Sandy Plotnikoff

Sandy Plotnikoff is a Toronto based artist. His practice is diverse and includes mixed media works, sculpture, and performance.  Plotnikoff employs a variety of working methods, sometime collaborative, sometimes centered on found objects. 

In 2001, Plotnikoff acquired an antique foil stamping press, found while surfing the online swapshop Craigslist. Using metal type and dies, the press was used commercially to emboss metallic foil lettering onto product packaging. 
Plotnikoff began using the press to embellish a small series of paper products, ‘zines and collages, then moved onto stamping directly onto items such as cd jackets, books, stickers, food, napkins, coins, wallets, shoes, and furniture. 

As the artist became more adept with the press, this ongoing series evolved into increasingly abstract foil treatments, Foil On Paper 

Plotnikoff received his BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax, in 1997. Three years late he co-founded the Laundry Line project space.  In 2006 he was a Workshop facilitator at Decoding the Undertow in Halifax, NS. and the following year he was a session instructor at the University of Guelph.