Sixth Circle, StonehengeEnlarge image

Sixth Circle, Stonehenge, 1977

Bill Vazan
Canadian, 1933
gelatin silver prints
300 x 300 cm overall; object: 47.8 x 60.4 cm each
Gift of Bryan Arthurs, Montreal, 1993
Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography (no. EX-93-494.1-24)
© Bill Vazan

Stonehenge, the world's most famous and visited megalithic stone circle, is located in Wiltshire, England. Its function, meaning, and method of creation shrouded in mystery, it has inspired awe for millennia. Canadian artist Bill Vazan is deeply interested in ancient sites, and has a scholarly knowledge of archaeological theories. He has travelled around the world to visit and photograph prehistoric remains, using the results in photoworks and as inspiration for his Land Art. This piece, which documents an early visit of Vazan's to Stonehenge, provides an unusual view of the site, taken from the centre of the circle looking upwards towards the sky. While "Sixth Circle" consists of 24 separate prints, our eye and brain tend to recompose these fragments into one simultaneous image, at a glance, of the entire megalithic monument as seen from its core.




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