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Monochrome Crimson, 1981

Claude Tousignant
Canadian, 1932
acrylic on canvas
266.7 x 266.7 x 13.3 cm
Gift of the artist, Montreal, 1995
National Gallery of Canada (no. 38183)
© Claude Tousignant

At the fore of the second generation of "Les Plasticiens" in Quebec in the 1950s, Claude Tousignant became a central figure in the development of geometric abstraction in Canada. In 1959 the artist stated: "What I wish to do is to make painting objective, to bring it back to its source - where only painting remains, emptied of everything extraneous to it - to the point at which painting is nothing but sensation." He has remained focused on the primacy of this aesthetic experience throughout his career. As an autonomous, architectural object placed directly on the floor, "Monochrome Crimson" becomes instantaneously sculptural, intrinsically related to both the viewer and to the space in which it is situated.




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