Geneviève Cadieux

“Photography … opened a whole world of vast possibilities, and right away my work was crystallized.” (2011)

Geneviève Cadieux is a photographer. Often cinematic, she incorporates audiovisual elements into her large-scale installations. Cadieux’s work explores topics of identity, gender, and the human body. She presents the body as a landscape, focusing on small details (such as a mouth, bruise, or scar) in extreme close-ups. Cadieux is also interested in the way that art integrates into the urban environment. Many of her works are currently installed in public spaces. 

Cadieux received a bachelor of fine arts degree from the University of Ottawa. Although she originally studied painting, a chance course in university introduced her to photography. Cadieux now works as an associate professor in the Studio Arts Department at Concordia University.

Cadieux began participating in international art exhibitions in the 1980s. She has represented Canada at major biennales in Montreal, São Paulo, and Venice. In 1993, the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal held the first critical retrospective devoted to Cadieux’s work, featuring pieces like Memory Gap, an Unexpected Beauty, 1988  She is a winner of the 2011 Governor General’s Award for Visual and Media Arts.

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