Rita McKeough

"I have always been drawn to social issues, idealism and social change. I hope to allow humor and self-criticality to be present in my practice and to strive to challenge myself to take risks. I have always been motivated by the challenge of responding to a site, which may be either a gallery space or a public space." (2009)

Rita McKeough has been working as an interdisciplinary artist for over thirty years, and has contributed to Canada's strong reputation in performance and installation art. Her work has been shown in artist-run centers, museums, galleries and festivals across the country. Her performances and installations - often complex, collaborative efforts - touch on issues such as displacement, domestic abuse and ecological damage.

A source of inspiration and encouragement for many young artists, she is currently an instructor at the Alberta College of Art and Design and taught for several years at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. She is a drummer in a rock band and performs regularly at small Calgary venues. Rita McKeough lives in Calgary, Alberta. In 2009 she was the winner of the Governor General's Award in Visual and Media Arts.

Photo: Martin Lipman