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Cabin in the SnowEnlarge image

Cabin in the Snow, 1989

Liz Magor
Canadian, 1948
installation with fabric and model log cabin
305 x 668 x 762 cm installed
Purchased 2004
National Gallery of Canada (no. 41480)

The first in a number of works examining the idea of the cabin, "Cabin in the Snow" attempts to capture an iconic part of Canadian identity through its representations of "natural" hardiness, independence, and tranquility. The installation was inspired by an earlier series of photographs titled "Field Work", which explores romanticized notions of living in nature. The cabin and surrounding snow and trees create a stereotypically Canadian scene that suggests fantasies of existing in peaceful solitude. The cozy light of the cabin invites the viewer to seek refuge, but the window separating the viewer from the site renders this idyllic setting unattainable.




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