Terence Gower

‘A desire to reexamine the notion of progress- a term corrupted by the excesses of technological modernism – runs through my practice.” 2012

Terence Gower is a Canadian artist who lives and works in New York City and Asnan, France. His works most often take the form of archival research projects that describe particular histories of Modernism and how modernist forms, ideas and architecture have been adapted and developed within specific social and geographic locales.

In New Utopias the artist – who is also the narrator in the video – presents an entertaining and engaging demonstration of how three particular Utopian moments manifest themselves through form, or “containers,” which as Gower explains “symbolize the ideal societies shown in the films under study.” 
Gower has curated exhibitions for several museums and art centres such as El Museo del Barrio, New York,  Museo de la Ciudad de México, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, and the San Francisco Art Institute.