J. Bucher AG, Camera; airmail/registered mail shipping invoice for reproduction positives
File 4LM.AR2.PU2.15 30.4.79
LM; confirmation copy of LM's mailgram with birthday greeting to Allan Porter
File 4LM.AR2.PU2.16 15.4.82
Allan Porter; plans to be in New York during summer
File 4LM.AR2.PU2.17 3.9.82
Allan Porter; empty envelope
LM.AR2.PU3 to Lisette Model from Harper's Bazaar
Box 5File 5LM.AR2.PU3.1 3.9.43
Carmel Snow; mentions Brodovitch; praises LM's images of rehearsals
File 5LM.AR2.PU3.2 24.5.44
Priscilla S. Grant, Executive Director, The New York Association for the Blind, The Lighthouse; praising image of The Lighthouse from Harper's Bazaar
File 5LM.AR2.PU3.3 26.5.44
Carmel Snow; praises images of the blind
File 5LM.AR2.PU3.4 5.6.44
Andrew A. Freeman, United Seamen's Service; thanking LM for allowing United Seamen's Service to use photographs of rest centre in Gladstone, New Jersey
File 5LM.AR2.PU3.5 28.6.45
Carmel Snow; agreement guaranteeing LM 24 pages in Harper's Bazaar in the upcoming year, paying $150 per page [payments of $300 per month]
File 5LM.AR2.PU3.6 24.5.46
Carmel Snow; LM soon to leave for California; offers to extend present contract to end of September; "loves" LM's work but is hesitant to commit herself to a longer contract until she sees proof of publishable work
File 5LM.AR2.PU3.7 10.6.46
Carmel Snow; Dorothy Wheelock reported that letter of May 24, 1946 [LM.AR2.PU2.5] upset LM; Snow repeats that she would like to have a two-month trial before signing another one-year contract
File 5LM.AR2.PU3.8 17.6.46
Carmel Snow; Frances says that LM does not want to renew contract; asks LM to send work from California for Snow to review
File 5LM.AR2.PU3.9 l7.7.46
Carmel Snow; Western Union telegram; "delighted" to have LM shoot San Francisco personalities but not interested in her going to Los Angeles
File 5LM.AR2.PU3.10 19.1.48
Carmel Snow; sending cheque for $100 for fashion work which "wasn't quite right" but tells LM not to be discouraged; mentions "Miss McFadden"
File 5LM.AR2.PU3.11 n.d. (Friday)
Dorothy Wheelock; telling LM [1949] and Evsa Model of their unlawful eviction; mentions people who helped save Models' possessions and contributed to rent: Miss Berger, Adelaie Werner, Berenice Abbott, Elizabeth McCausland, Peggy Lewis, representative from Sidney Janis Gallery, representative from Ladies Home Journal, Axelrod, Mr. Berkowitz, Jackie Embree, John Morris
File 5LM.AR2.PU3.12 24.3.54
Dorothy Wheelock; sent out "attached" letter [no longer with documents] to Nelson A. Rockefeller, Roger L. Stevens, James Johnson Sweeney, and the Carnegie Foundation; enclosed stationery so that LM can send letters in Wheelock's name; note at bottom in Wheelock's hand asking to purchase a painting by Evsa; verso in LM's hand with address in New Hampshire [?]
File 5LM.AR2.PU3.13 10.6.54
Alexey Brodovitch; letter of reference
File 5LM.AR2.PU3.14 16.11.54
Dorothy Wheelock; Brodovitch asks LM to bring in Venezuelan and Italian images; LM hasn't shown Harper's anything in several years; handwritten note at bottom telling LM to call Brodovitch and asking for Dr. Beecher's phone number
File 5LM.AR2.PU3.15 ?.2.55
Harper's Bazaar Editor's guest book, February 1955; note about Roman images
File 5LM.AR2.PU3.16 1956
1956 U.S. Treasury Department Form 1099 from Hearst Magazines Division [Harper's Bazaar] for $700 [photocopy of form also enclosed]
File 5LM.AR2.PU3.17 2.5.56
Dorothy Wheelock; letter of reference stating LM is a Harper's Bazaar photographer
File 5LM.AR2.PU3.18 11.6.57
Dorothy Wheelock; letter of reference
File 5LM.AR2.PU3.19 21.2.67
Sally Kovalchick, Random House, Inc.; regarding permission to reproduce an LM photograph in 100 Years of Harper's Bazaar
File 5LM.AR2.PU3.20 14.10.67
Ruth Ansel; addresses for LM in Rome: Irene Brin, Bill Pepper, Eugene Berman
File 5LM.AR2.PU3.21 ?.10.67
Ruth Ansel; English letter of introduction and reference for use in Rome [two copies]
File 5LM.AR2.PU3.22 ?.10.67
Ruth Ansel; Italian letter of introduction and reference for use in Rome
File 5LM.AR2.PU3.23 ?.10.67
Ruth Ansel letter of introduction and reference in Italian
File 5LM.AR2.PU3.24 18.12.67
Frances Nicolia, Random House, Inc.; returning photograph "Fat Lady" [Coney Island Bather], which was used for reproduction in 100 Years of Harper's Bazaar
File 5LM.AR2.PU3.25 8.1.68
Sally Kovalchick, Random House, Inc., to R.P. Peterson, MoMA; at LM's request, print of Coney Island Bather is being sent to MoMA [for conservation?]
File 5LM.AR2.PU3.26 28.11.79
Leo Lerman telegram wishing LM good luck at Rizzoli book launching
LM.AR2.PU4 to Lisette Model from PM
Box 5File 6LM.AR2.PU4.1 22.2.42
Ralph Steiner; asking to see all of LM's recent work for possible publication in PM; offers a letter on PM stationary stating that she works for them in case anyone asks why she is photographing
File 6LM.AR2.PU4.2 27.2.42
Ralph Steiner; interested in seeing LM's images of New Yorkers
File 6LM.AR2.PU4.3 9.3.42
Ralph Steiner; suggesting, as a possible source for LM, an August 19 or 29 New York Journal article on refugees
File 6LM.AR2.PU4.4 1.4.42
Ralph Steiner; thanks for pictures; suggestions for improved film sensitivity
File 6LM.AR2.PU4.5 n.d.
