Eugène Carrière

The Artist with his Wife and their Son Jean-René

c. 1895
Carrière spent his childhood in Strasbourg and left in 1869 for Paris to study at the École des Beaux-Arts under Alexandre Cabanel. During the 1890s, the Symbolists admired Carrière's vaporous and evocative style. The artist considered the family to be a microcosm of mankind and his paintings often portray members of his own family or those of his friends, for example the writer Alphonse Daudet. Pablo Picasso copied this painting in a drawing that was published in the Barcelona paper "El Liberal" on 10 August 1903.

Original canvas stamped on back with supplier's stamp (visible in IR), (...) COULEURS FINES (...) / HARDY-ALAN / (...) / Paris / (...) Avenue Victor Hugo Paris; on stretcher, inscribed in black chalk, Mr. Lerolle and EWS(or 5)8; and a Paris, Douane Centrale stamp; inscribed in black chalk, CARRIERE / E + A SILBERMAN / NEW YORK; inscribed in white chalk twice, E4207 x HUGHES; a damaged old printed label, (...) / (...) Forwarding, Custom House (...) / Place du Marché-St-(...) / (Près l'Avenue de l'Opéra) / (...) / FORWARDING STOP (...) inscribed in blue chalk, 617 / Eugène Carriere / (...) / Auction House; plain small label stamped and inscribed HIS / 2000 (..) / LENARS & C; pink label typed, ARTIST: CARRIERE, Eugène / FROM: MR. DAVID W. HUGHES, / LONDON, England; label connected to 1966 Milwaukee exhibition naming E + A Silberman as lenders; on backing, two labels connected to 1971 Charlottetown exhibition; on frame (now removed), a label inscribed with the artist's name and R 124A1 / Mr. David Hughes, London, England and label inscribed Carriere, E. / A Silberman, New York.

Collection of Henri Lerolle (1848-1929), Paris, France [1]

by 1949
Adrien Guérin [2]

by 1965 – still in 1967
E. and A. Silberman, New York, USA [3]

by 1968 – 1969
David W. Hughes Gallery, London, United Kingdom [4]

02/24/1969 –
National Gallery of Canada, purchased from David Hughes [5]

[1] According to the catalogue raisonné the painting was owned by Henri Lerolle, Paris [Nora-Milin, Véronique. "Eugène Carrière. 1849-1906. Catalogue raisonné de l’œuvre peint." Paris: Gallimard, 2008, no. 672, as "Passants"]. The authors have identified the NGC painting as "Les Passants" and as part of a triptych, but further research has led to the result that this assumption is inconclusive and that the two paintings are not identical. Nevertheless it is possible that both artworks were once in the collection of Mr. Lerolle.

[2] A catalogue indicates that Guérin lent the painting in 1949 to an exhibition [Musée des Augustins. "Exposition de centenaire d’Eugene Carriére." Toulouse, May-June 1949, no. 17]. He is also mentioned in [Nora-Milin, 2008, no. 672].

[3] In 1965 Abris Silberman, New York, lent the picture to an exhibition [Denver Art Museum. "Collector’s Choice." Denver, 1965 (exhibition April 25-June 6, 1965), no. 17]. He also lent it to two exhibitions in 1966 [Finch College Museum of Art . "The Taste of One Art Dealer. An Exhibition of Paintings." New York, 1966, no. 2], from March 15th until April 15th, 1966, and to the Milwaukee Art Center [Milwaukee Art Centre. "The inner Circle", September 15th – October 23rd. Milwaukee, 1966, no. 18]. Here it is called "Family Portrait". In 1967, the E. & A. Silberman Galleries used a reproduction for an advertisement in [Art News (February 1967): 8].

[4] In a Hughes Gallery sales catalogue from 1968 the painting is titled "La Famille" [Hughes, David W. "Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Paintings, Drawings and Sculptures. Summer Catalogue." London: David W. Hughes Gallery, 1968, lot no. 9]. In a letter to Gyde Vanier G. Shepherd, curator at the NGC sent by Hughes, dated January 8th, 1968, Hughes named it also "Trois Personages" [NGC curatorial file].

[5] It was bought by the NGC from David H. Hughes Gallery, London, as "Family Group" and was renamed in 1974 as "The Artist with his Wife and their son Jean-René". See accession log, dated February 24th, 1969 [NGC curatorial file] and [NCG. "The National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Sixth Annual Review 1973-1974." Ottawa: NGC, 1974, p. 104].

Signed at lower left: Eugene Carriere

The Artist with his Wife and their Son Jean-René
c. 1895
oil on canvas
240.6 x 124.6 cm
Credit line
Purchased 1969
Accession number

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