Antonio da Trento (after Parmigianino)

Augustus and the Tiburtine Sibyl

c. 1527-1530
Bartsch XII, 90.7 The woodcutter Antonio da Trento emerges as a bit of a mystery figure, known primarily through Renaissance biographer Giorgio Vasari's account of his notorious relationship with Parmigianino. The two artists lived together following da Trento's move to Bologna in 1527 after the sack of Rome and they collaborated on a number of chiaroscuro woodblock prints until da Trento disappeared suddenly with all of Parmigianino's drawings for prints. The fruits of the partnership were limited; four woodcuts are mentioned by Vasari and another two are signed by da Trento. This chiaroscuro print was inspired by "The Golden Legend", a medieval collection of saints' lives and stories related to the life of Christ. After Augustus asked the Tiburtine Sibyl whether some day the world would see a greater man he had a vision of the Virgin and Child.
Augustus and the Tiburtine Sibyl
c. 1527-1530
chiaroscuro woodcut on ivory laid paper
35 x 26.7 cm
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Gift of Philip R.L. Somerville, Toronto, 2010
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