Holly Blye; enclosed letter and photograph from a soldier who admired LM's work and is interested in a woman in one image [with soldier]; included are original and photocopy of article with LM's picture
File 6LM.AR2.PU4.6 28.8.44
Holly Blye; has contacted "Nick's" about getting name of woman for the soldier; people at Nick's admire LM's work
LM.AR2.PU5 to Lisette Model from U.S. Camera
Box 5File 7LM.AR2.PU5.1 5.8.42
Edna R. Bennett; "Mr. Maloney" enthusiastic about LM's work; Coney Island Bather selected for annual, other photographs wanted for October issue; requests data for image in annual; got address from Berenice Abbott
File 7LM.AR2.PU5.2 23.5.44
Edna R. Bennett; Tom Maloney "crazy" about images; will use three pages of "Nick's" in next issue
File 7LM.AR2.PU5.3 5.10.44
Edna R. Bennett; excerpts of a letter from W. Eugene Smith complimenting LM's works and commenting on them in an article in U.S. Camera, "Music by Lisette Model"
File 7LM.AR2.PU5.4 n.d.
Bill Clark; memo confirming that LM is photographing jazz clubs for U.S. Camera
LM.AR2.PU6 to/from Lisette Model to/from various publishers
Box 5File 8LM.AR2.PU6.1 12.9.49
John Morris, Ladies Home Journal; regarding Reno article; mentions Olga Druce; financial negotiations
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.2 16.10.49
Beaumont Newhall; regarding LM's dissatisfaction with reproduction of her work in Newhall's History of Photography
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.3 9.11.50
Oscar Dystel, Flair; spoke with Mrs. Cowles - no possibility of work for LM; Earl Stanley Gardner
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.4 14.2.66
Virginia Hilu, Harper & Row, Publishers; interest in publishing a book of LM's current work
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.5 23.8.76
David B. Tait, Photography: source & resource; Tait and Jim McQuaid request interview with LM; Tait and McQuaid had interviewed LM for Berenice Abbott oral history
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.6 23.11.76
copy of letter from Debbie Kegges, Chanticleer Press; originally enclosed $100 cheque for reproduction of work in Faces
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.7 29.12.76
Debbie Kegges, Chanticleer Press; asks again for LM to sign a release form for Faces; form from Metropolitan Museum of Art enclosed
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.8 15.1.77
Dr. Richard D. Zakia, Rochester Institute of Technology; asking permission to reproduce Gambler Type, French Riviera; includes two copies of permission form [unsigned]
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.9 18.1.77
Ernest Kay, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England; regarding the World Who's Who of Women in Education
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.10 31.1.77
Alfred Appel, Northwestern University; asks permission to reproduce "Fat Woman on Beach" [Coney Island Bather]
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.11 14.2.77
David B. Tait, Photography: source & resource; thanks LM for participating in interview [see also Centre for Creative Photography under Correspondence/Museums series]; includes three-page text entitled "Oral History Project Newsletter, January 1977"
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.12 25.10.77
Sue Davies, The Photographers' Gallery, London, England; Pantheon books interested in publishing The Photographers' Gallery's latest catalogue; $100 to $150 per photograph; just waiting to hear from LM and Lewis Baltz
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.13 17.11.77
Jo Brauerhock, JOB Concept, Munich; asking permission to reproduce "Fat Woman on Beach" [Coney Island Bather] [letter in German]
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.14 1.9.78
Jo Brauerhock, JOB Concept, Munich; thanks LM for letter; encloses proof reproduction of image
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.15 7.12.77
W. Trabant, Pentax Photography; release form, left unsigned by LM, for Old French Lady, Paris to be used in Pentax Photography issue no. 2 on history of women in photography
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.16 14.2.78
Sue Davies, The Photographers' Gallery, London, England; responds to LM's letter, apparently disapproving of the reproduction of her image in the catalogue and asking that Pantheon not reproduce it
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.17 24.2.78
Phyllis Benjamin, Pantheon Books; regarding LM's wishes not to reproduce image; cc: Sue Davies, The Photographers' Gallery
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.18 ?.5.78
Bill Chevalier and Warren Trabant, Pentax Photography; returning photograph used for Pentax Photography issue no.2 [see LM.AR2.PU6.7] but have not yet received release
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.19 11.9.78
Eric Fischl; asks for LM's participation for a book on teaching art; self-addressed stamped envelope enclosed
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.20 31.10.78
copy of signed letter from LM to Joseph R. Einhaus, Photographic Society of America Journal, Philadelphia; asks which image of the Gambler he wants and the fee
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.21 10.11.78
Philip Katcher, Photographic Society of America; PSA cannot afford to pay fee for reproducing Gambler on the French Riveria [sic]
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.22 8.1.79
Angelo Schwarz, Il Diaframma: Fotografia Italiana, Milan; regarding interview with LM conducted in Arles; copy enclosed
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.23 21.?.79
copy of an unsigned letter from LM to Angelo Schwarz, Il Diaframma; does not give permission to reproduce interview
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.24 5.3.79
Sandy Gregg, Arete; a Dutch publisher with offices in New Jersey, now preparing the Academic American Encyclopedia; interested in reproducing MoMA print of Gambler Type, French Riviera
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.25 31.3.80
Sean Callahan, American Photographer; requesting permission to use a "drastically edited" version of Philip Lopate's manuscript, which LM originally rejected, in July 1980 issue of American Photographer
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.26 12.11.80
Avis Berman; thanks for interview regarding Berenice Abbott for Art News; includes copy of one page of article with LM's quote
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.27 27.4.81
Turner Browne and Elaine Partnow, The Complete Book of Photographers, Macmillan; contract [unsigned receipt] for inclusion in Photographic Artists and Innovators, Spring 1982 publication
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.28 24.7.81
Pat Booth; photographer commissioned by Macmillan to publish interviews and examples of work on 20 photographers
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.29 29.7.81
George Walsh, St. James Press; preparing the text Contemporary Photographers; enclosed a questionnaire form
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.30 14.8.81
Tony Garrett, New Society; unable to ask permission to reproduce LM image; offers apologies and suggests fee
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.31 3.9.81
copy of unsigned letter from LM to George Walsh, St. James Press; LM needs three to four more months to complete questionnaire and does not want an entry with "inadequate information"
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.32 23.9.81
Paul Barker, New Society; responds to LM's letter of 3 September in which she apparently criticizes the reproduction of one of her images on the cover of New Society
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.33 23.10.81
George Walsh, St. James Press; wants more detailed information for LM's entry in Contemporary Photographers
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.34 11.11.81
Nancy Novogrod, Clarkson N. Potter, Inc., Publisher; enclosed a copy of Richard Whelan's Double Take: A Comparative Look at Photographs; requesting LM to write comments for use in promotion
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.35 14.1.82
Liz Perle, Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc.; originally included copy of "Jill's" [?] book
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.36 21.7.82
Biergit Mayer, Schirmer/Mosel Verlag GMBH, Munich; second request for reprint of LM's New York Times commentary, dated December 9, 1951, for use in Theorie der Fotografie III, 1945-1980; enclosed copy of first request, dated March 29, 1982
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.37 2.8.82
copy of LM's response to B. Mayer, Schirmer Mosel Verlag [LM.AR2.PU6.22]
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.38 n.d.
