Supreme Court of Canada to hear the matter between CARFAC/RAAV and the National Gallery of Canada

Ottawa - August 16, 2013

Yesterday, the Supreme Court of Canada granted an application by CARFAC/RAAV to appeal a decision by the Federal Court of Appeal.  In March 2013, The Federal Court of appeal had found that the NGC was not guilty of unfair labour practices and was not compelled to negotiate copyright as part of its negotiation of service fees under the Status of the Artist Act (SAA). 

By granting CARFAC/RAAV’s application, the Supreme Court considers that this case raises an issue of public importance that goes beyond the immediate interests of the parties to the case.  The National Gallery of Canada welcomes the clarity that the Supreme Court of Canada will bring to this matter.

Pending the Supreme Court’s decision, the NGC will remunerate artists, as it always has, for both their professional services in accordance with the SAA, and for copyright pursuant to the Copyright Act. Given that this matter is now before the Supreme Court of Canada, the NGC does not intend to comment further.

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