Jeannie Thib

Jeannie Thib was born in North Bay, Ontario, and completed her BFA at York University in Toronto in 1979. Her works investigate meanings of the body and the social construction of female identity. She uses a variety of media, including large-scale linocuts, multi-panelled prints, chalk drawings, and hand-sewn paper gloves with printed inscriptions. Thib includes text in most of her works to give the images meaning at both the visual and the cognitive levels, as in Manual 1, 3, 4 (1998). She is concerned with the contribution of an object to the encyclopedic archive. Fragmented into segments, each part of the body becomes one precious artefact which will help to broaden the knowledge of the whole.

Thib was a member of the Red Head Gallery and the Name 10 Parts of the Body collective in Toronto from 1991 to 1997, and during this time she developed work about the body. She says: "The body is seen as an archive... and as a region of the imagination - a territory of uncertainty."