copy of Lustrum Press book contract [not signed by LM]
File 8LM.AR2.PU6.39 n.d.
Donnybrook Report; soliciting subscription for a photographers' newsletter
Correspondence - Other Professional
LM.AR2.PR to/from Lisette Model to/from various sources; date range of correspondence: 22.3.1956 to 25.2.1983
Box 5File 9LM.AR2.PR.1 19.10.77
Advertising Publicité, Paris; empty envelope with the following written on back: "Malcolm Grear . . . Rhode Island School of Design . . . New England Document Conservation Center"
File 9LM.AR2.PR.2 01.04.79
Artist-Craftsmen of New York; announcement for talk by Albertje Koopman
File 9LM.AR2.PR.3 03.05.78
Joseph G. Blum, of Blum, Haimoff, Gersen, Lipson, Slavin & Szabad; copy of letter to Gerd Sander
File 9LM.AR2.PR.4 05.05.78
Joseph G. Blum; enclosed typed agreement with Aperture; mentions Arthur M. Bullowa, Aperture's lawyer
File 9LM.AR2.PR.5 16.06.78
Joseph G. Blum; enclosed copy of letter from Arthur M. Bullowa to Blum; regarding limited edition of Aperture monograph; copy to Michael Hoffman, Aperture
File 9LM.AR2.PR.6 27.09.79
Joseph G. Blum; office memo to file regarding negotiations with Gerd Sander
File 9LM.AR2.PR.7 19.11.79
Joseph G. Blum; enclosed copy of letter from Carole Kismaric, Aperture, regarding limited edition
File 9LM.AR2.PR.8 03.12.79
Joseph G. Blum; originally enclosed letter agreement [Aperture? Sander?]
File 9LM.AR2.PR.9 08.01.80
Joseph G. Blum; enclosed bill for $3,500
File 9LM.AR2.PR.10 17.10.80
Joseph G. Blum; originally enclosed cheque from Gerd Sander for $2,000
File 9LM.AR2.PR.11 12.01.81
Joseph G. Blum; enclosed material from Sander and Aperture
File 9LM.AR2.PR.12 06.02.81
Joseph G. Blum; enclosed bill for $1,032.12
File 9LM.AR2.PR.13 01.04.81
invoice for $1,032.12, second notice
[Note: for other legal correspondence between LM and Nancy F. Wechsler, see Correspondence/Galleries series]
File 9LM.AR2.PR.14 01.12.82
copy of information from New York University honouring Joseph G. Blum
File 9LM.AR2.PR.15 26.09.78
Patricia Bosworth; introductory letter for initial research on Diane Arbus biography
File 9LM.AR2.PR.16 03.01.79
Patricia Bosworth; second introductory letter; will phone LM
File 9LM.AR2.PR.17 08.04.80
Patricia Bosworth; urging LM to speak to her about Diane Arbus
File 9LM.AR2.PR.18 27.09.67
Henrietta Brackman, Henrietta Brackman Associates, photographers' representative; setting up assignments in Europe for LM; includes copy in Italian
File 9LM.AR2.PR.19 20.07.71
Henrietta Brackman; enclosed letter to Robert L. Pennock, Jr., Honeywell Corp, regarding replacement of LM's Pentax camera
File 9LM.AR2.PR.20 08.05.62
Alexey Brodovitch; organizing a meeting of photographers and students; mentions R.E. Martinez (editor of Camera), Cartier-Bresson, Irving Penn, and Richard Avedon
File 9LM.AR2.PR.21 26.01.82
Noelle Hoeppe; regarding Alexey Brodovitch celebration at Arles; organizers: Georges Tourdjman, Alain Devergnes, Harvey Lloyd, and Benedict Fernandez
File 9LM.AR2.PR.22 17.05.79
Judith Haber, Chez des Amis, an organization sending North American tourists to France; Félicie Sachs gave LM's name
File 9LM.AR2.PR.23 04.12.78
copy of letter to Lucilla Clerici, Milan, from LM; met in Arles
File 9LM.AR2.PR.24 04.12.78
copy of letter to Lanfranco Colombo, Milan, from LM; responding to an invitation to go to Milan in March
File 9LM.AR2.PR.25 28.04.77
Lawrence Ellman; purchased a copy of LM's portfolio; draft of response from LM enclosed [asks for $1,500]
Box 6File 1LM.AR2.PR.26 31.10.78
copy of letter to Helmut and Ilene Gernsheim from LM; agrees to sell 12 16x20-inch prints to Gernsheim Collection at the University of Texas
File 1LM.AR2.PR.27 24.11.78
Helmut Gernsheim; negotiating for purchase of work by LM
File 1LM.AR2.PR.28 08.02.78
Judith Goldman; regarding panel at Pratt including Bruce Davidson, Susan Sontag, Clement Greenberg, and Joel Snyder
File 1LM.AR2.PR.29 06.01.81
Diana Hulick; signed statement promising not to use in dissertation any part of conversation with LM without her approval
File 1LM.AR2.PR.30 20.02.81
copy of letter from Barbara Kasten to Miles Barth, International Centre for Photography; regarding video project about women and photography; Deborah Irmas to collaborate; interested in interviewing Berenice Abbott
File 1LM.AR2.PR.31 06.05.81
Barbara Kasten and Deborah Irmas; regarding LM's participation in project about American women in photography
File 1LM.AR2.PR.32 25.03.82
Barbara Kasten, Ingelwood, California; wants to see LM in New York; will have video equipment with her
File 1LM.AR2.PR.33 24.07.82
Barbara Kasten, Ingelwood, California; regarding progress of video
File 1LM.AR2.PR.34 n.d.
