Richard Serra

"What I’m interested in is revealing the structure and content and character of a space and a place by defining a physical structure through the elements that I Use… Lately, I’ve been using steel to make open of enclosed spaces, inside and outside."

- Richard Serra

Richard Serra is known for his large-scale sculptures and installations using large sheets of steel and other industrial materials like rubber and concrete. He has also created several videos. Many of his works are associated with “Process art”, where the emphasis is placed on the process involved in its creation, and then the changes these materials undergo as they age and decay.

Serra studied at the University of California at Berkeley in English literature before going to Yale University to complete his BA and Masters of Fine Arts. He worked with Josef Albers on his book The Interaction of Colour. After his studies, he travelled in Europe on a Yale Traveling Fellowship (1964) and a Fulbright Grant (1965). On his return to New York he worked on a series using rubber and neon tubing. He than begins his characteristic use of massive sheets of steel that are propped up against each other or placed against corners of rooms. An early hot-rolled steel piece called Davidson Gate was named after the collector that commissioned the work. Serra has been working on increasingly large works and public commissions.

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