Michael Merrill

Michael Merrill is a Canadian artist who lives and works in Montreal. From 1972 – 1975 he studied drawing, painting and cinematography at the School of Art and Design at the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts. Following his studies he moved to Toronto. There he became affiliated with the artist collective ChromaZone. His return to Montreal in 1989 marks the beginning of what he regards as his mature work. In 1996 Merrill lived and worked in Paris, supported by a Canada Council Grant. 

Ducts 1, 2010, Ducts 2, 2010, and Ducts 3, 2010, were commissioned by the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts to capture the renovation, construction and transformation of its Claire and Marc Bourgie Pavilion of Canadian Art; housed partially in the neighbouring Erskine and American United Church. Returning many times to the site, Merrill took a series of photographs which documented the process, as well as the underlying architectural structure of the lower levels – specifically ducts, storage areas, racks and windows - of the Museum. Ducts 1, Ducts 2 and Ducts 3, three medium-sized ink drawings on paper, were born from these photos.