Harry Lapow Associates; empty envelope with "Writeups" in LM's hand on front
File 1LM.AR2.PR.35 25.02.83
Larry Molloy, National Access Center; letter about and copy of NAC's proposal to Polaroid for funding of "Photography & Handicapped Americans"; asking LM for a letter of endorsement
File 1LM.AR2.PR.36 n.d.
Larry Molloy; enclosed information about National Access Center
File 1LM.AR2.PR.37 22.03.56
Clarence Derwent, National Council on the Arts and Government; asking LM to give permission to add her name in support of a public statement endorsing bills before the House and Senate to establish a Federal Advisory Commission on the Arts
File 1LM.AR2.PR.38 09.04.57
Clarence Derwent; asking LM to lend her name once again in support of a Federal Advisory Council on the Arts
File 1LM.AR2.PR.39 17.10.82
Frank-Manuel Peter, Berlin; writing for photographs and other information on Valeska Gert; is developing a Valeska Gert archive for Akademie der Kunste; mentions Eric Kocher
File 1LM.AR2.PR.40 02.10.80
Sandra S. Phillips; asks to interview LM for her dissertation on André Kertész
File 1LM.AR2.PR.41 19.02.79
Barbara Hitchcock, Polaroid Corporation; regarding Polaroid 195 camera lent to LM; asks to have the camera back to loan to Peter Turner
File 1LM.AR2.PR.42 10.04.79
Barbara Hitchcock; responding to LM's letter saying that she is currently using the Polaroid 195 and cannot return it; mentions Venezia 1979 and Allan Porter
File 1LM.AR2.PR.43 04.11.80
Michel Pommier, Radio France, Paris; regarding interview; contract originally enclosed
File 1LM.AR2.PR.44 17.12.80
Michel Pommier, Radio France, Paris; attached release to be signed for release of an interview with Brigitte Legars and Jean-Francois Chevrier
File 1LM.AR2.PR.45 10.04.81
M.C. Matichard, Radio France; attached another copy of release form for interview
File 1LM.AR2.PR.46 18.01.77
Peter C. Bunnell, Society for Photographic Education; invitation to speak at SPE National Conference
File 1LM.AR2.PR.47 01.02.83
copy of letter to John Waddell from LM certifying that the print he owns is one of two of the gambler from the Promenade des Anglais (Aperture, p.10)
File 1LM.AR2.PR.48 01.11.77
Samuel Wagstaff; encloses a release form allowing him to publish some of her photographs; thanks her for showing him work by Jun Shiraoka, to be included in book, too
File 1LM.AR2.PR.49 10.02.78
"We Do the Rest", Athens, Ohio; regarding "image-making machine" sent to LM
File 1LM.AR2.PR.50 14.06.65
White House; invitation to reception for Festival of the Arts
File 1LM.AR2.PR.51 02.07.65
Letter from Bess Abell, Social Secretary, White House; program of White House Festival of the Arts included
File 1LM.AR2.PR.52 26.09.80
Institute for Expressive Analysis, New York; Invitation to attend meeting.
File LM.AR2.PR.53 27.02.82
Letter to LM from Michael Englier, Filmproduktion; regarding filming of LM
File 1LM.AR2.PR.54 15.10.81
Société des Gens de Lettres de France
File 1LM.AR2.PR.55 12.11.76
J. Mathias, Guggenheim Foundation; requests annual appraisals of candidates from LM
File 1LM.AR2.PR.56 n.d.
John Grimes, Institute of Design, Chicago; lecturing on the history of photography and would like to do more research on her work
Correspondence - Awards
LM.AR2.AW to/from Lisette Model to/from various granting/funding agencies; date range of correspondence: 21.9.1964 to 18.9.1980
LM.AR2.AW1 to Lisette Model and others from John Simon Guggenheim Foundation
[Note: This file only includes information on Lisette Model's application for a Guggenheim fellowship; for Model's recommendations for other photographers, such as Diane Arbus, Rosalind Solomon, and Raymond Lillo, see: Correspondence/Students; letters congratulating Model on receiving a grant are listed separately under name of sender; see: Correspondence/Personal, Correspondence/Students series.]
Box 6File 2LM.AR2.AW1.1 21.9.64
Gordon N. Ray, President, John Simon Guggenheim Foundation; note originally accompanying fellowship application package; referred by Diane Arbus
File 2LM.AR2.AW1.2 n.d.
typewritten letter with hand-written note by LM; thanking potential providers of references and giving them guidelines for their letters of recommendation; also includes a hand-written version of this letter by LM
File 2LM.AR2.AW1.3 26.10.64
Mark Schubart, Executive Director, Lincoln Center Fund; agrees to recommend LM for a Guggenheim fellowship
File 2LM.AR2.AW1.4 9.2.65
Gordon N. Ray; request and proposed budget form; booklet by Internal Revenue Service included; also hand-written budget notes by LM and completed copy of budget form
File 2LM.AR2.AW1.5 17.3.65
Susan Firestone, Guggenheim Foundation; official notice that LM was granted a fellowship; "Memorandum for Fellows - 1965" by Gordon N. Ray, President, also included
File 2LM.AR2.AW1.6 26.3.65
official guide to 1965 fellowship recipients
File 2LM.AR2.AW1.7 29.3.65
Gordon N. Ray; received LM's acknowledgement of award
File 2LM.AR2.AW1.8 30.3.65
James Mathias, Guggenheim Foundation; information on taxes and payment of fellowship
File 2LM.AR2.AW1.9 n.d.
