Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg

Marine Scene with Two Russian Ships Setting Sail

In his diary for 22 July 1827, Eckersberg recorded that he and a pupil sailed down the Danish coast, making sketches of the Russian ship of the line and frigate represented here. The intensity of the artist's vision is apparent in the way the afternoon light is caught in the sails, in the attention to details of rigging, and in the description of fast-moving clouds and the transparency of the waves.

– Bruun Rasmussen label, no. 90374

– Handwritten label in ink, cursive: “Eckersberg Udstillingen, No. 218. En Del af en russiske Flaade, som gaar under Seijl” 1827 , 11 ½ h 22 br”

(> could be identified as Kunstforeningen exh.1895)

– Paper label “5740”

by 1895 – 1898/04/20
Chancellor Herman Henrik JuliusLynge (1822–1897), Copenhagen, Denmark [1]

1898/04/20 –
Georg Bestle (1855–1933), Copenhagen [2]

In auction of Kunsthallens Kunstauktioner, Copenhagen, sale 328, 1979, lot 42 [3]

In auction of Bruun Rasmussen Kunstauktioner, Copenhagen, sale 602, 13 September 1994, lot 46 [4]

– 1995/03/19
Daniel Katz Ltd., London [5]

1995/03/19 –
National Gallery of Canada, purchased from Daniel Katz [6]

[1] According to a label on the verso, the painting was included in an exhibition at the Kunstforeningen, Copenhagen in 1895. The exhibition catalogue names H.H.J. Lynge as the owner [email from Ditte Maria Bangsund-Pedersen, Assistant Curator, Kunstforenigen, Copenhagen, to A. Kausch, NGC provenance research project, Feb. 5, 2009, NGC curatorial file]. Lynge owned an antiquarian book store. The painting was included in his estate sale in Copenhagen on April 20, 1898 as lot 41.

[2] In his 1898 monograph Maleren C. W. Eckersberg, Emil Hanover names Danish wine merchant Georg Bestle as owner of the work [p.367 f., no. 39]. Bestle presumably purchased the work at Lynge's estate sale.

[3] The painting was included in two anonymous sales at the Copenhagen auction houses Kunsthallens Kunstauktioner in 1979 and Bruun Rasmussen in 1994. An inquiry with Bruun Rasmussen, who now owns Kunshallens Kunstauktioner, in order to obtain further provenance details, did not yield any results [email from Jeannette Trefzer, paintings department, Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers of Fine Art, to A. Kausch, NGC Provenance Research Project, Feb.2, 2009, NGC curatorial file]

[4] See note [3].

[5] See note [6].

[6] The National Gallery of Canada purchased the painting from London art dealer Daniel Katz on March 19, 1995 [Accession log, NGC curatorial file].

Marine Scene with Two Russian Ships Setting Sail
oil on canvas
30.3 x 57 cm
Credit line
Purchased 1995
Accession number