Michel de Broin

“…it’s all about transformation.  It’s taking things that were lying down and energizing them by putting them together in a way that creates something powerful and new.  Like a storm..” 2012

Montreal artist Michel de Broin has gained recognition on the international artistic scene for his conceptual projects. De Broin, known for his videos, installations and sculptures, focuses on found objects and “readymade” materials that he transforms into new creations.

De Broin, who has been working and exhibiting since 1993, received a Masters in Fine Arts from the University of Quebec at Montreal in 1997.  Afterwards, he spent several years in Berlin and Paris where he pursued his interdisciplinary art.  He is interested in the avant-garde movements of the beginning of the 20th century, which broke with classical representation norms.  In his performances recorded on film and video, he seeks to make visible the hidden forces that govern us. In his monumental sculptures, he juxtaposes ordinary objects, often incongruously, thereby radically transforming their meaning. 

Michel de Broin has had solo exhibitions in Canada (Quebec), France (Paris) and Germany (Berlin), among others. Several of his monumental works are on display in Montreal, Winnipeg and Toronto. His most recent projects include a public art installation for Nuit Blanche (White Night) in Paris, as well as a sculpture, Majestic (2010) for the international Prospect. 2 Biennial in New Orleans.  He received the City of Montreal’s Prix Pierre-Ayot (2002) and Prix Graff (2006), and the Sobey Art Award (2007).  His works are found in many public and private collections in France, Germany and Canada.