newspaper clipping mentioning LM's Guggenheim fellowship [a copy of this article on acid-free paper precedes the original on newspaper print]
File 2LM.AR2.AW1.10 25.5.65
James Mathias; agrees to let LM delay starting date of her fellowship activities; outlines payment periods
File 2LM.AR2.AW1.11 15.7.65
James Mathias; official letter acknowledging LM as a Guggenheim fellowship recipient
File 2LM.AR2.AW1.12 23.7.65
James Mathias; acknowledging her letter
File 2LM.AR2.AW1.13 28.10.65
Mary E. Woodring, Guggenheim Foundation; revised LM's biographical statement [date and place of birth omitted]
File 2LM.AR2.AW1.14 n.d.
official guide to 1966 fellowship recipients
File 2LM.AR2.AW1.15 5.10.67
James Mathias; copy of a signed official letter to Conte Dr. Paolo dalla Torre di Sanguinetto, Director General of the Pontifical Monuments, Museums and Galleries, Vatican City Museum; acknowledges LM as a Guggenheim recipient; copy in Italian [unsigned]
File 2LM.AR2.AW1.16 5.10.67
James Mathias; copy of a signed official letter to Professor Guilio Iacopi, Director, Museo nazionale Romano, Rome; acknowledges LM as a Guggenheim recipient; copy in Italian [unsigned]
File 2LM.AR2.AW1.17 5.10.67
James Mathias; copy of official letter to Dr. Mario Moretti, Director, Museo di Villa Giulia, Rome; acknowledges LM as a Guggenheim recipient; copy in Italian
File 2LM.AR2.AW1.18 5.10.67
James Mathias; copy of official letter to Professor G. Gatti, Director, Musei Capitolini, Campidglio, Rome; copy in Italian
File 2LM.AR2.AW1.19 4.66
invitation to an exhibition of Guggenheim Fellows in Photography at the Philadelphia College of Art
LM.AR2.AW2 to Lisette Model from American Society of Magazine Photographers
Box 6File 3LM.AR2.AW2.1 16.4.68
Regina Benedict, American Society of Magazine Photographers; announcing LM elected to honorary membership
File 3LM.AR2.AW2.2 5.5.68
American Society of Magazine Photographers press release announcing awards; awards also given to David Douglas Duncan, Cornell Capa, Dr. Homer E. Newell, Leopold Godowski, Leopold Mannes, Dr. Alexander Smakula, Beaumont Newhall, and Grace Mayer
File 3LM.AR2.AW2.3 18.9.80
Harvey Lloyd, Image Makers; copy of letter nominating LM for American Society of Magazine Photographers lifetime achievement award
LM.AR2.AW3 to Lisette Model from Creative Artists Public Service Program
Box 6File 4LM.AR2.AW3.1 23.2.73
Isabelle Fernandez, Creative Artists Public Service (CAPS) Program; notifying LM that she has been awarded $2,500; copy of contract attached; 1973 income tax receipt for $2,000 from CAPS also included
File 4LM.AR2.AW3.2 n.d.
Creative Artists Public Service Program; two sheets outlining biographies of 18 photographers who received CAPS fellowships; price list for works by 18 photographers also included
LM.AR2.AW4 to Lisette Model from Ingram Merrill Foundation
Box 6File 5LM.AR2.AW4.1 19.1.70
Ingram Merrill Foundation; completed application form for scholarship or fellowship
File 5LM.AR2.AW4.2 6.8.70
Harry Ford, Chairman, Ingram Merrill Foundation; notification that LM has been awarded $2,000
File 5LM.AR2.AW4.3 28.8.70
Harry Ford, Chairman, Ingram Merrill Foundation; letter originally enclosed with cheque for $2,000
Correspondence - Education and Teaching
LM.AR2.ED1 Lisette Model regarding New School for Social Research; date range of correspondence: 12.2.1951 to 2.8.1983
[see also: Teaching Notebooks (LM.AR6.Note) and New School Bulletins (LM.AR7.AC)];
Box 6File 6LM.AR2.ED1.1 12.2.51
New School Bulletin; lists LM's course "The Function of the Small Camera in Photography Today"; grading system instructions enclosed
File 6LM.AR2.ED1.2 1959-60
certificate appointing LM faculty member in School of Philosophy and Liberal Arts
File 6LM.AR2.ED1.3 1960-61
certificate appointing LM faculty member in School of Philosophy and Liberal Arts
File 6LM.AR2.ED1.4 1963-64
certificate appointing LM faculty member in School of Philosophy and Liberal Arts
File 6LM.AR2.ED1.5 20.6.64
Gloria Hoffman; article describing a visit to LM's Advanced Photography course
File 6LM.AR2.ED1.6 4.9.64
Allen Austill, Acting Dean; confirming that LM will be teaching in spring 1965; "will be missed" this semester
File 6LM.AR2.ED1.7 14.5.65
New School Bulletin
File 6LM.AR2.ED1.8 1.7.69
photocopy of New School Bulletin, Art Workshops, 1969-1970
File 6LM.AR2.ED1.9 1970
clippings from spring 1970 New School Bulletin; clippings include cover and course descriptions for LM's Advanced Photography course and a brief biography of LM
File 6LM.AR2.ED1.10 1.76
identification slips for each student registered for LM's current course; enclosed instruction sheet for using these slips from New School for Social Research; students: Bernadski, Bevolzheimer, Braswell, Cramer, Delcostello, Dickerson, Druck, Helland, Howard, Jensen, Kaplan, Lee, Metter, Scheffels, Schneider, Schreibman, Sherman, Smith
File 6LM.AR2.ED1.11 2.2.76
grading sheet for Workshop for Advanced Photographers; students: Braswell, Cramer, Druck; enclosed blank faculty evaluation form
File 6LM.AR2.ED1.12 4.2.76
credit summary for Workshop for Advanced Photographers; students: Bernadski, Meisler, Ota; enclosed faculty evaluation form
File 6LM.AR2.ED1.13 ?.2.76
identification slips for each student registered for LM's current course; enclosed instruction sheet for using these slips from the New School for Social Research; students: Blanch, Boretz, Boxer, Chann, Count, DiBona, Doble, Gordon, Haft, Korman, Kowaloff, Meisler, Mlyn, Opton, Ota, Schacter; interdepartmental envelope with "2nd course, Spring 76" written in LM's hand
