Kenneth Lochhead

"Colour is of the senses. It must be felt and this is how I think about it. It is a way of life. I feel that colour through painting is primary. It is the one element in painting that gives meaning to light, line, and space."

Kenneth Lochhead, 1972

A prolific artist who has experimented with numerous media and styles, Kenneth Lochhead was at the forefront of Canada’s modern art movement, particularly in colour-field painting. His work reveals a constant passion for colour and is frequently inspired by place, family and community.

Lochhead studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and the Barnes Foundation. In 1950, he became Director of the Regina School of Art and in 1955 created the Emma Lake Professional Artists’ Workshops. There, he came under the influence of visiting artists Jack Shadbolt, Barnett Newman and Kenneth Noland, as well as critic Clement Greenburg. In 1960, Lochhead formed the group of artists The Regina Five.

Widely exhibited nationally and internationally, Kenneth Lochhead’s works include The Dignitary, Grey Square and Blue Extension. A distinguished teacher at several Canadian universities, he has been honoured with the Order of Canada and the Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media Arts.

Photo: Martin Lipman