Maurice Denis

Landscape with Hooded Man

Influenced by Paul Gauguin and the Pont-Aven painters, Denis moved away from Impressionism to compositions using large areas of bright colour, often demarcated by heavy lines and flat planes. Along with a group of artists including Sérusier, Denis formed the Nabis movement, which drew from both the Synthetist colour theories of the Pont-Aven school and the mysticism of the Symbolist movement.

Paper labels:

– Stuttgarter Kunstkabinett R.N. Ketterer, Stuttgart, Germany, B- 3049

– Galerie Grosshennig, Düsseldorf, Kasernenstrasse 13

– Handwritten in ink: No. 98, Maurice Denis … les bois, RSSS

– James Bourlet & Sons Ltd. N 33659, 17&18 Nassau Street, Mortimer Street W. Phone: MUSEUM 1871& 7588

– 1.80

Stamp: Zoll 1-26 + (Swiss cross?)

Galerie Grosshennig, Düsseldorf, Germany [1]

Stuttgarter Kunstkabinett (R.N. Ketterer), Stuttgart, Germany [2]

In auction of “Bedeutende Gemälde alter und neuer Meister, Mobiliar, Zinnsammlung.” Galerie Fischer, Lucerne, Switzerland, June 21-25 and 27, 1960, lot no. 1923, as Landschaft mit Mönch, rechts ein Hirtenknabe, Blick durch Bäume auf Fluß [3]

by 1960/06/30 – 1962/06/20
Paul Vogel-Brunner, Lucerne, Switzerland [4]

1962/06/20 –
Piccadilly Gallery, London, UK, purchased from Paul Vogel-Brunner [5]

by 1964/05 – 1965/11
Charles Jerdein, London, UK [6]

National Gallery of Canada, purchased from Charles Jerdein [7]

[1] A label by Galerie Grosshennig is afixed to the painting's stretcher.

[2] The painting carries a label by the Stuttgarter Kunstkabinett on the verso. An inquiry with Galerie Henze & Ketterer did not yield any new data as the gallery is not disclosing any provenance information [Fax by Dr. Henze, Galerie Henze & Ketterer AG, to A. Kausch, NGC Provenance Research Project, April 8, 2008].

[3] The painting is reproduced in the auction catalogue on pl. 29. No information about the identity of the consignor is given.

[4] In 1960 the painting was unsuccessfully offered at auction by Lempertz, Cologne, Germany, and was bought in. It was offered a second time in June 1962 and sold to the Piccadilly Gallery, London [auction no. 469, Lempertz, Cologne, June 19-20 1962, lot no. 152]. According to Lempertz' provenance researcher Carsten Felgner, The work's consignor was Lucerne art-dealer Paul Vogel-Brunner [email, 2008/02/22 to A. Kausch, NGC Provenance Research Project, NGC curatorial file].

[5] See note [4].

[6] A reproduction of the painting was featured in an advertisement by Charles Jerdein in Apollo magazine in May 1964 [“Apollo: A Journal of the Arts.” London (1964/5): 135]. The painting was purchased by the NGC from Jerdein in November 1965 [Accesssion log, NGC curatorial file].

[7] See note [6].

In white chalk: 50 (or 9) KETT

In black pencil: 21.80

Landscape with Hooded Man
oil on canvas
63.6 x 53.5 cm
Credit line
Purchased 1965
Accession number