File 6LM.AR2.ED1.13a ?.6.76
identification slips for each student registered for LM's current course; enclosed instruction sheet for using these slips from the New School for Social Research; students: Avril, Campbell, Chait, Cohen, Cohn, Frederick, Glazer, Ledzian, LeShay, Lovell-Wood, Lundy, Morley, Rothstein, Rowland, Schwab, Scharfstein, Schwartz, Schwarzenberg, Shaw, Vris; interdepartmental envelope with "Summer 76" written in LM's hand
File 6LM.AR2.ED1.14 15.6.76
copy of credit summary for Workshop for Advanced Photographers; students: Frederick, Glazer, Ledzian, Morley, Schwab, Schwartz, Shaw; enclosed sheet listing four students [Schwartz, Shaw, Frederick, Morley, and Glazer] with comments in LM's hand; enclosed letter from Jeannie Morley; written on envelope in LM's hand: "Credits Summary/Jeannie's letter"
File 6LM.AR2.ED1.15 1976
grading system outline in envelope labelled "Summer 76"
File 6LM.AR2.ED1.16 ?.9.76
identification slips for each student registered for LM's current class; enclosed instruction sheet for using these slips from New School for Social Research; students: Astor, Benedex, Bivona, Bognovitz, Browning, Chung, Clemens, Cramer, Friedland, D'Anna, Fitzhugh, Handler, Hischberger, Jaffe, Jain, Jensen, Kilss, Kaufman, Killary, Lambrecht, Lerrigo, Livingston, Londa, Molho, Obee, O'Grady, Orlofsky, Peterson, Pozarik, Raskin, Rosen, Rowe, Sandrow, Schreibman, Weinstein; envelope labelled "Fall 76/7063 [Advanced Photography]"
File 6LM.AR2.ED1.17 1976
instruction sheet for using identification slips; envelope labelled "Fall 76/7063 [Advanced Photography]"
File 6LM.AR2.ED1.18 24.10.76
class lists for Advanced Photography: Antmann, Astor, Birvona, Chung, Clemens Cramer, Danna, Hischberger, Jaffe, Kaufman, Killary, Kilss, Lambrecht, Lerrigo, Livingston, Obee, Orlofsky, Pozarik; and Intro to Photo Darkroom: Bender, Chepley, Corban, Dingott, Eisdorfer, Feilich, Fellner, Finnie, Forman, Freedman, Garber, Green Heal, Kaplon, Katz, Kolitch, McCall, McKernan, Mullany Netkin, Petchesky, Potuin, Raburn, Ramoy, Rids, Rothstein, Schwartz, Shorter, Soloway, Spoto, Stern, Sussman, Waitzman, Waldman; enclosed envelope labelled "7063 [Advanced Photography]"
Box 6File 7LM.AR2.ED1.19 13.12.76
class list for Advanced Photography: Browning, Friedland, Handler, Rowe, Sandrow; evaluation form enclosed
File 7LM.AR2.ED1.20 26.9.77
class list for Advanced Photography: Abdelnour, Albaugh, Ball, Barcellona, Della Russo, Guarino, Hillman, Ifrah, Kopet, Lindsay, Nissim, Rosenthal, Samuels, Weber, F.S., Weinstock, Yaffa, Zenkel; envelope labelled "Fall 77"; instruction sheet enclosed
File 7LM.AR2.ED1.21 29.9.77
class lists for Advanced Photography Section 1: Allen, Brown, Budne, Carver, Dunbar, Granger, Kornblum, Martin, Milberg, Ohara, Pearce, Prince, Reich, Rosenberg, G., Rosenberg, S., Talbert, Weinstein, Young; Section 2: same as list in LM.AR2.ED1.20; in envelope labelled "Fall 77"
File 7LM.AR2.ED1.22 16.12.77
class lists for Advanced Photography: Ball Guarino; enclosed grading instruction sheet
File 7LM.AR2.ED1.22a 16.12.77
Class lists for Advanced Photography: Brown, Carver, Granger; enclosed grading instruction sheet
File 7LM.AR2.ED1.23 18.4.78
John Blanchard, Registration; letter requesting a grade for Everett Granger, Fall 1977; on envelope in LM's hand: "6160 . . . /April 14/Grades Spring 78/both classes/Grade given"
File 7LM.AR2.ED1.24 5.5.78
signed copy of contract to teach two classes during Fall 1978 for a total of $4,000
File 7LM.AR2.ED1.25 18.5.78
Robert Cautin, Photography Department Secretary; clarifies that $100 noted on contract is included in $1,000 fee
File 7LM.AR2.ED1.26 20.5.78
copy of handwritten receipt in LM's hand for $200 of expenses for two classes
File 7LM.AR2.ED1.27 20.9.78
class lists for Photography Workshop: Decker, Draud, Fought, Fruitman, Genkin, Greenbaum, Lubman, Silverstein
File 7LM.AR2.ED1.28 21.9.78
class lists for Advanced Photography: Acker, Altongy Bhalla, Gonzalez, Hertler, Horowitz, Kasowitz, Moskin, Noya, Petersen, Rodriguez, White
File 7LM.AR2.ED1.29 4.10.78
class lists for Photography Workshop Section 1: Baratz, Burrier, Colmer, Decker, Draud, Fought Fruitman, Gelwla, Genkin, Ginnever, Greenbaum, Lubamn, Schair, Silverstein, Sternbach; Section 2: Acker, Altongy, Bhalla, Blachman, Demonte-Bayard, Goldner, Gonzalez, Hertler, Horowitz, Kasowitz, Krantz, Mariani, Moskin, Noya, Petersen Rodriguez, Watanabe, White; instruction sheets enclosed
File 7LM.AR2.ED1.30 20.10.78
class lists for Photography Workshop: [same as LM.AR2.ED1.29 but Cashin added to Section 2]
File 7LM.AR2.ED1.31 5.12.78
notice of lecture by George C. Stoney, New York University, "Video in the Documentary Tradition"
File 7LM.AR2.ED1.32 13.12.78
President John R. Everett, New School for Social Research; form letter; Holiday card
File 7LM.AR2.ED1.33 1980
New School for Social Research Photography Bulletin, Spring 1980
File 7LM.AR2.ED1.34 1982
Handwritten list of credit students: Samra, Patchen, Green, Gonzalez, Avakian
File 7LM.AR2.ED1.35 1982
Daniel J. Giannini, Records Department; reminder to send in fall grades
File 7LM.AR2.ED1.36 2.8.83
list of grades for fall 82; Monday class: Alavi, Christ, David, Giordano, Yates; Tuesday class: Greiner, Imamura, Lang, Morey
File 7LM.AR2.ED1.37 n.d.
