André Derain

Landscape by the Sea: the Côte d'Azur near Agay


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– 1941/08
Henri Kapferer (1870–1958), Paris, France [1]

1941/08 –
Einsatzstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg (ERR), Paris, seized from Henri Kapferer [2]

– 1952
Henri Kapferer, Paris, France [3]

– 1952/03/27
E. J. Van Wisselingh & Co., Amsterdam, The Netherlands, purchased from Henri Kapferer [4]

1952/03/27 –
The National Gallery of Canada, purchased from E. J. Van Wisselingh [5]

[1] Henri Kapferer was a French Jewish art collector who founded the company that later became Air France. He lived together with his brother Marcel with whom he occasionally co-owned paintings.

[2] Henri Kapferer's art collection, including Derain's The Côte d'Azur near Agay was seized by the ERR at the Chateau de Brissac in August 1941. The work was inventoried by the ERR as KAP (=Kapferer) 35, described as “Derain. Landscape with yellow, pink and blue slopes, green trees. Oil on canvas” with slightly different dimensions “52.2 x 63.5 cm“. It is noted on the ERR inventory card that the object “remained in Paris” [NARA Microfilm M 1943, roll 5 (Kapferer)]. The work was presumably returned to its former owner after the war. See note [4].

[3] See note [4].

[4] On March 21, 1952, Peter Eilers, director of E.J. Van Wisselingh & Co., wrote to NGC Director H.C. McCurry “The Derain (…) I bought directly from the collection Kapferer in Paris, a collector of world fame, now about 80 years old and selling occasionally a picture.”]. The Van Wisselingh stock book notes that the work was purchased from Kapferer in 1952 and sold to the National Gallery of Canada the same year [Van Wisselingh archive, stock number S 7245, Rijksbureau voor Kunsthistorische Dokumentatie, The Hague, The Netherlands].

[5] Accession Log [NGC curatorial file].

Landscape by the Sea: the Côte d'Azur near Agay
oil on canvas
54.6 x 65 cm
Credit line
Purchased 1952
© Estate of André Derain / SODRAC (2017)
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