Melanie Authier, Builders, Canadian Biennial 2012

Ottawa based artist Melanie Authier, whose painting Augury features in Builders: Canadian Biennial 2012 at the National Gallery of Canada, talks about her work and how people view it.

Dil Hildebrand, Builders, Canadian Biennial 2012

Montreal artist Dil Hildebrand lets the National Gallery of Canada inside his studio where he breaks down the two paintings, Studio D and Studio E , that will be featured in Builders : Canadian Biennial 2012...

Shary Boyle: Representing Canada in Venice, 2013

Canadian artist Shary Boyle will be representing Canada at the 2013 55th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale , the "Olympics of the art world". Here she talks about taking up the challenge of...
Mystery, haunting images, strong emotions, one Canadian artist’s tribute to another—there’s much of interest in this book. One thing you won’t find, however, is a lot of text. The artist who created the book,...

Arnaud Maggs opening night

On opening night for Arnaud Maggs’ retrospective exhibition Identification Canadian artists Wanda Koop, Geoffrey James and Gabor Szilasi explain what Arnaud Maggs' work means to them and what they think of the...

Arnaud Maggs on Identification

Artist Arnaud Maggs talks about his exhibition Identification, touching on his methods and how he created some of his works.

On Site with James Hart

The National Gallery of Canada installed Haida artist Chief James (Jim) Hart's work The Three Watchmen at the corner of Sussex Drive and Saint Patrick Street, just outside the Gallery. Chief James Hart's...

Installing Running Horses with Joe Fafard

Artist Joe Fafard drops in during the installation of Running Horses to explain how he knows that he's got the layout of his sculptures just right.

Installing Flora and Fauna

This time elapse video, taken over two days, shows just how much effort went into installing this work.