copy for Photography classes
File 7LM.AR2.ED1.38 n.d.
page on LM from New School for Social Research Bulletin
File 7LM.AR2.ED1.39 n.d.
three copies of LM's statement/course description ["The camera is an instrument of detection. . . ."]; one copy has amendments in LM's hand
File 7LM.AR2.ED1.40 n.d.
pages 19 and 20 of a typed essay; handwritten on verso "Eric Hausman - credit student"
File 7LM.AR2.ED1.41 n.d.
handwritten [LM's hand] class list [private classes or New School for Social Research?]: Bellfort, Decicco, Barema, Green [Albert], Weber [James], Cochran, Leff,Jetter, Schwartz, Maturri, Boguslav, Turner, Seid, Kaplan, Young, Weber [Bruce], Spanery, Rutstein, Block
File 7LM.AR2.ED1.42 n.d.
handwritten class list with "CREDIT/MONDAY NIGHT" at top and #6162" [New School for Social Research course number] at bottom: Chung, Gorton, Lopez, Karmer, Margulies, Duka
File 7LM.AR2.ED1.43 n.d.
handwritten class list [private classes or New School for Social Research?]: Kelner, Mendez, Warshaw, Lothigius, Corless
File 7LM.AR2.ED1.44 n.d.
First page of a typewritten syllabus for "fundamental of media concepts" course
File 7LM.AR2.ED1.45 n.d.
handwritten class list: Battaglio, Corless, and others [handwriting illegible]
File 7LM.AR2.ED1.46 n.d.
handwritten class list [private classes or New School for Social Research]: Delong, Cammaratta, Petruzzi, Waxman, Mizel, Saren, Furst Guillaume, Katz, Meyer, Busto, Cohen, Dinter, Miller, Schleisner, Azcarate
File 7LM.AR2.ED1.47 n.d.
handwritten class list, for credit 61-62: Krantz, Acker, Cashin, Rodrigues; letter to administrators on same paper
LM.AR2.ED2 Lisette Model re: Private Classes (in her own studio); ca. 1971
Box 6File 8LM.AR2.ED2.1 20.3.71
copy of letter from LM to Bernard Gladstone, New York Times, asking him to announce a course; in pen: at bottom, A.D. Coleman's address; in pen on verso: "Times/Gladstone/Voice/Coleman . . . /. . . Henry Boil"
File 8LM.AR2.ED2.2 n.d.
four copies of announcement [referred to in LM.AR2.ED2.1] for classes beginning Thursday, April 15
File 8LM.AR2.ED2.3 n.d.
three handwritten announcements [in marker] on heavy paper of classes offered starting Thursday, May 11
File 8LM.AR2.ED2.4 n.d.
three handwritten announcements on onion skin for classes beginning Wednesday, November 17; envelope with LM's handwriting on it
File 8LM.AR2.ED2.5 n.d.
handwritten note from LM to "Mr. Gladstone" asking him to announce a workshop in her studio starting Thursday, May 4
LM.AR2.ED3 Lisette Model re: Arles Workshop, Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie (in French); date range of correspondence: 11.3.1977 to 7.3.1979
Box 6File 9LM.AR2.ED3.1 11.3.77
Lucien Clergue; Grace Mayer [MoMA] had introduced him to LM; thanks for introduction to Marc Kaczmarek; hopes that she will be involved in the program next year
File 9LM.AR2.ED3.2 10.10.77
J. Manachem; Lucien Clergue sent her letter to Manachem; invitation to participate in 1978 Rencontres Internationales from July 2, 1978 to July 14, 1978; LM would offer a portfolio review, have an exhibition at Musée Reattu, and give a slide lecture; on envelope in LM's hand: "repondu Nov. 5-77"
File 9LM.AR2.ED3.3 2.12.77
J. Manachem; confirming that LM will be the guest of honour at "Rencontres. . ."; confirms her responsibilities to exhibition at Musée Reattu, a slide lecture, and either a three-day class for about 30 participants or a full eight-hour workshop with about 15 participants; she will stay at Hotel Arlatan; hotel and transportation will be at their charge, her remuneration is 2,500 francs plus 50 francs per day; asks LM to send a note confirming her involvement
File 9LM.AR2.ED3.4 3.1.78
J. Manachem; Allan Porter
File 9LM.AR2.ED3.5 31.1.78
J. Manachem; further travel details
File 9LM.AR2.ED3.6 21.2.78
J. Manachem; asks for a confirmation
File 9LM.AR2.ED3.7 7.3.78
J. Manachem; thanks for confirmation
File 9LM.AR2.ED3.8 20.4.78
Michele Moutashar, Assistant Curator, Arles Museums;
File 9LM.AR2.ED3.9 27.4.78
J. Manachem; still waiting for c.v.
File 9LM.AR2.ED3.10 3.5.78
handwritten copy of letter from Lisette Model to Manachem
File 9LM.AR2.ED3.11 7.6.78
J. Manachem;
File 9LM.AR2.ED3.12 28.6.78
Rencontres Internationales d'Arles; official guide to activities on July 7-8; works by William Klein also shown at Musée Reattu
File 9LM.AR2.ED3.13 7.7.82
best wishes telegram from "Edie Shelia via Cornell" [Cornell Capa];
File 9LM.AR2.ED3.14 10.7.78
M. and Mme. Luc Hoffmann; invitation to their home at Tour du Valat [outside Arles]; map on reverse; enclosed card: "Avec les compliments du 'Provencal des RIP de l'APPPA"
File 9LM.AR2.ED3.15 n.d.
tear sheet from unidentified article in Spanish by Jorge Rueda entitled "Arles '78"
File 9LM.AR2.ED3.16 ?.9.78
tear sheet from La Vie en Images article by Jean-Claude Gautrand, "Arles 1978: Festival des rencontres," pp. 28-30
File 9LM.AR2.ED3.17 ?.9.78
tear sheet from Le Photographe article by Guy Mandery, "Arles: l'art et la ville," pp. 154-58
File 9LM.AR2.ED3.18 11.10.78
M. Moutashar; LM's 31 photographs being returned to her
File 9LM.AR2.ED3.19 7.3.79
Maryse Cordesse, President of l'Association des Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie; regarding 10th anniversary of "Rencontres . . ."
