Michael Massie

"All I really want to do is express what I see. If it comes out as being Inuit, then I think that is fine; if it comes out as being contemporary, that is also fine. I think that a lot of times I have a tendency to put the two of them together to see what happens."

- 1996

Michael Massie is a silversmith and sculptor. His work is a reflection of his Inuit, Métis and Scottish descent. He combines Western art influences and techniques with Inuit imagery.

Massie's fine arts education started at the College of Trades and Technology in Newfoundland where he graduated with a Commercial Arts certificate. In 1991, he completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Nova Scotia College of Arts and Design in Halifax.

Each of Massie's pieces are skillfully crafted, meticulous in finish and exquisitely detailed. Using the technique of acid etching, Massie draws on the surface of his forms and records information from his life and experiences. He is renown for his innovative teapots, for example, unit-tea.

Since 1991, Massie has participated in numerous exhibitions in North America and Europe. He has also served on a number of art committees including a position with the Visual Artists of Newfoundland board of directors.

In 1999, Michael Massie was short-listed for the Saidye Bronfman Award for Excellence in Canadian Craft.

Photo: Hans L. Blohm, Inuit Art Foundation, 2004