Carlos Sanchez
Jason Sanchez

Misuse of Youth

Carlos and Jason Sanchez create highly staged, edgy images that are very cinematic. The brothers are meticulous in constructing their images, often spending long periods of time directing their subjects and creating sets. Misuse of Youth was shot in November 2007 during the Iraq war. As Carlos Sanchez reveals about the work: “The idea for the image came after Jason and I had read the book by Joshua Key, The Deserter’s Tale. The book is about an American soldier who is fighting the war. It goes on to talk about him being part of many, many raids on Iraqi homes. Throughout the book he talked about not seeing any point to this war, not seeing a proper mission to complete. All they were doing was flexing their military power in an unjustified war. So after reading this we came up with the title The Misuse of Youth to talk about how all the young men were wasting away their youth fighting someone else’s war instead of doing what normal young men should be doing. We then ended up staging the image in our Montreal studio.”
Misuse of Youth
ink jet print mounted on Dibond
155.2 x 226.2 x 4.8 cm framed
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Purchased 2010
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