File 9LM.AR2.ED3.20 n.d.
M. Cordesse; courtesy card welcoming LM to Arles; in envelope addressed to LM at Hotel d'Arlaban; also enclosed note with name "Giovana [sic] Calvenzi/Fotografo (Milan)"
File 9LM.AR2.ED3.21 n.d.
J. Manachem; re: critique of photographers' portfolios
File 9LM.AR2.ED3.22 n.d.
Director of "Rencontres . . ."; list of various "Rencontres . . ." phone numbers
File 9LM.AR2.ED3.23 n.d.
M. and Mme. Antoine Cordesse; photocopy of invitation to lunch on Sunday 9 July at 1:00 p.m.; includes map to their home
File 9LM.AR2.ED3.24 n.d.
J. Manachem; envelope with Manachem's card enclosed hoping that LM had a good trip
File 9LM.AR2.ED3.25 n.d.
envelope addressed to J. Manachem, sent by LM; enclosed flyers from Polaroid and on Exposure Value System
LM.AR2.ED4 to/from Lisette Model to/from various educational institutions; date range of correspondence: 20.9.1949 to 12.11.1982
Box 6File 10LM.AR2.ED4.1 20.9.49
Douglas MacAgy, Director California School of Fine Arts, San Francisco; letter certifying that LM is attached to CSFA
File 10LM.AR2.ED4.2 14.9.64
Fred Schmidt, Milwaukee Photo Discussion Group, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee regarding exhibition
File 10LM.AR2.ED4.2a 23.10.64
John N. Colt, Milwaukee Photo Discussion Group; copy of his letter to Diane Arbus inviting her to exhibit her work, at Lisette Model's suggestion, in an exhibition organized by The School of Fine Arts, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Photo Discussion Group
File 10LM.AR2.ED4.3 5.4.65
John N. Colt, Milwaukee Photo Discussion Group, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee; exhibition was a success; originally enclosed catalogues
File 10LM.AR2.ED4.4 10.12.65
Sol Mednick, Philadelphia College of Art; regarding exhibition of Guggenheim photography fellows
File 10LM.AR2.ED4.5 2.8.73
Rhode Island School of Design, Adjunct Professor; photography contract; two paycheque stubs for $500 each
File 10LM.AR2.ED4.6 20.2.73
H. Thomas Baird, Program Coordinator, Photography; copy of course description for Photographic Workshop, July 30 - August 3, 1973, at University of California Extension Center, San Francisco
File 10LM.AR2.ED4.6a 1973
income tax receipt for 1973, $600, from Berkeley Campus, University of California
File 10LM.AR2.ED4.7 13.3.73
Macy W. Lawrence, Imageworks; invitation to LM to conduct a summer workshop at Imageworks, Cambridge, Massachusetts
File 10LM.AR2.ED4.8 30.1.74
Macy W. Lawrence, Imageworks; letter addressed "To whom it may concern" regarding LM's rescheduling of workshop because of injury and complications in giving workshop
File 10LM.AR2.ED4.9 11.5.73
Jack Fulton, San Francisco Art Institute; arrangements for LM to guest lecture at San Francisco Art Institute; two paycheque stubs
File 10LM.AR2.ED4.10 12.3.74
to Robert H. Gray, Department of Art, Pennsylvania State University; LM thanks him for his letter of March 6; she and her students enjoyed time spent with him [as a class or workshop guest?]; encloses a copy of her statement to be used in Envisions portfolio
File 10LM.AR2.ED4.11 28.11.77
Ms. Isidore, Art Section; note originally attached to form [teaching/workshop contract?]
File 10LM.AR2.ED4.12 31.1.78
Barbara Runnette and Robert C. Cornelius, Silver Eye Photographic Workshop; offer to teach a workshop
File 10LM.AR2.ED4.13 4.5.78
Starr Ockenga, Director, Creative Photography Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; regarding invitation for LM to speak at MIT
File 10LM.AR2.ED4.14 30.10.78
Alain Desvergnes, Faculty of Arts, Social Communications; refers to meeting LM during "Rencontres Internationales. . ." at Arles; attaches article on Arles meetings from Afterimage; had hoped to see her in person at Galerie Optica in Montreal and was sorry to hear that she was ill and could not come
File 10LM.AR2.ED4.15 28.11.77
copy of letter from LM to Amy Stromston, Rutgers State University; invitation to conduct a workshop arrived too late
File 10LM.AR2.ED4.16 12.11.82
Neil L. Rappaport; offer to teach a two-day workshop in May 1983 as a visiting artist
File 10LM.AR2.ED4.17 n.d.
Maryland Institute; paycheque for $100, guest lecturer, photography
File 10LM.AR2.ED4.18 7.2.67
School of Visual Arts, New York and American Society of Magazine Photographers; Alexey Brodovitch's Design Laboratory, poster announcing experimental workshop and conference [LM participated]
File 10LM.AR2.ED4.19 5.3.79
Cornell Capa, International Center of Photography; information package enclosed regarding Venezia 1979, [LM gave a workshop entitled "Personal Encounters"]
File 10LM.AR2.ED4.20 10.10.78
Lanfranco Colombo, 8 salone internazionale cine foto ottica e audiovisivi; inviting LM to participate in an exhibition as well as a workshop and round table discussion, [LM gave workshop and exhibited 15 works]

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