Pascal Grandmaison

“My work is about the power of thought that one can have over things, others people, on the world around us and our own internal universe.”  2006

Using film, video, photography and sculpture, Pascal Grandmaison’s conceptual art investigates the relation of the part to the whole and how the experience of viewing a work is mediated by the act of capturing an image. 

Grandmaison completed a fine arts degree at the Université du Québec à Montréal in 1997. He garnered national and international art acclaim in the mid-2000s when several galleries in North America began exhibiting his work. He shared a studio complex with Raymonde April and Serge Murphy.

Grandmaison’s portraiture shows an interest in the inner self. In his Glass series, his reflective models hold a pane of glass between themselves and the camera. For Grandmaison, the glass is “a metaphor for our ability to choose what we reveal to another person.” He suggests a camera’s lens is also an intermediary between a subject and a viewer, not simply an objective recorder.