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Buddha Shakyamuni with Disciples and DonorsEnlarge image

Buddha Shakyamuni with Disciples and Donors, c. 1500

Unknown (Western Tibet, Guge - c. 1500)

opaque watercolour on cotton
83.5 x 74.3 cm
Gift of Max Tanenbaum, Toronto, 1980
National Gallery of Canada (no. 26826)

Sakyamuni (died 5th century B.C.), the historical Buddha, is shown seated on a lotus throne between his favourite disciples, Maudgalyayana and Sariputra. Below them are two Buddhist scholars, at right Fa-hsien (5th cent. A.D.) and left, Dharmatala (7th cent. A.D.). Above are sixteen Arhats, saintly disciples who preach Buddhist Law until the advent of Maitreya, the future Buddha.




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