Georg Kolbe

Fountain Figure


Dr. Herbert Tannenbaum (1892–1958), Mannheim, Germany (?)

1939 – still in 1945
Dr. William Landmann (b.1891), Toronto, Canada [1]

– 1959/06/02
Walter Carsen (b.1922), Toronto, Canada [2]

1959/06/02 – 1964/10/21
Dominion Gallery (Max Stern, 1904–1987), Montreal, Canada, in an exchange for another artwork from Walter Carsen [3]

1964/10/21 –
National Gallery of Canada, purchased from the Dominion Gallery [4]

[1] In his letter to Margrit Schwartzkopff, Georg Kolbe Museum, Berlin, Max Stern, owner of the Dominion Gallery, mentions that the sculpture was formerly in the collection of Dr. William Landmann, who had bought it in Germany before WW2 [letter dated Sept. 29, 1960, from Max Stern, Dominion Gallery to Margrit Schwartzkopff, Kolbe Museum, Berlin, Dominion Gallery fonds, correspondence 1948–1967, Box 238, File 3]. Landmann is known to have acquired many of his works from his art dealer Herbert Tannenbaum in Mannheim, Germany. In a letter dated Nov. 1, 1962, Max Stern of the Dominion Gallery, Montreal, informs M. and Raymond Boyer of Outremont that the sculpture came to Canada with Dr. Landmann in 1939 and was on loan to the Art Gallery of Toronto (now AGO) during the war, where it was displayed in the courtyard [Dominion Gallery fonds, Box 227, Corr. 1948-67, alpha B].

[2] An invoice dated June 2, 1959, records that The Dominion Gallery received the Kolbe sculpture in exchange for a painting by Kees van Dongen from Mr. and Mrs. Carsen, Toronto [invoice dated June 2, 1959, Dominion Gallery fonds, invoices, Box 33, File 3]. Walter Carsen is a Canadian philanthropist and supporter of the arts.

[3] See note [2].

[4] Accession log [NGC curatorial file].

Fountain Figure
artificial stone
86.7 x 60.5 x 32.4 cm
Credit line
Purchased 1964
Accession number