Gerald Trottier

"I don’t refer to Canadian landscape as such, but to landscape generally. After all, as every artist has realized, the significance of nature does not lie in its physical properties, but in its spiritual ones.

– Gerald Trottier, 1972

Ottawa painter, muralist and liturgical artist Gerald Trottier created works imbued with spirituality and humanity. In his series of self-portraits, he explored his physical evolution and psyche over a fifty-year period. Trottier’s realistic style, with its vivid colours, has its roots in the Flemish, Surrealist and Expressionist schools.

Trottier studied under Bernard Klonis at New York’s Art Students League and, with a hockey scholarship, was able to travel to England and France in 1953 to study medieval culture. He participated in his first exhibition in 1944 and by 1950 was showing his work at the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts. He went on to participate in international biennials in Salzburg, Mexico City and São Paulo.

A passionate advocate for the integration of art and architecture, Gerald Trottier taught drawing for several years at the Carleton University School of Architecture. His works include Byward Market, a large mural at Carleton University and Good Friday, from his Easter Series.

Gerald Trottier
Canada: Ontario, Ottawa
Canada: Ontario, Ottawa