Maria Thereza Alves

Iracema (de Questembert)

“In the mid-1980s, two friends and I decided it was necessary to change the environmental laws of the Brazilian constitution and lobbied senators to accomplish this. The Indigenous person in Brazil is, at best, viewed as a court jester and still is referred to in progressive academic circles as a cannibal. Brazil continues to be a very rough and celebratory bandeirante (enslavers and killers of Indigenous people) country. Such is the reason for the making of Iracema (de Questembert). Due to the history of Brazil, I have found myself mostly outside of the country. At first this was not through my own choice, but then upon returning to Brazil and after engaging in political activism, having realized the depths of Brazilian racism, … I decided to escape the non-future of my possibilities.” Walis Labai born in 1960, lives in Chungli, Taiwan Sediq The Whispering of Tree-born People 2012 From the series Invisible Project Single-channel video, projected Collection of the artist The series Invisible Project comprises video installations and digital prints based on archival photographs of Indigenous people in Taiwan. Using computer software, Labai edits the photographs to fade them in and out of view, rendering them transparent or invisible. For the artist, everyday life in our increasingly high-tech society is composed of a variety of visual forms. This deluge of visual information muddies formerly clear representations of reality. As a result, the dynamics of human life and relationships to nature – which constitute the core of ancient Indigenous culture – have become increasingly mechanical and commercialized.
Iracema (de Questembert)
Time-Based Media
digital video disk (DVD), 27:00 minutes
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Purchased 2010
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